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SIVAN Video Stabilizer, LLC
26 Westspring Way
Lutherville MD 21093

Phone: 1-410-812-6472
Contact: sivanstabilizer@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.sivanstabilizer.com
Company Profile

The SIVAN HV-05 is a revolutionary, compact, super-duty, highly versatile Mini DV camera support and stabilizer system which perfectly suits the professional videographer who needs to rapidly meet the variable demands of any shouldermount/handheld shooting situation.

Unlike conventional shoulder supports often limited to static eye-level shots, the generous versatility of the HV-05 allows for eye-level, dutch-angle, over-head, mid-level, and ultra-low shots.

Although technically not a steadicam, the engineered distribution of weight and balance built into the HV-05 proves for impressive “flying shots.” With the HV-05, missing the shot ... is not an option.

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Camera Lenses, Filters, & Support
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In the Field: Sivan HV-05 Mini DV Camera Stabilizer
Philip Hinkle | Camera stabilizers come in all shapes and sizes. They're not for everyone. Not every stabilizer will be a good fit for every shooter, but the Sivan HV-05 will be a good fit for many of us in the wedding and event world, and it's almost like 2 stabilizers in one, in that it works very effectively for on-shoulder and flying shots. The quality of the build is exceptional, and its functionality has proven a good fit for my style.