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April 17, 2006

Table of Contents

SmartSound Introduces Sonicfire Pro 4 with Mood Mapping to "Redefine" Music Scoring for Film, Television and Video Professionals
WEVA Presents Video Education to Other Wedding Vendor Associations
4EVER Group Opens Registration for Detroit Video Summit
Primera Announces Enterprise-Class CD/DVD Publishing Solutions at NAB 2006
VASST Launches Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Training
Chief Introduces New Cinematic Series Automated Mounting Solutions
Roxio Launches Popcorn 2 Mac DVD Backup Software
TDK Begins Shipping 25GB BD-R and BD-RE Blu-ray Media
1 Beyond Announces HD Octoflex
Primera Lowers CD & DVD Tower Duplicator Prices
TMPG Inc. Renames Tsunami DVD Creation Software

SmartSound Introduces Sonicfire Pro 4 with Mood Mapping to "Redefine" Music Scoring for Film, Television and Video Professionals

SmartSound Software, Inc., a provider of music scoring technology for film and video professionals, today launched SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4, the new version of its flagship software. Version 4 introduces a new capability called Mood Mapping. Through a single Mood Map track and a collection of preset mood mixes, users can instantly and precisely match the feel of their music to the changing mood of their productions, without having to perform any advanced audio or music editing or mixing.

In Sonicfire Pro 4, each music selection has a Mood Map track, where users can identify points in their production where changes in mood occur. They can change the mix of the score to fit each mood by selecting from one of a wide range of preset mixes. Each mix has the individual instrument layers set to different levels, depending on the feel desired. Examples of preset mixes include "Heavy," "Sparse," "Dialog" and "Acoustic."

In addition to the preset mixes, each layer can be manually adjusted by moving a slider to match the desired level, offering users unlimited possibilities in mixing their music. If a user needs to duck the horns of a particular piece of music down for dialog, or bring up the strings to add to the suspense, such changes are immediately at their fingertips.

The addition of Mood Mapping makes Sonicfire Pro 4 gives users total control over the feel and mix of their scores as well as the timing, according to SmartSound. Sonicfire Pro 4 presents users with multiple arrangements of music from SmartSound's library at any length needed to score their production. Selecting different variations changes the mood of the overall production. Mood Mapping lets the user adjust the mix of the variation to have almost limitless creative possibilities when scoring their production.

Coinciding with the launch of Sonicfire Pro 4 is the release of the first ten volumes of the Strata Series of Multi-Layer music. All music in the Strata Series is designed to work with the Mood Mapping capabilities in Sonicfire Pro 4. The first volumes in the Strata Series run the gamut of styles, giving professionals access to a wide range of music to fit their artistic vision. Special care was taken in the production of this music to achieve the highest quality. This is highly specialized music not available from any other music library. Along with the introduction of Mood Mapping, SmartSound is offering royalty-free music libraries.

Sonicfire Pro 4 is now available for pre-order at http://www.smartsound.com, with shipping to begin April 24. Packages including the software and a total of 20 multi-layer tracks have an MSRP of $249; dealer and Web pricing is expected to be $199. Additional Strata Series discs are $99.95 each.

Sonicfire Pro 4 and the new Strata Series discs will also be available for purchase from SmartSound's booth at NAB 2006 in Las Vegas from April 24-27 (booth location SL2955) as well as from select resellers. Sonicfire Pro 4 is available for Windows XP or Macintosh OSX 10.4 and higher operating systems.


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WEVA Presents Video Education to Other Wedding Vendor Associations

This year, WEVA is reaching out to other wedding professionals within the bridal community to educate them on the various video services videographers can provide. We will also discuss how we can help them market their services through the use of video. It's a win-win situation!
     As chair of WEVA's public relations committee, one initiative I helped introduce earlier this year was "Take A Bridal Consultant to Lunch." While we kicked it off as a one-week event, this networking program will be encouraged all year long. As we developed this initiative, the WEVA PR committee also discussed developing a video presentation that we could give to other national wedding associations across the country. We know the quality and variety of work that videographers are doing, but we felt the rest of the wedding industry wasn't fully aware of what we can offer them.

