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Zacuto USA
401 W. Ontario
Suite 250

Chicago IL 60610

Phone: 1-312-863-3456
Contact: sales@zacuto.com
Web site: http://www.zacuto.com
Company Profile

Zacuto USA manufactures and rents custom camera packages for the independent film industry. Zacuto was formed in 2000 by Director Steve Weiss and DP Jens Bogehegn, whose combined film/video experience of over 50 years gives Zacuto an advantage in product development. Zacuto’s full line of accessories are made in the USA, shipped worldwide and come with a Life Time Guarantee.

Embracing the new hybrid DSLR cameras, Zacuto developed a full line of DSLR Shooter Kits and accessories; including the Z-Finder, an optical viewfinder for DSLR cameras, which is critical for precision focus on shallow depth-of-field cameras.

Zacuto Films. In 2008, Steve & Jens created their first Webisodic Series, FilmFellas: a round-table discussion with a rotating cast allowing viewers to get into the minds of emerging filmmakers. In August, 2009, Steve Weiss and DP Philip Bloom came together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content in the series [critics].

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Camera Lenses, Filters, & Support
Articles Mentioned
Female Filmmakers of the World Reunite: A Peek at POSH Retreat 2011
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The men will have to continue to wonder what really goes on at POSH: A Retreat for the Female Filmmaker, but women who didn't make the 2010 event—as well as 2010 attendees who've been wondering what Team POSH will do for an encore—will get a chance to find out what all the excitement is about on November 6 when POSH 2011 kicks off in Cancun, Mexico. Last week I spoke with POSH co-founders Reagan Zugelter and Jennifer Moon to get the scoop on POSH 2011. Here's what I found out.
In the Field: DSLR Rigs and Viewfinders From Cinevate and Zacuto
Randy Panado | Here we'll talk about two manufacturers, one that got out of the gate first with a product that's become the standard for LCD viewfinders for DSLRs, and another key provider of DSLR accessories and support products that introduced its entry to the LCD hood market a few short months ago. I'll also be talking about the lightweight rigs from these manufacturers that give you more versatility when you're shooting with these LCD viewfinders. The hoods/viewfinders in question are the Zacuto Z-Finder, the current leader in the DSLR hood market, and Cinevate, Inc.'s new contender, the Cyclops. The rigs are the Zacuto Striker and the Cinevate Proteus Simplis Pro.
Switronix and Zacuto Announce DSLR Rig Collaboration
New rig brings together Switronix Powerbase-70 PRO V-Mount battery and Zacuto Zwiss Plate
Anton/Bauer Power Solutions For The Canon EOS 5D MARK II, EOS 7D and EOS 60D Digital SLR Cameras Now Shipping Worldwide
The QR-DSLR & DSLR-ADP-ELPZ Meet the Growing Demands of DSLR Cinematography
Anton/Bauer Features New Power Solutions At Createasphere Expo
Company to Display Solutions for MacBook, Canon Digital SLR Cameras and DIONIC HCX High-Current Battery
First Look: The Panasonic AG-AF100
Marc Franklin | An up-close look at the AG-AF100 at DV Expo 2010
Switching From Video Cameras to DSLRs
Greg Lam | We've all seen the dazzling work of our peers who have taken the DSLR plunge, and thus have a good idea of what migrating to DSLR can do for our films and our businesses. But we also know tat DSLR cameras are fundamentally different animals from their video-camera counterparts. What can we expect when we make the transition, and what do we need to know about the new skills we'll need to learn and other gear we'll need to acquire to make DSLRs work in our video workflow?
Zacuto USA Announces the Introduction of the Z-Finder EVF Electronic Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras
3.2 inch, high resolution monitor that will work in conjunction with existing Z-Finders optical loops
Anton/Bauer Launches New Power Solutions For Canon EOS 5D Mark II AND EOS 7D Digital SLR Cameras at WEVA 2010
The Gold Mount and ElipZ Solutions Meet Growing Demands of DSLR Cinematography
The Nonlinear Editor | NAB 2010: Random Notes
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A few scattered thoughts on the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters show
New-Wave Wedding Cinema: The Making of Kevin Shahinian's City of Lakes
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | So what is City of Lakes, and why all the hype and excitement surrounding a wedding film that no one had even seen when this article went live? To find out, read the article and check out the WORLD PREMIERE, Wednesday, April 14, Brenden Theater, Palms, Las Vegas. (Details in the article.)
Recapturing My Roots as a Filmmaker: An Open Letter to the Industry
Ron Dawson | Many event filmmakers follow a similar career arc: They get into the business for artistic reasons and eventually realize that their emphasis on artistry is hurting their bottom line, so they redirect their attention accordingly. But what happens when you devote so much attention to business and marketing that you lose touch with what first drew you to this profession? Here, marketing and social media industry icon Ron Dawson talks about how to get back to your original source of inspiration: filmmaking.
InFusion: Beyond Bokeh Art
Sara Frances | Attention Fusion still/video shooters: The honeymoon with so-called "bokeh art" is over. The harsh facts have been revealed. This is the first column in a series aimed squarely at alleviating user panic and at getting the Fusion equipment babies trained and ready to work for you.
JVC to Showcase ProHD Camcorder Line in Park City, Utah
JVC will demonstrate a GY-HM700 camcorder outfitted with Zacuto accessories and a JVC HZ-CA13U PL Mount Film Lens Adapter, plus its popular GY-HM100 handheld camcorder. JVC will also showcase a number of monitors, including the GD-463D10U 3D display, as well as the SR-HD1500US Blu-Ray Disc and HDD Recorder combo deck
Zacuto Films Presents FilmFellas Cast 6: Cinematography
