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EventDV Magazine: September 2009
September 2009: Features
Anthony Burokas | As great as the new CMOS HS cameras on the market may appear, the reality is that the infamous "rolling shutter" CMOS image distortion can be easily seen when you bounce the camera up and down lightly, or when you pan the camera side to side—things you probably do routinely when you are recording with the camera in your hands instead of on a tripod. Here we quantify and qualify these issues with CMOS imagers compared straight-up with their CCD counterparts.
Posted 01 Sep 2009 / September 2009 Issue By
September 2009: Tutorials
Ben Balser | This month we'll look at professional, efficient editing workflow. I'll show a proven workflow in Final Cut Pro that will cut your editing time, make your editing easier, and help you get more refined edits, giving you a better product to deliver to your clients.
Posted 01 Sep 2009 / September 2009 Issue By
September 2009: Department: Gear & Now
Lee Rickwood | Here's a look at some developments in cables and connectors used in video production.
Posted 10 Sep 2009 / September 2009 Issue By