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Glidecam Industries, Inc.
23 Joseph Street
Kingston MA 02364

Phone: 1-800-600-2011
Contact: sales@glidecam.com
Web site: http://www.glidecam.com
Company Profile

Glidecam Industries, Inc. offers the most affordable and versatile line of camera stabilizers and related accessories available in the world today. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. Glidecam products make ideal camera accessories and can easily replace or be used in conjunction with dollies, booms, cranes, and tripods. Both professional filmmakers and amateur movie makers alike can enjoy the fluidity and grace that Glidecam camera stabilizers provide.


The GLIDECAM X-22™ Sled is designed to hold film and video cameras weighing from 10 to 25 pounds. The X-22 Sled incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining, making it both lightweight and strong. The GLIDECAM X-22™ Sled is comprised of four major components. These are the Camera Balance Platform, the Three-Axis Gimbal, the Dynamic Base Platform and the Telescoping Center Post.

The precision, Camera Balance Platform (X-Y Head, or Top Stage) incorporates a quick-release, no-tools, drop-in Dovetail Camera Plate that allows you to quickly attach or remove your camera. Ergonomic, fine-tuning, control knobs allow quick and precise adjustment of the Camera Balance Platform’s front-toback and side-to-side movement. These controls allow you to quickly adjust the system’s horizontal balance.

A unique and proprietary, precision, no-tools Three-Axis Gimbal incorporates several adjustable, axis convergence controls. This allows all three axes to intersect for proper operational alignment. By changing the location of the Gimbal on the Central Post, you can quickly adjust the system’s vertical balance. For improved operator control, a very tight knurling has been machined onto the Gimbal Tube.

The unique and proprietary, Dynamic Base Platform is designed to manually expand or contract. This allows you to easily adjust the system’s dynamic balance, or to increase or decrease the system’s rotational pan inertia. The X-22’s Dynamic Base Platform can be set up with either one Anton Bauer Battery or one V-Mount style Battery. The GLIDECAM X-22 sled also includes a GLIDECAM L7-Pro, 7 LCD, a custom LCD Battery Plate, and a BNC-to-BNC/RCA  video cable.

The GLIDECAM X-22 Sled has a lightweight and rigid, no-tools, 1.25" diameter, Telescoping Center Post. This allows you to easily adjust the sled’s length and the position of the LCD Monitor and Battery.