While in Sacramento attending the "World Record Wedding Video Event," I met with Richard Markel, president of the Association For Wedding Professionals, International (AFWPI). We discussed current trends in the video industry and the WEVA Nationwide Survey of Brides. However, Richard got really excited when I pulled out my video iPod and started showing him my work and telling him how wedding professionals are beginning to use the video iPod to market their business. Richard loved the idea and immediately invited me to speak at their 8th annual national conference on how to use video as a marketing tool. At that point, the conference was only six weeks away.

While the PR committee had discussed the idea of reaching out to other vendors to educate them about what we do, we now had not only to develop the idea but also deliver a video presentation under a tight deadline! We had many phone calls and many late nights in putting together this power point presentation. I want to give special thanks to Al Ritondo (Wedding Video Talk) and Natalie Neal (Glass Slipper Productions, PA) for making this a priority (we are all volunteers) as well as to all the videographers who submitted video clips for us to use. I was now preparing a new presentation: "The Power of Video & How To Get More Business Using It."

The Association for Wedding Professionals, International (AFWPI) held their 8th annual conference at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas on April 1-5, 2006. The Menger Hotel is next to the Alamo and walking distance to the city's famed Riverwalk. San Antonio is a great place to hold a conference as the spring flowers were in full bloom as temperatures reached 90 degrees. The entire conference had a southwestern theme. We were even treated to a surprise trio of mariachi musicians on Monday morning to get the conference started on a high note.

The attendees came from all across the country--even across the ocean. Two women from Venice Events flew in from Italy to attend the conference. Talk about a small world: one of the women, Lindsey Coleman, said she went to school with Janet Fenton of the Graham Fenton Experience and had seen the Fenton's gold CEA-winning concept video, "Tragedy." Several attendees came from Sacramento (the homebase of AFWPI), including Anna, the dove lady (www.whitebird.com) and Jeff Sharpe, the photographer at the WRWVE. Another AFWPI attendee, Prima Diva, the day-of coordinator at the Galleria Library, told me how she could feel the high energy from all the videographers. I included a clip from Mark and Trisha Von Lanken's WRWVE Same-Day Edit as part of the video presentation.

There were 2-3 seminars going on at the same time as well as a small tradeshow area. WEVA had a booth where we handed out folders that contained the new WEVA Nationwide Survey of Brides, the February 2005 US News & World Report article "A Match Made on DVD," a brochure on current trends in wedding videography, a list of media storage tips, and a letter telling wedding professionals how they can find a videographer by using the WEVA Brides Guide on the WEVA Web site.

We started the presentation with the Ritondos' Movin' On Up video on the growth of wedding video. Even though this video is six years old, the message is still appropriate (the video got lots of intended laughs). We also showed samples of a 3D photo montage, a bridal prep, a love story, a bar mitzvah concept video, and more. They had to pull out the tissue as we showed Creative Images' Bobby Warns memorial video, which won multiple top honors in 2005. LaDonna Moore's gold CEA demo proved a very effective ending, culminating with the bride's declaration, "The video was the one thing we thought we could live without, but it would have been the biggest mistake we ever made." The AFWPI crowd loved the video iPod as a marketing tool, and the other marketing tips such as how to establish yourself as an expert and how to have a Web site, business card, and ad that stands out amongst the crowd.

Several consultants and other wedding professionals came up to me afterwards and thanked me for presenting with remarks such as, "Now I will be better able to sell video to my clients because now I understand the impact of video" and "I didn't realize this kind of work was possible."

At the WEVA Expos I've attended, the "creative" seminars are typically more crowded than the business and marketing ones. At AFWPI, members gravitated toward the marketing seminars. It was by design that we made the first half of the video presentation about what our industry is doing, followed by how video can be used as a marketing tool.

Educating other wedding professionals on what we do will be even more effective than educating brides. Brides come and go, and then the education process has to continually start over. However, the impact of educating wedding professionals is far-reaching. They will be able to sell our services for years to come. Once they've seen what we can do, then it will be easier for them to recommend us. This is where the importance of networking comes to play. Those who schmooze will get to reap the benefits of recommendations from wedding professionals. I have no doubt that their perception of video was changed by those attending my seminar.

