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16x9 Inc.
28314 Constellation Road
Valencia CA 91355

Phone: 866-800-1699
Contact: info@16x9inc.com
Web site: www.16x9inc.com
Company Profile

16x9 Inc. is a distributor and producer of high-end accessories for film and video production, 16x9 Inc. offers a full selection of the latest products from renowned, innovative manufacturers such as Bebob Engineering, EasyRig, Chrosziel, and Noga. In 2009, 16x9 Inc. introduced its own line of top-quality camera accessories: the 16x9 Inc. EXII Collection. A family of top-line, HD-quality lens adapters, the EXII Collection was created specifically to complement the performance of the newest generation of compact HD camcorders. Backed by more than 40 combined years of industry experience, the goal of 16x9 Inc. is to expand its lenses, adapters, and camera accessories to meet the changing needs and challenges of professional cinematographers.

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Camera Lenses, Filters, & Support
Articles Mentioned
Zacuto USA Announces the Introduction of the Z-Finder EVF Electronic Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras
3.2 inch, high resolution monitor that will work in conjunction with existing Z-Finders optical loops
16x9 Inc. Debuts Strongest Articulating Arm at NAB
Noga Griffin Arm is designed to hold lights, small cameras or monitors and any other production accessory that requires and extended articulation mount. It is bigger, longer and outperforms all other three-joint articulating arms on the market
16x9 Inc. Introduces EXII 0.45X Super Fisheye Lens Attachment
Being smaller and lighter than its popular predecessor, makes the EXII 0.45X Super Fisheye ideal for handheld applications
Zacuto Releases New Video on the Panasonic HPX300
Gives potential buyers and filmmakers the opportunity to see a side by side comparison of the Sony EX3 and Panasonic HPX300 in action
NEW 16x9 Inc. Introduces EX 0.75X Aspheric Wide Converter for Sony PMW-EX1/EX3
Top-quality optical solution for getting wider angle images from Sony's popular new PMW-EX1 and EX3 camcorders, the EX 0.75X provides a 25% greater angle of view while maintaining full zoom capability
Gear & Now | LED Lights: The Shape of Things to Come
Lee Rickwood | LED lights are capable of generating much greater brightness and at a much lower power consumption rating than standard tungsten lights. There are now LED units rated with a 2,000 lumen output, so they have the punch that videographers often require. Here's a look at the latest and greatest in LED lighting.
Gear & Now: New Year Brings New Products in All Categories
Lee Rickwood | New gear—including cameras, microphones, lights, decks, presentation devices, and even office accessories—is now available for all aspects of wedding and event video production. And several recently announced products will be appearing soon. Here are just a few of the highlights.
16x9 Inc introduces Wide Converter for Sony HVR-V1U
New EX 0.7 Wide Converter attaches to the 62mm threads on the front of the camcorder's 3.9-78mm lens for 30% more wide-angle coverage than the lens alone affords
Gear & Now: Ultra High, Ultra Wide, Ultra Now
Lee Rickwood | New HD field recorder, portable media converter, ultra wideband audio technology, LED lighting, pan-and-tilt heads, and more
16x9 Inc. Introduces New Lux LED Camera Lights
First on-board light-emitting diode system to feature variable focus range
Trashing the Dress ... On Film and Video
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | "Trash the Dress" has become one of the hottest trends in wedding photography today, and it's beginning to find its way into the wedding videography world as well. Here's a look behind the scenes at what may have been the first-ever videographer-driven Trash the Dress shoot, documenting the travails of a jilted bride on a bone-dry August day in the Nevada desert.
16x9's 0.7X and EX 0.75X Wide Angle Converter Lenses
