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EventDV Magazine: October 2009
October 2009: Features
Ben Balser | Final Cut Studio 2009, the long-anticipated new release of Apple's eminent postproduction suite, delivers no major overhaul of anything, just a few little touches applied to most of the applications that can save you a ton of time during your postproduction process. Although none of the new features, taken by themselves, represent anything mind-blowing, together they make for a faster, easier workflow that will save you a lot of time.
Posted 06 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: Tutorials
Lance Gray | We've all been there: A client gives us a logo or other image that's embedded in an extraneous background and expects us to magically make the background disappear. Here's a quick tip that could save you the time of cutting out all that white space when all you really want is for that logo to be overlaid on your screen.
Posted 06 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: In the Studio
Marc Franklin | Why can the HP z800 accomplish feats beyond the ken of the most powerful systems previously available? And what's so drastically different about it that, after 8 years, HP had to come up with a whole new numbering series to signal a break from the past? The z800 is part of the new "z" workstation line, which is the first workstation line on the market powered by Intel's long-anticipated Xeon Nehalem processor.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
Shawn Lam | This is a review of Adobe's Speech to Text feature, which is found in both Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Soundbooth CS4. I'm stating this upfront because somewhere along the line in the 4 months since I was commissioned to test and write about this new feature and when and I completed my review, I decided that I would be doing a disservice to my readers by spending the entire article discussing a feature that is just a bit ahead of its time, while ignoring one (Dynamic Link) that has been around for a few versions but is finally fully functional.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: Column: Amen Corner
Elizabeth Avery Merfeld | Last fall, Canon shook our world when it released the transformative EOS 5D Mark II, a DSLR featuring full-frame HD video and dynamic depth-of-field control. Along with others of its ilk, the 5D is revving up videographers' creativity, smearing the line between the photography and videography industries, and ushering in (some say) a new era of photo-video fusion. With several months of use under their belts, we asked a handful of early adopters for their take on how the 5D has impacted their businesses and where (if anywhere) their first forays into fusion have taken them.
Posted 06 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: Column: The Gadget Bag
Ed Wardyga | I've assembled a list of free (or inexpensive) programs and utilities that might make your life a bit easier. I've been using most of these for some time, so I can confirm that they work and are worth every penny.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: Column: The Moving Picture
Jan Ozer | Although you may not have heard the term "online video platform" (OVP) before, you will soon, and OVP service providers are becoming increasingly important. Here I'll explain why, and I'll discuss factors to consider if you or a customer decide to choose one.
Posted 12 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
October 2009: Column: Strictly Business
Steve Yankee | Knowing where a prospect comes from can provide you just the information you need to turn that prospect into a client. Following through on what you've promised and building on that relationship can help guarantee you a client for lifeā€”one that will be more than willing to recommend you and your business to others.
Posted 06 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By