The WEVA PR committee's plan is to continue to reach out to other professional wedding associations throughout the year. Various members of the committee will be delivering this video presentation all across the country. In fact, one week later I presented it to the Chicago chapter of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). I am also a confirmed speaker at their upcoming national convention this fall in Colorado Springs.

Raising the awareness of our industry within the wedding community is a huge step forward and one that is long overdue. If you know of an association in your area that would like to see this video presentation, please contact me at kris@elegantvideosbykris.com.

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4EVER Group Opens Registration for Detroit Video Summit

Registration for the 4EVER Group's first Video Summit of 2006, being held in the Detroit area on Wednesday, May 3, is now open at www.4evergroup.org. Workshop presentations by Mark and Trisha Von Lanken, LaDonna Moore and Josh Fozzard go along with a full day of educational programming and networking.

The Detroit Video Summit will be held at the Burton Manor, in Livonia MI. Registration will open at 10:00am, with workshops beginning at 1:00pm. Members of any local videographers association (and students) can register in advance, on-line for $55.00 per workshop, and the general video community can register for $75.00 per workshop.

A Canopus EDIUS training workshop will be hosted by Mark and Trisha Von Lanken on Thursday, May 4. This two-hour workshop is designed to help EDIUS users get the most of that programs capabilities. As a bonus for attendees of any workshop from the Wednesday Video Summit, advance registration will be reduced to only $45.00. Otherwise, the $55.00/$75.00 registration fees apply.

In all cases, additional fees will apply for on-site registrations. Advance, online registration for the late afternoon Traveling Trade Show and evening Video Summit is free. Vendors will be exhibiting products and services directed to the professional event community, during the Traveling Trade Show portion of the day, and a light buffet meal is included. The evening Video Summit will feature a series of brief presentations, and an analysis of Artistic Achievement Award-winning videos.

Complete details on the Detroit Video Summit, including the full schedule of events, is available at The 4EVER Group's web site, www.4EVERGroup.org. The Burton Manor is located at 27777 Schoolcraft Rd., just off I-96 in Livonia. Directions are available at www.burtonmanor.net.

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Primera Announces Enterprise-Class CD/DVD Publishing Solutions at NAB 2006

Primera Technology, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of CD/DVD duplication and printing equipment, will unveil its XR-series of enterprise-class disc publishing solutions at NAB 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Primera is located in Booth SL1233.
     The XR-series includes the Bravo XR Disc Publisher, Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publisher, Bravo XRP Disc Publisher, Laminator XR, and Server XR. Rugged construction and modular design allows these components to be configured specifically for the task for deployment in "mission critical" applications that require fast and efficient disc burning and printing of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (BD).

All XR-series hardware is built with 18-gauge steel cabinets and 11-gauge steel bezels. Access doors are supplied with locks and keys for maximum security. Supplies replenishment is accomplished entirely from the front, allowing placement on counters, shelves, and in standard 19" wide racks. For desktop applications, all components bolt securely together for stability and system integrity.

Applications for the XR-series disc publishers include include the archival and distribution of video and audio in broadcast television, film, content-on-demand at retail stores, kiosks, production studios and more.

The Bravo XR Disc Publisher uses a robotic arm to automatically record a CD or DVD with one drive and then inkjet print full-color, photo-quality images and text direct-to-disc at 4800dpi print resolution. The Bravo XR can burn and print up to 50 discs per job. The Bravo XR is priced at US$2995 MSRP, is currently shipping, and was introduced in October 2005.

For increased capacity, the Bravo XRP Disc Publisher burns and prints up to 100 discs per job with two drives. The Bravo XRP produces discs twice as fast the Bravo XR and is priced at US $4995 MSRP. Shipping is expected to begin in May 2006. Introduced in February, the Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publisher is the world's first automated duplication and printing system to offer Blu-ray Disc Support. Bravo XR-Blu automatically copies and prints Blu-Ray Discs with its integrated Pioneer Blu-ray drive. Bravo XR-Blu can burn and print up to 50 discs per job. It is priced at US $5995 MSRP and will ship in April 2006.

Included with every XR-series disc publisher is burning software for Windows from Sonic Solutions, Mac software from CharisMac, and disc printing software from SureThing(. Graphics can also be designed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, among others. XR-series disc publishers also include Windows-based network software for up to five client users. Additional client licenses are available at a nominal cost.

