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EventDV Magazine: June 2009
June 2009: Features
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
June 2009: Tutorials
Lance Gray | Recently, I was producing for a 720x480 NTSC resolution screen, but the clients submitted only still photos gathered from their website that were in the 300x200 range. Understandably, they were miffed about how I was going to "stretch" the photos to make the stills look decent because they had already attempted this and realized the results weren't pretty. Little did they know the solution wasn't in stretching the canvas but in approaching the problem more creatively. Here's how I made it work.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
June 2009: In the Studio
Laura Randall | Magic Bullet Quick Looks (MBQL) gives you the same popular presets as the full-featured Magic Bullet Looks filters. The biggest difference is that you don't have the ability to edit or customize the look other than to control the amount of effect (0%-100%) on your clip. But if you're looking for a variety of preset looks that are easy to apply for a reasonable price, this is a great program.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
Ben Balser | EditMule has three utility apps that work with FCP to make our lives as editors much easier, picking up the slack in three areas where FCP is lacking: assigning Scratch Disk settings on a per-project basis; collapsing Sequences to remove unnecessary tracks; and removing a specific filter, or filters, from a specific Sequence.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
June 2009: Column: Cradle to Grave
Alan Naumann | Whereas many dads connect with their sons through sports, my son Jason and I connected through video. We spent many hours together making music videos and short films, as well as shooting various events. Partly as a result of that, he's now living out my dream of becoming an independent filmmaker.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
June 2009: Column: Strictly Business
Steve Yankee | Remember that as videographers, you're able to visualize a story from its beginning to its end, capture that story, and deliver it in a moving picture. That's the magic that sets you apart from the technology you use.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
June 2009: Department: Continuing Education
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Real Weddings is exactly what it sounds like: an hour-plus DVD that encompasses all the content the Von Lankens deliver to a bride and groom. But what makes this DVD most valuable is the two commentary tracks--one for shooting, one for editing--that run through the entire disc, breaking down virtually everything they do. Also featured: 2 video clips from the DVD!
Posted 12 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue
June 2009: Department: Studio Time
Elizabeth Avery Merfeld | Steve and Laura Moses have been called the "prom king and queen" and "model husband-wife team" of wedding video. But forget the awards and accolades for a moment, since they're not what define this couple, nor do they tell the whole story of their lives in this business, or this business in their lives. Here's a brief review of their road to success and what they saw and learned along the way.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By