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November 2005: Features
Posted 01 Nov 2005 / November 2005 Issue By
Colleen Kelly | Part of what makes today’s consumer-friendly DVD authoring tools so accessible is their success in shielding users from encoding and other techie tasks. But while ignorance may be bliss, aspiring DVD authors can’t do competent commercial work without a working understanding of the encoding process. What’s really happening behind the scenes, and what do you need to know about encoding to produce top-quality results?
Posted 03 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
Philip De Lancie | Major manufacturers have agreed on an HDV standard, and camcorders are shipping from JVC. But what do early adopters have to say about their initial real-world exposure to hi-def’s new prosumer option?
Posted 03 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
Visual Communicator Pro brings broadcast-quality effects and compositing to the masses. With real-time video effects and transitions, attractive templates and graphics, music loops from SmartSound, and a version of Sonic’s MyDVD, Visual Communicator Pro delivers both a video studio and a post-production facility in a single box.
Posted 04 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
TDK distinguishes the 8X-capable IndiDVD with a well-thought out, generous software bundle.
Posted 30 Jan 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
Reelhouse sets out to bring royalty-free FX and motion graphics to the masses
Posted 04 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
Posted 04 Mar 2004 / November 2005 Issue By
November 2005: News: Features
by Stephen F. Nathans
Posted 06 Feb 2004 / November 2005 Issue By