When integration to third-party applications is required, Primera's PTDevSuite is available at no extra cost to registered developers. The comprehensive set of software development tools for Windows XP/2000 provides full control of Bravo XR, XR-Blu and XRP's burning, printing and robotic functions.

To further enhance discs and protect them against water and spilled liquids, the Laminator XR is easily integrated to the Bravo XR, XR-Blu, or XRP. After recording and printing, Laminator XR automatically applies a glossy, 3-micron thick layer of clear, resin-based ink. Holographic film is also available. The result is a disc that is virtually immune to water, scratches and smudges with lower costs than reverse thermal transfer. The Laminator XR is priced at US $2995 MSRP.

Server XR can be integrated with any of the XR-series disc publishers to provide an almost unlimited choice of CPUs, memory, hard drives, and operating systems. This also allows direct connection to an office network through 10/100 Ethernet. A wireless 802.11g networking option is available so anyone with a wireless connection and the proper password can burn, print, and laminate jobs on the XR-series disc publisher.

Server XR configurations are performed to exact client requirements through a "Certified by Primera" Reseller, Distributor or OEM. Non-proprietary and standard business-class PC components are utilized for fast and easy support and upgrades. The Server XR case is priced at US $549 MSRP.


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VASST Launches Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Training

VASST, a developer of professional quality training and software products, has announced the release of the Edge Detective software plug-in for Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas software. Edge Detective is a creative tool for video editors, enabling them to easily replicate popular cartoon or sketch looks found in video today.

VASST has also announced the launch of their newest training DVD product, Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics and Beyond. The dual-layer DVD consists of over two hours of primary training with nearly two hours of various bonus chapter information covering features like basic compositing, color correction, and HDV capture/editing. Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics, and Beyond is not part of the VASST Absolute training series for Avid Liquid, Adobe Premiere Pro2.0, Final Cut Studio, or Sony Vegas, but is produced in a similar manner, allowing users to choose the lessons they want, when they want them.

Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics, and Beyond are available at the VASST Web site.

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Chief Introduces New Cinematic Series Automated Mounting Solutions

Chief Manufacturing, a provider of mounting solutions, has introduced the Cinematic Series, a new line of automated mounting solutions for swing arm mounts, flat panel and projector lifts, and table stands. These mounts provide motorized remote operation for programmable viewing angles and fast, fine-tuned viewing adjustments.

The CM1 Automated Swing Arm Mount, available May 2006, is designed for home theater mounting. With the press of a button, your screen will extend from the wall and rotate to the desired angle, according to Chief. Designed for flat panel TVs up to 61"and 170 lbs, the CM1 features three programmable pre-set viewing positions and multiple mounting options on or recessed between 16" center studs. The mount extends 18" from the wall and swivels +/-60º. Chief's exclusive Q-Latch™ Mounting System provides increased security, and fast and easy installation. -

Chief has also announced the CM2 Automated Pop-Up Lift (available July 2006). With it users can raise or lower a flat-panel screen with the press of a button. Designed for flat-panel TVs 61"and over or up to 200 lbs, the CM2 provides fast adjustments at over 2"per second, according to Chief. The lift provides up to 44.5" of travel with a stored height of only 34", and the exclusive Auto Drive gliding system provides fast and quiet adjustment. A cable management system makes installation clean and hassle-free. Customizable store and show positions allow fine-tuning for any installation, and the unique lift design eliminates flat panel TV width constraints.

Chief's CM3 Automated Swivel Table Stand (available May 2006) is a tabletop installation for residential, commercial, and business applications. It provides +/-45º automated swivel with optional stops at 15º, 25º, and 35º. The CM3 has an integrated IR sensor for simplified installation and provides height adjustment of 5"to allow for different screen heights. The free-standing base has bolt-down capability for permanent installation or increased security.


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Roxio Launches Popcorn 2 Mac DVD Backup Software

Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, today released Popcorn 2, which makes it easy for Mac users to transfer their favorite personal video entertainment to DVDs and portable devices such as an iPod, PSP, or mobile phone. These innovations enhance the software's features for creating backup copies of non-copy protected personal DVDs.

