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Anthony Burokas | While HDV and the move to HD have produced some truly amazing cameras—even in the consumer arena—compared to what was available for many tens of thousands of dollars just 10 years ago, those of us who regularly produce live shows are facing a new hurdle: expensive HD switchers.
HD Today - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Anthony Burokas | Even though professional and prosumer camcorder prices haven't substantially changed over the years, the quality of the footage, and the features you have at your fingertips, have increased dramatically since the era of plubicon tubes and 3/4" tape. One the most revolutionary changes is the most recent one: the arrival of compact flash storage in mainstream HD video acquisition.
HD Today - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
Marshall Levy, who wrote our compact flash test results article, is finding issues with the lenses that adorn the latest HDV camcorders from Sony--the HVR-Z7U and the HVR-S270.
Breaking News - Posted 02 Apr 2008
Shawn Lam | Sony'z Z7U is the best camera for the event video market today. It has the picture quality of the Canon XH A1, the low-light sensitivity of the Sony DSR-PD170, the interchangeable lenses of the JVC GY-HD110, the flash recording capabilities of the Sony XDCAM EX1, and none of the CMOS problems of the Sony HVR-V1U.
Feature - Posted 30 Mar 2008 By
Anthony Burokas | SD continues to be something we have to deal with today, even if tomorrow, all we'll want is the HD version. So if you can walk away from an event with all your footage in both SD and HD, you're covering all your bases.
Feature - Posted 29 Mar 2008 By
Anthony Burokas | As an emerging video acquisition format, AVCHD holds the promise of offering stunning full HD images at the same data rate as DV. But thus far, all manufacturers of AVCHD cameras are using reduced bitrate settings to offer more recording time on flash media recorders. Will 2008 finally change all this?
Feature - Posted 08 Mar 2008 By
Anthony Burokas | Sony recently unveiled its latest HDV camcorders, the HVR-S270 and HVR-Z7. This wasn't just any ordinary product announcement; with the release of these new models, HDV arrived as a true professional video acquisition technology.
Feature - Posted 09 Jan 2008 By
What products ruled the roost in event videography in 2007? And what were the biggest trends in the industry? The envelope, please...
Feature - Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | Since my September column (My Dream HD Camcorder), I've received great feedback about additional features we need. This month, let's explore them in a dream shoulder-mount HD cam.
Feature - Posted 28 Nov 2007
Anthony Burokas | At a recent event held at Sony Pictures in NYC, Sony treated the press to a hands-on experience with their XDCAM EX and HD1000U camcorders. Both can record HDV, but the similarities end there.
Feature - Posted 05 Oct 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | Since I saw Sony’s prototype HDV version of the DSR-250 at NAB, I’ve been envisioning the features of my dream HDV camcorder. For me, it’s not a shoulder-mount but a handheld FX1/Z1U-sized model. Some available handhelds have one or two of these features, but I want all of them in a single unit. Is that so much to ask?
HD Today - Posted 04 Sep 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | HD Today columnist Anthony Burokas recounts life on the set of the Speed Channel's Pinks: All Out, where he worked as an audio assist during taping earlier this year in Philadelphia.
Feature - Posted 04 Sep 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | To get a sense of what solutions are available and how well they'll work for event shooters today, we compare five relatively inexpensive wireless systems from Azden, Sony, and Sennheiser for their performance on run-and-gun live event shoots.
Feature - Posted 06 Aug 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | When punching a live show with multiple cameras, feeds, and graphics sources, a video mixer with more than four inputs has become mandatory. With the ability to mix up to six composite and SDI signals, the Callisto-P ($10,695) bridges the gap for productions that use high-end gear and need to add "one more thing" that always crops up at the very last minute. With the ability to toggle any input to composite, and the internal video synchronizers, the Callisto-P equips you to handle more than four inputs in a capable, compact, and easily transported mixer.
Feature - Posted 24 Apr 2007
Anthony Burokas | At a time when Apple is stratifying users between $80 consumer iLife apps—iMovie and iDVD—or the $1,300 Final Cut Studio package, Adobe basically invites Mac users to dig out their old copy of Premiere and sign up for the Premiere Pro CS3 Upgrade for just $299, with the Blu-ray capable Encore CS3 thrown into the mix as well.
Feature - Posted 28 Mar 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | Canon's new XH A1 and G1 camcorders have a chance to push the boundaries of what a compact HDV/DV camcorder can do. How does the new Canon A1 compare to the handheld HDV camcorders by Sony?
