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VASST/Sundance Media Group, Inc.
Video, Audio, Software, Support, Training


Phone: 1-435-882-8494
Contact: support@vasst.com
Web site: http://vasst.com
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Plug-Ins & Effects Stock Imagery & Audio Clips

Save time and enhance your creative options in Sony Vegas Pro with VASST Plugins! VASST offers several time-saving and functionality-enhancing plugins that work in Sony Vegas Pro,
allowing you to complete hours of work with just a few clicks of a button. Best of all, VASST plugins use a completely non-destructive workflow that allows complete control before and after their use!

VASST Ultimate S Pro works seamlessly with Sony Vegas Pro integrating directly into the interface as an extension to your tabs and windows inside of Vegas Pro 8 and 9. With almost 400 different controls, Ultimate S Pro is a powerhouse of functionality, creativity, and capability in 15 easy to access tabs. Ultimate S Pro tabs can be independently docked into your interface or moved as a single window giving you the ability to work in a way that is comfortable for you. Whether you want to create montages in seconds, title sequences in just a few clicks, automatically import your file structure into your media bins, or edit multi-camera sequences in a completely nondestructive workflow, Ultimate S Pro is the answer.

VASST now offers Ultimate S Lite giving users some of the most acclaimed tabs of Ultimate S Pro at a price that is attainable by everyone. With 6 Tabs and over 150 controls Ultimate S Lite can
now give you amazing power at a price that is undeniable!

GrafPaks and ReelPaks extend the power of Ultimate S Pro and Ultimate S Lite by giving you high quality lower 3rds and sides (GrafPaks), and professional quality visual themes (ReelPaks) to give
your video that extra something to make it look amazing.

Ultimate S is a must have tool for Vegas Pro! Be sure you visit VASST.com and download this AMAZING tool. Try it out for 30 days with no watermarks or limitations, and you’ll never go back to editing without it again.

Create GREAT music in ANY APPLICATION! VASST TrakPaks allow you to make a masterpiece even if you're not a master. TrakPaks are modular royalty-free music packages with themes and variations that can be mixed and matched with ease to build custom soundtracks for radio/TV, film, video, podcasts, and more.

VASST TrakPaks plug into your existing NLE/DAW with ease*. They come as well-documented musical blocks that you can mix and match, and they’re perfect for Apple Soundtrack, GarageBand, Adobe SoundBooth, Adobe Premiere, Avid Xpress, Avid Liquid, Sony Vegas, ACID, Cinescore, Sound Forge, or Cakewalk Sonar users. Each music library offers thousands of musical scoring combinations. You don't need to be a musician to understand TrakPaks. All you need to do is drag n' drop. It's that easy. Really.

* Sony Vegas (and Sound Forge users) get the added benefit of embedded marker lines and Vegas projects files (.VEG) files that make detailed editing a snap.

Get good music fast that’s just flexible enough to work the way you want it. No musical knowledge needed. TrakPaks are sold individually in six volumes. For the best value, buy all Six of the VASST TrakPaks bundled together, providing more than 12,000 musical combinations.

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