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3903 Stoney Brook Drive
Houston TX 77063

Phone: 713-272-8822
Contact: info@ikancorp.com
Web site: www.ikancorp.com
Company Profile

ikan, an award-winning designer, manufacturer and distributor of video and film production support, provides media professionals with simplicity in design, affordability and unmatched value. Based in Houston, TX, ikan serves a global clientele base from a wide variety of fields within the communications industry, including broadcast, event video, web, film, digital cinema, advertising, interactive media and independent filmmakers, by delivering the features you need at the price you want. With a diversified product line ranging from HD-SDI, LCD monitors and teleprompters to fluorescent  lighting and camera support, ikan is capable of meeting production support needs across a broad spectrum.

The truly modular camera support solution.
The ikan Elements line is about your needs as a shooter. The concept is simple … provide you with the parts you need to configure your camera rig the way you want. Elements pieces are sold individually or in pre-assembled kits. You know what you need to make your camera rig the best it can be, and with the Elements, you have the freedom to do just that. Truly Modular, fully Customizable, totally Essential.

The Fly configurations (whether you choose Starter, Basic, Deluxe or Super) are only the beginning. These suggested handheld configurations provide a starting point … and you control the final result. Each of the Fly configurations can be as simple as providing a robust flash bracket or as complex as being a two-handled, miniature rail system.

SUPER FLY $449.00: Includes 2 cheese plates, 2 15mm 6" Rod, 15mm Rail Mount, 2 grip bars and 4 handle arms

Shooting video with HDSLRs has taken the video industry by storm and with these cameras comes a slew of new production gear for support, monitoring and lighting. There are so many new gadgets and so much new gear on the market that many shooters feel overwhelmed. The ikan Fly Packs are bundles of assembled gear that will allow you to stop shopping and start shooting now. We’ve put together all of the essential items you’ll need to start shooting today … just add your camera, and you’re ready to go.

Fly Pack I, our most complete kit comes with all of the items here for the low price of $1849.00.

1. IK-Delta-3 All in one large bag w/ laptop pouch - beige
2. V5600 5.6 inch Monitor, A/C Power Supply and shoe mount.
3. ele-fly-super ikan Elements Camera Support.
4. ILED 150 KIT Mountable LED, AC Power, battery, charger, jells, bag and shoe mount.
5. MA210 10 inch monitor arm.
6. MA206 6 inch monitor arm.
7. AC107 Portable Power Supply for V5600
8. ICH Battery Charger
9. IBS Battery
10. CAHDMI-1.6 Short 1.6 Feet HDMI Cable
11. ches-jr Cheese Stick Jr.
12. SH56 Sunhood for V5600

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