Popcorn 2 is available in retail stores across North America and direct at www.roxio.com for a suggested price of $49.99. Popcorn 2 is also being simultaneously released in Europe and Asia. Previous owners of Toast and Popcorn may be eligible for special upgrade pricing direct from Roxio.

Popcorn 2 enables users to create portable compatible versions of all popular formats including non-protected DVD-Video, QuickTime movies, MPEG files, iMovie projects, and other popular video formats. Popcorn 2 includes predefined settings optimized for standard or high-quality video output, or users can define their own custom DivX, MPEG4, or H.264 levels for bit rate, frame rate, and image size.

Built on the Toast burn engine, Popcorn 2 features custom video compilations allowing users to choose the specific video and audio content to duplicate, while at the same time optimizing video quality and maximizing disc space.


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TDK Begins Shipping 25GB BD-R and BD-RE Blu-ray Media

TDK has ay announced that it has begun shipping 25GB recordable and rewritable Blu-ray Disc media to retailers nationwide. Retail pricing is set at $19.99 for a 25GB BD-R (recordable) $24.99 for a 25GB BD-RE (rewritable).

In addition, TDK will ship 50GB Blu-ray Disc media later this year with retail pricing set at $47.99 for a 50GB BD-R (recordable) and $59.99 for a 50GB BD-RE (rewritable). The  single-sided discs are bare, cartridge-free media.The 25GB products are single layer whereas the 50GB products have a dual layer recording material structure. TDK first shipped mass production samples in December 2005, and with the subsequent issuance of the relevant license, the company immediately commenced full force manufacturing.

TDK Blu-rayDiscs are manufactured to the highest quality standards at the company's Chikumagawa Techno Factory in Japan. TDK heavily committed its worldwide engineering resources to Blu-ray, and has created new formulations and manufacturing techniques that constitute revolutionary milestones in recording technology. The high-sensitivity inorganic recording material utilized by TDK for the write-once type BD-R is completely different than the recording materials used for CD or DVD.

TDK Blu-ray Discs' inorganic material is impervious to light, making the discs exceptionally well suited for archiving data. Composed of copper and silicon, TDK's exclusive recording material is designed to delivers long-lasting performance. The recording material enables fast recording and playback speeds and also makes it possible to realize massive capacities through multi-layering.

For TDK's rewritable BD-RE Blu-ray Disc media, a specially designed high-sensitivity phase change recording material is utilized. The material is so stable that a TDK Blu-ray Disc shows virtually no performance degradation even after it has been overwritten 10,000 times, according to TDK. The 25GB and 50GB BD-R and BD-RE discs offer 2x (72Mbps) rated recording speed.

Based on simulated acceleration tests, TDK's archival life expectancy rating for Blu-ray Disc media is more than 50 years. Blu-ray Discs were originally released in Japan in April of 2003 with a protective cartridge.The cartridge was necessary in order to protect the recording material, which is manufactured close to the Blu-ray Disc's surface in order to realize the disc's high density recording capabilities. TDK pioneered hard coating technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome cartridges.

Every TDK Blu-ray Disc includes DURABIS, a protective hard coating formulation. DURABIS increases the scratch resistance of Blu-ray Disc media by a factor of 100, TDK says, as demonstrated in rigorous testing. DURABIS also resists fingerprints to help eliminate errors caused by disc surface smudges. Because the DURABIS coating technology rapidly discharges static electricity, the discs also resist the accumulation of dust, a potential source of recording and playback errors.

TDK Blu-ray Discs provide absolute reliability for perfect recording and playback every time. A 0.1 millimeter thick cover layer comprises the Blu-ray Disc's outermost internal surface, and the recording material resides beneath it. During recording, the laser passes through the cover layer in its path to the recording layer. Absolute uniformity in the thickness of the cover layer is critical to ensuring precise laser tracking, which is required for reliable performance.

To achieve total uniformity in the cover layer's thickness, TDK developed an exclusive Spin Coating manufacturing process. With TDK Spin Coating, the cover layer is spun onto the disc at a high rate of speed, ensuring evendispersal of the material.High precision stacking technology further ensures reliability by consistently overlaying disc layers with the utmost precision.

TDK's Blu-ray Disc roadmap extends the format's capabilities even further, proving that Blu-ray is truly future-ready. TDK technologies have already enabled creating 100GB, quad-layer Blu-ray Disc prototypes and blazing 216Mbps (2x) speed.The company is in the process of developing the world's first 200GB Blu-ray Disc prototype.

