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Information Today, Inc.

Gauertstr. 2, 78194 Immendingen, Germany
US office: 2359 W. Yosemite Avenue

Manteca CA 95337

Phone: 1-209-825-5576
Contact: robert.demoulin@prodad.com
Web site: http://www.prodad.com
Company Profile

Add special effects, titles/credits/trailers, and even stabilize shaky video with proDAD’s award-winning line up of plug-in products. Designed to seamlessly integrate with NLE solutions from Adobe®, AVID®, Canopus® Magix, Microsoft®, Pinnacle®, Sony®, and ULead, proDAD’s lineup of plug-ins are easy to use, yield amazing finished products, and are very attractively priced.

Camera Support, Stabilization & Motion Control Plug-Ins & Effects

proDAD’s Mercalli Video Stabilization plug-in is the ideal solution for taking the “shake” out of otherwise great video. Mercalli seamlessly installs in popular Windows-based NLE packages from Adobe, AVID, Canopus, Magix, Pinnacle, and Sony to perform highly effective video stabilization of video right from within the NLE’s timeline.

Mercalli analyzes the video and displays a preview of what the video will look like after stabilization, and provides specific stabilization profiles (example: stabilize video shot from moving car) and fine-tuning of the stabilization before committing to make the changes permanent. Mercalli Expert stabilizes HD/SD video, and Mercalli Lite stabilizes SD video only.

Special effects packages for hobbyist and casual video editors. 10 different effects packages are currently available as well as a money saving “all-in-one” package.

Add professional animated titles, credits, and trailers to your video with Heroglyh. Create 3D text walls like in Star Wars, lower thirds, and much more.

Stabilize shaky SD or HD video with amazing results using Mercalli. Extremely easy to use and includes several stabilization “profiles” with real time preview for SD video and near-real time for HD video.

Professional special effects, filters, and transitions. 500 fully GPU accelerated effects included with amazing creative possibilities.

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Jan Ozer | I've always been a sucker for a cool special effect or transition, which is one of the reasons that I've enjoyed working with proDAD VitaScene over the years. With VitaScene V2, proDAD retains the same easy to use and highly configurable workflow found in the previous edition but adds a number of very cool effects and 64-bit operation.
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Supports 64-bit NLEs from Sony and Adobe, features 100 new customizable effects, including tilt-shift