Marc Franklin | 16x9's 0.7X Wide Angle Converter lens will work for most handheld HDV camcorders. The EX 0.75X gives you broader compatibility (like the HVX200) and better quality for another $200. If you shoot with any of the compatible handheld pro HDV/HD camcorders, I highly recommend getting at least one of these wide-angle lenses to widen your shooting horizons.
16x9 Inc. Introduces Bebob Box-VM Carrier for V-Mount Power Supply
Attaches to the baseplate of the Panasonic HVX-200 and other popular compact HDV cameras, and is designed to hold an IDX V-Mount battery such as the Endura 7 or Endura 7S
16x9 Inc. introduces EX Compact Super Fisheye
Smaller, lighter version of the extremely wide-angle EX Super Fisheye is custom crafted to meet the higher demands of the new higher resolution, compact HD camcorders
16x9 Inc. Introduces Bebob Box-HVR for Sony HVR-DR60
Ingenious new mounting system for adding Sony’s HVR-DR60 portable hard disk recorder
16x9 Inc. Introduces New Single-Filter 4x4 Sunshade
New Chrosziel 455-R1 Single-Filter 4x4 Sunshade's lightweight, durable dual-molded true 16:9 housing sports a sleek rectangular design, grey exterior, and interior flat black powder coating
Gear & Now: HDV Camcorder Accessories--Lenses, Filters, and More
Lee Rickwood | Numerous new lenses, filters, lens add-ons, and related equipment are now available for popular HDV camcorders, both from third-party solutions providers and from the manufacturers themselves.
16x9 Inc introduces EX Super Fisheye for Panasonic HVX200 and More
Features .45X magnification, widest single-element fisheye adapter on the market
New DVD Release from Call Box Teaches Final Cut Pro and DVX100 Tips
new training DVD, 24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100, now available worldwide
16x9 Introduces New 1.5X Tele Converter for Sony HVR-V1U and More
Designed to enhance the performance of popular compact HD camcorders
Band Pro Hosts XDCAM HD Workshop
Covered the design philosophy of the PDW-330/350, including the use of its extensive menu system to customize the look of the camera
16.9 Inc. Introduces New 0.75X Wide Converter for Panasonic HVX200
Features a cutting-edge HD-quality design that employs four glass elements to reduce geometric distortion and improve off-axis performance
16x9 Inc. Introduces Bebob Box-FS Handy Holder for FireStore Recorders
Practical mounting system for adding a FireStore FS-4 or FS-100 to the Panasonic HVX-200 and other popular HDV/DV camcorders
16x9 Inc. Introduces Professional DV Camcorder Bag
New Grab & Shoot DV Camcorder Bag fits camera with mattebox installed
16x9 Inc. Introduces TurtleX for Lightweight DV Camcorders
New portable camera support designed especially for DV and HDV camcorders weighing up to 10 lbs
16:9 Introduces New Focus/Iris Control for HVX-200 and AG-DVX100B
Foxi by Bebob Engineering is a professional remote focus and iris control
Gear & Now: HDV Camcorder Accessories, Part Two--Lenses and Filters
As the newest camcorders make their way onto the popular HDV stage, they are supported by a growing cast of accessories--among them, cool new super-telephoto lenses, night vision image enhancers, and 35mm film lens adaptors for HDV camcorders.
16 x 9 Inc. Introduces Coco-DVL Power Converter
New Coco-DVL and Lux-DV team for Sony cameras including the HVR-Z1U, HDR-FX1, VX-1000/2000 series, and DSR PD150/170
16x9 Introduces Chrosziel HDV Mattebox Kit and 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System
New mattebox and sunshade systems custom-designed for for JVC GY-HD100
16x9 Inc Announces 0.7X Wide Converter for HDV
Designed to help shooters get wider angles with Sony Z1U and FX1
16x9 Inc. Announces New Chrosziel Mattebox for Sony HDV
New professional mattebox system designed expressly for use with Sony HDV camcorders
16x9 Introduces Improved Zoom Control for LANC Cameras
Zoe is compatible with Sony, Canon, and other LANC models
Roxio Adds HD Support in Expanded Software Line
Support in future versions of Toast Titanium to allow anamorphic DVD creation