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Luisa Winters | In December, Lance Gray explained how to isolate a color in a still image in Photoshop. You can also achieve this effect on the video side of things, and for that, the perfect application is After Effects—which is, after all, Photoshop on a timeline.
Tutorials - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
In this video tutorial, EventDV Moving Picture columnist Jan Ozer explains how you can stabilize your video effectively and efficiently with proDAD Mercalli using a host of well-chosen presets and more.
Feature - Posted 21 Jan 2008 By , , ,
Luisa Winters | Adobe's new CS3 Production Premium raises the bar for postproduction suite features and application integration by including the video-centric and task-oriented Soundbooth; Blu-ray and Flash output support in Encore; the newly acquired Ultra and OnLocation, and more. With Adobe Certified Trainer Luisa Winters as your guide, here's a tour of the new features that will improve your workflow the most.
Feature - Posted 29 Jun 2007 By
Jery Winters | Videotaping classical music concerts is similar to taping stage performances, but with two critical differences: the pace of the shooting is much slower, and the quality of the article is much more critical. Here's a guide to getting classical music concert videos right.
Feature - Posted 30 Mar 2007 By
Luisa Winters | Loop-based music creation is a technique that is being used in a lot of the programs that you see (and hear) on broadcast television today, and it can benefit our productions as well. Here's how to build loop-based soundtracts in Adobe Audition.
Feature - Posted 02 Mar 2007 By
Luisa Winters | Many times during our video shoots we get persistent, intrusive noises like the hum of an air conditioner that we can't turn off or avoid with careful mic placement, and need to be cleaned up in post. Adobe Audition lets you do that quickly and efficiently with the Noise Reduction effect. Here's how it works.
Feature - Posted 05 Sep 2006 By
Award-winning videographer and Adobe certified trainer Luisa Winters presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to create customized motion menus in Encore DVD, maximizing the interchange capabilities of the Adobe Video Collection.
Feature - Posted 14 Oct 2005 By
Luisa and Jery Winters' Unforgettable Events
Feature - Posted 01 May 2005 - Microsoft Partners Directory [June 1999] Issue By