Feature - Posted 02 Mar 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | How likely are the new AVC-HD camcorders from Panasonic and Sony to find their way into event videographers' gear bags?
Feature - Posted 28 Feb 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | Many video mixers now offer some chromakey capability, and software has made green screen affordable. But if you need the "weatherman" effect and you need it to look good, you need more. Datavideo's latest blue box, the DVK-100, is an excellent live keyer that that can easily save your studio enough time and money to pay for itself over the long run.
Feature - Posted 30 Jan 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | As YouTube, MySpace, and other streaming sites take centerstage in electronic media, one must wonder about the value of HD in a highly compressed, shrinking-screen world.
Features - Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | More cameras, more features, more choices--here’s a recap of how we got from a one-camera HDV market to a wealth of choices, and a breakdown of how the models differ from one another and the features of each that serve the event videographer best.
Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | As we move to HD production and delivery, editing will continue to happen in the edit suite, of course. But in the showroom, the home theater personal computer (HPTC)--with everything in one, component-shaped box--is the way to go, and at present, Apple seems to be moving--and pushing its users--in the wrong direction.
Feature - Posted 25 Oct 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | In addition to shooting HD for HD delivery, there are a few other compelling reasons to shoot HD now, even with SD delivery. We'll take a look at what HD videographers need to keep in mind when shooting HD in an SD world.
Feature - Posted 05 Sep 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | The final Intel Mac is released, completing the company's transition to Intel-based computers. Is it a bold step in a new direction or is it something pro users could move to without too much trouble? We'll take a quick early look at the Mac Pro and how it stacks up to the G5 tower it replaces.
Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | Wireless mics make sure you can hear the talent, but how does the talent hear you? Recent advancements in other UHF systems have created some niche products that can be used in the production industry. The Conference Systems, Inc., (CSI) PT/PR400 Portable Sound Feed System is an 800MHz, frequency-agile system with 16 user-selectable channels that is very simple to use and proved to be very capable in the field.
Feature - Posted 10 Aug 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | Will the so-called "tapeless workflow" banish tape from video acquisition and editing? Don't count on it.
Feature - Posted 27 Jun 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | MacWorld Expo 2005 brings the first Intel-based computers from Apple, plus new applications and promises of doubled processing speeds. Anthony Burokas takes a closer look at the Macworld announcements and what they mean to event videographers.
Feature - Posted 14 Jan 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | After a fast and powerful CPU, the next thing any video editor needs is storage. So we brought in a few of the hard drives designed to match the Mac mini to see how they, um, stacked up: the Maxelerate from WiebeTech, the MiniMate from Micronet, the Mini from LaCie, and the MiniStack from NewerTechnology.
Feature - Posted 04 Jan 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | With all the small HD camcorders introduced over the last few months, Government Video Expo in Washington, D.C., provided an opportunity to get my hands on several of them.
Feature - Posted 22 Dec 2005 By
12 Columnists and Contributing Editors choose 17 essential products for videographers released in 2005
Breaking News - Posted 30 Nov 2005
Catalog includes 43,000 tracks
Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2005
Anthony Burokas | Now that we have a genuinely reshaped HDV landscape, with most of the major manufacturers accounted for, here’s an updated look at the various HDV—and accessibly priced “true” HD--camcorder options that are currently available.
Feature - Posted 03 Oct 2005 By
Anthony Burokas | Before you buy into HD--and HDV--do the math, and consider the resolution that "hi-def" image is really delivering.
Feature - Posted 23 Sep 2005 By
Anthony Burokas | How do the latest "pro" DVD decks stack up to one another? More importantly, how well do they measure up to the task of live DVD production for professional event work? Here we sample three new contenders from Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony for live production in the field.
Feature - Posted 08 Sep 2005 - INPUT Software Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
HD Today - Posted 01 Aug 2005 - Microsoft Partners Directory [June 1999] Issue By
Content is still King. Many say they like the excitement of car racing; however, I suspect that if the cars just drove around the track, and there were no accidents, it’d be far less popular. The drama comes with cars rubbing against each other, jockeying for position, and spinning off the track. People watch for crashes, flames, and the driver getting out and waving to the crowd like a gladiator who survived the fight with the lion. Drama makes good TV. HDTV just makes it prettier to look at.
Feature - Posted 11 Jul 2005 - October 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 10] Issue By
HD Today - Posted 01 Apr 2005 By
Anthony Burokas|You can shoot and edit HD today. But how can you deliver it?
Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By