Premiering November 4th, FilmFellas Cast 6 "The DP Edition" will represent an eclectic mix of cinematographers from the independent film scene
In the Field: Zacuto Tactical Shooter and Z-Finder
Jerry Cleveland | Since I knew I wanted to incorporate the 5D into my wedding and event video equipment arsenal, I started doing some research into how to make the camera steadier and how to ensure that I was shooting in focus, especially when working outside. It had to be easy to unfold, easy to adjust, fast to set up, and lightweight. I settled on one line of products: the DSLR Gunstock Shooter Gorilla Kits by Zacuto.
Zacuto USA Releases New Version of DSLR Optical Viewfinder with the Z-Finder V2
Allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video
Zacuto Films Announces a New Addition to Their Webisodic Programming Schedule with [ critics ]
In [ critics ], Steve Weiss and Philip Bloom candidly explore a wide range of video categories across many genres and artistic levels: short films, artistic videos, documentaries, music videos, animated shorts, and commercial video
Coming Up Next in the FilmFellas Webisodic Series on Wedding Filmmaking, Zacuto Films presents "Cast Five: The Epic Wedding"
New cast features producer Ron Dawson, cinematographer Patrick Moreau, and filmmaker Kevin Shahinian
FilmFellas: A Webisodic Series by Zacuto Films, Releases 10 Webisodes of Wedding Filmmaking
Episodes feature Kristen*, John Goolsby, Joe Simon, Patrick Moreau, Ron Dawson, and Kevin Shahinian; highlight avant-garde wedding filmmaking and cinematic storytelling
Wedding Filmmakers in the Wilds of Webisodic TV: Zacuto Films' FilmFellas
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A conversation with Zacuto's Steve Weiss about his groundbreaking webisodic TV series, FilmFellas, which, beginning this week, will air a series of programs starring five legends of the wedding and event filmmaking world: John Goolsby, Kristen*, Joe Simon, Patrick Moreau, Kevin Shahinian, and Ron Dawson
Zacuto Releases Handgrip Rig for iPhone 3Gs Video
This rig attaches to the iPhone while shooting video and is the first serious solution for shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs
WedFACT Presents WedFACTION.1, Inaugural Online Wedding Film Festival
Goal of the festival is to increase awareness of the quality and differing types of wedding video and film productions that are being produced today by artists from around the world and to reward these artists with real prizes that will take their craft to a higher level
Zacuto Presents Several New Show-stoppers Ready to Shine at This Year's NAB
27 new products will be displayed at this year's NAB show in Las Vegas
WedFACT Announces Winner of February 2009 Anti-Recession E-Session Competition
Vanessa McKellar of Vanessa McKellar Productions rocks the vote with her entry "My Sister's In Love"
Zacuto Introduces Sony EX3 DOF Foam Insert
Specifically built to fit the Sony EX3 with any of our DOF (Depth-Of-Field) kits fully assembled
Zacuto Releases New Video on the Panasonic HPX300
Gives potential buyers and filmmakers the opportunity to see a side by side comparison of the Sony EX3 and Panasonic HPX300 in action
Zacuto Makes Shooting on a 2/3" Camera With DOF Adapter Affordable to Indie Filmmakers
With the introduction of the Letus35 2/3" B4 Compact Relay lens, Zacuto is now the premier dealer giving independent filmmakers all of the components for an affordable depth of field (DOF) shooting system on a 2/3" camera
Zacuto Announces 9 Panasonic HPX170 Kits
Transform Your HD Camera for Filmmaking
Zacuto Announces Four New Follow Focuses
Designed for pull accuracy and saving you time on set
Zacuto Announces Exclusive Dealer Of Letus35 Elite
Pre-Order Now Available On Zacuto's Webstore
Zacuto Rolls Out Its "Z-Focus" Follow Focus Accessory for HD Video Cameras
Follow focus can be used with any camera and integrates easily with other Zacuto support accessories
Zacuto.com Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras
Used in conjunction with other of Zacuto's camera mounting components for adjusting a second set of rods to align matte boxes and follow focus units to cameras with high or low lens mounting
Zacuto Releases Lightweight Support (LWS) System for Attaching Accessories to High-Definition Video Cameras
First universal lightweight support plate to work with all Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC cameras that use the wedge style tripod plate
Zacuto Releases Letus35 Extreme Studio Handheld Packages
Zacuto's product line for Letus35 Extreme features a complete setup for handheld use that is lightweight - while integrating all the functionality of Zacuto's highly rated line of camera support accessories
New Camera Support for Rock-and-Rollers
Lee Rickwood | New support devices for steady handheld camera operation come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices.
Zacuto Announces New Zamerican Articulating Arm for Mounting Accessories to Cameras
Zacuto, a leading provider of high definition cameras and accessories just released the Zamerican large, medium and small Articulating arms
Gear & Now: HDV Accessories, Part Two--Batteries, Supports, and More
Lee Rickwood | New Lithium-ion battery systems for DV and HDV camcorders are promising more power output, greater charging options, and new form factors for professional video use. Along with new lights, camera supports, and handy "gadget bag" filler items, the accessory market for wedding and event videographers is booming—and turning a shade of green!
Zacuto.com Announces the Q-Release Shoulder Pad Mount for HD Video Cameras
New standard for mounting a shoulder pad to the baseplate of a HD video camera package
Zacuto.com Announces the Z-Release System for HD Video Cameras
Designed for mounting accessories and equipment on your HD video camera package
Zacuto.com Announces New Hand Grip System for the HD Video Camera Market
Also releasing on the same day is Zacuto’s MicroMount for attaching articulating arms to any individual 15mm rod
Zacuto.com Announces New Universal Base Plate for HD Movie Cameras
Works with "all" cameras, makes it easy to add accessories to lightweight HD cameras without breaking them