TDK is offering its line of recordable 25GB Blu-ray Discmedia in 50-piece spindle packaging that will be available in the second quarter of 2006.


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1 Beyond Announces HD Octoflex

1 Beyond, Inc., a provider of digital video editing, compositing and storage systems today announced the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex, an 8-processor professional video workstation capable of running Windows XP applications. The 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex is available immediately and will be shown for the first time at NAB 2006 at the 1 Beyond booth (number SL942).

The 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex is the only 8 processor workstation on the market, according to 1 Beyond, that supports the latest Windows XP professional applications that are widely used by editors and graphic artists. Other systems are only capable of running Windows Server 2003, which most professional video and graphics software will not support, 1 Beyond says. Available immediately with prices starting at $9,995, this powerful system is capable of handling the most power hungry applications such as uncompressed 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex uncompressed real-time effects and high-resolution uncompressed HD projects.

A recent customer test of the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex with Matrox Axio LE card yielded 10 layers of uncompressed SD calculating 9 picture-in-picture windows and still had over 50% of the processor power left for additional layers, graphics and effects, all in real-time. Like all other members of the 1 Beyond Pro HD Flex line of systems, the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex system is totally customizable to meet the exact workflow needs and budgets of users. Certified hardware includes BlueFish444, BlackMagic, Matrox Axio, and others.

Customers can chose different types of chassis (tower, rack, or double-wide), select from a wide range of editing and effects software, including Adobe Video Studio Suite, Alias Maya, Avid Xpress HD, Avid Softimage|XSI, Autodesk combustion and 3ds Max, Boris Blue, Canopus Edius, Sony Vegas, Eyeon Digital Fusion, and more. Storage options include up to 10 removable internal drives and external SCSI, SATA2, Intelligent SATA2, and Fibre Channel.


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Primera Lowers CD & DVD Tower Duplicator Prices

Primera Technology, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of CD / DVD duplication and printing equipment, has announced that it has reduced its pricing for DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator and duplicator/printer bundles. "Many churches, schools, non-profits and live event producers require discs immediately following a live event," said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology's vice president of sales and marketing. "Lowering the price of the DUP-07 Tower and bundles opens the door for many smaller organizations to produce professional-grade CDs and DVDs even when budgets might be more restricted."

Pricing is as follows:

ModelOld PriceNew Price
DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator $1,695 $1,295
DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator with Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer $1,795$1,395
DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator with Bravo II AutoPrinter $2,995 $2,595
DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator with BravoPro AutoPrinter $3,495 $3,295


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TMPG Inc. Renames Tsunami DVD Creation Software

TMPG, Inc. (www.tmpg-inc.com), has selected TMPGEnc as the new name for its entire branded-products line. The company has also changed the name of its professional-grade DVD creation program to DVD Author 2.0. The changes are effective immediately. At the same time, the company has renamed one of its most advanced applications for DVD creation to TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0, substituting the previous TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author PRO name.

Released in the fall of 2005, the TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 program builds on the strengths of DVD Author and the company's widely used, award-winning MPEG encoding technology. It is the first DVD creation program in its class to offer fit-to-disc transcoding and DVD+ R dual/double layer support, making it possible to fit a 9GB or 10GB file onto a single 8.5GB DVD disc while maintaining its video quality.

TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 offers multi-track audio for multi-lingual DVDs, as well as audio filters so that users can ensure optimal audio quality before burning to DVD. The software will be available as of April 19, 2006 in English, German, and French as well. Other features include frame-level cut-editing, slideshow creation with Dolby Digital stereo sound, 40 high-quality ready-to-use DVD menu templates from Motionism, and DVD simulation.

DVD Author 2.0 can import video clips from MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD Video, Media Center PC (DVR-MS) or DVD-VR files; add audio from MPEG-1 Layer 2, Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Linear PCM (.wav/LPCM); and easily edit materials already recorded on a DVD recorder. DVDs created using TMPG DVD Author 2.0 play on virtually all home DVD players.

The program has a new low price of $89.95 for download at www.tmpg-inc.com.

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