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Articles Mentioned
Snow in Vienna: Adventures in Destination Filmmaking
Niels Puttemans | At a certain point in your event filmmaking career, usually after watching a fellow filmmaker's online clip, you start dreaming of your own destination shoot. Although we at Ever After have filmed a few destination weddings before, our "dream client" turned out to be a young couple from Singapore. The couple was planning an engagement holiday through Europe and wanted an engagement film to show on their wedding day. It got better from there: We were asked to suggest the best city location in Europe for this December shoot. Although Paris gets more attention, if you're after a romantic European destination in December, there is really just one choice: Vienna, Austria.
Three-Way Street: The Power of Collaborative Wedding Filmmaking
Antonio Domingo, Jose Ortiz, and David Perry | It seemed almost too good to be true: three award-winning filmmakers, one from Spain, one from Utah, and one from Puerto Rico, combining their talents on three Florida weddings. In our industry of one-man (and one-woman) bands, our chances to collaborate and learn from others' talents come far too seldom, but here's what three top filmmakers learned when they worked together this past spring, both in terms of how they approach their work and the power of collaboration itself.
The Nonlinear Editor: Birth Catcher
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Recently, I had the strange and wonderful privilege of watching a contemporary home birth film that is not explicitly about advocating home birth or dramatizing childbirth, although in its own way, it achieves both. Produced by two Central Florida studios, Kat Small's Cinema Chic Films and the Nielsens Photography & Design, Born at Home is an intimate and inspiring family film.
In the Field: Petrol Cambio
Marc Franklin | The Petrol Cambio is a small to mid-size camera bag that also, quite ingeniously, functions as a tripod. The wheels on the side of the bag are on shafts that pull out from the main structure, by about a foot on either side, and the wheels' fenders roll down to become wheel chucks. A more traditional two-stage tripod leg unlatches and folds out of the back of the bag to become the third leg.
In the Field: Panasonic Lumix GH2
Niels Puttemans | For Ever After Video Productions, the Panasonic Lumix GH2 has redefined the possibilities of DSLR shoots. The solved aliasing and moiré issues, audio monitoring, zebras, no recording limits, improved low-light shooting, 1:1 crop function ... these are all reasons why we bought a second GH2 after one shoot with our first.
Top 10 Destination Wedding Tips
Julie Hill | When you're filming a destination wedding, you're stepping into a world of unknowns—unless you take the time to find out as much information as possible in advance and prepare for the worst. The more you invest in getting information, the more rewarding the experience—and the more satisfying the film you produce—will be. Have fun and travel safely!
In the Field: Camera Supports for DSLR Shooters
Mark Von Lanken | There are literally dozens of DSLR support devices on the market,. The challenge for all of us is to decide which support device will best fit our needs. My goal is not to steer you toward one particular model or to tell you which one I prefer, but rather to explore three different models—covering both the good and the bad—and give you better insight into each model.
Higher Ground: Event Filmmaking's Emerging Cult of Collaboration
Liz Merfeld | As experts and studio principals, have you ever considered enlisting a studio-owning peer to assist you on a shoot, instead of a freelancer? Your peers offer a wealth of technical and business acumen—not to mention talent—that can translate into a worry-free workflow and a brilliantly polished product. What's more, if recruited to help on a colleague's project, you stand to gain perspective in the humbling role of second or third shooter on a colleague's gig. Isn't it about time you stopped flying solo every weekend and got into the collaboration game?
MPVA Announces Von Training 2-Day Workshop June 20th and 21st
5-time EventDV 25 all-stars Mark and Trisha Von Lanken to present 2 days of intensive wedding filmmaking training in Twin Cities
In the Field: The Steddiepod Multifunctional Camera Stabilizer
Philip Hinkle | The Steddiepod is designed to be used as a monopod, a tripod, and even a flying stabilizer. Can it be all those at the same time and do those functions effectively? Well, being a shooter who's always searching for the best and most cost-effective stabilizer to perform all these tasks without adding too much extra gear or breaking my budget, I thought it would be worth checking out; read on and watch the clip that accompanies the article to see how it performed.
In the Field: Panasonic AG-HMC40
Mark Von Lanken | At a street price of $1,850-$1,995, how does the Panasonic HMC40 match up with the HMC150--my primary camera--which has a street price of $3,250?
In the Field: Producing SDEs with the Canon 5D and 7D
Elizabeth Avery Merfeld | A look inside Gebbs Wedding Films' all-SDE business model and all-DSLR shooting M.O.
Presenting ... The 2009 EventDV 25 Finalists
As a coda to the 2009 EventDV 25 awards presentation, here are the 25 finalists who round out the rest of the "Top 50"—some familiar names, and a number of up-and-comers about whom we're sure to hear much more, along with some choice clips for our finalists' many fans.
Glidecam Introduces X-22 Professional Camera Stabilization System
Professional, body-mounted, camera stabilization system designed for film and video cameras weighing up to 22 pounds
In the Field: Glidetrack
Loyd Calomay | The Glidetrack is a portable and very affordable dolly system that can be used quickly and easily to add the "wow" factor into any production. Its design is simple: a single rail that has a carriage mount for your camera that slides smoothly as you push it.
Glass Slipper Productions Captures Happy Endings And New Beginnings With Panasonic AG-HMC150 Handheld Camcorders
Philadelphia-Based Event Specialist Robert Neal Gears Up with Handheld AVCCAM to Shoot Weddings, Documentaries, Commercial Spots and More
Adventures in Stormchasing: Surfing the Front with Brian Press of Impressive Creations
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Brian Press of L.A.-based wedding cinematography studio Impressive Creations discusses his driving passion, stormchasing, and the perfect storm it creates when combined with his other talents, videography and photography
Gear & Now: Make the Most of Your Camera With New Accessories
Lee Rickwood | New camera add-ons from Panasonic, Petrol Bags, Zaxcom, Beachtek, Gekko Technology, and Camera Corps
Re:Frame 09 Austin, Days Two & Three
Re:Frame 09 Austin rolls on into Day Two with internationally renowned DoP Philip Bloom, Fusion tips from Bruce Patterson, 30-second film clips, shooting in the streets of Austin, and more
Von Wedding Films Embraces Shooting With Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCCAMs
3-time EventDV 25 honoree Mark Von Lanken Praises the Handheld AVCCAM's Filmic Look, Low-Light Performance, Focus Assist, Dynamic Range Stretch, Chip Set and More
In the Field: Panasonic AG-HMC150
Mark Von Lanken takes Panasonic's new professional AVCHD camera, the AG-HMC150, out in the field for a series of wedding shoots and examines its usability and features, tests its low-light performance, and offers comparisons to Sony's popular Z1U. NOW AVAILABLE: ALL 5 VIDEO CLIPS THAT ACCOMPANY THIS ARTICLE!
Vantage Point: A Story About Love
Laura Moses | As wedding videograpgers, we work with music, hearts, and dreams. We're the keepers of the flame for future generations. After we're gone there will be pieces of us—little bits of our hearts—scattered across the globe, telling stories about love.
In the Field: Indicam Pilot
Peter Chung | The Indicam Pilot (not to be confused with the Steadicam Pilot) is a low-cost camera stabilizer that gives you what you need in a camera stabilization system without all the bells and whistles associated with the other two models, which makes its offering more affordable and appealing to the aspiring filmmaker.
Best of 2008: Editors' and Columnists' Picks
We consulted our crack team of contributing editors and columnists on what they saw as the game-changing products and trends in the event video industry in 2008. The envelope please...
Op-Ed: Profitably Targeting the Budget Bride
Dan Lewis | Can the wedding video industry support a low-priced business model? I believe it can.
Re:Frame 08, The Day After: Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?
Second day of seminars, second-line parade, and everything you always wanted to know about Super 8 wedding filmmaking but were afraid to ask.
INTERVIEW: Brian MacKenzie, Unicyclying Glidecam Videographer
Joe McManus | The man behind the #1 YouTube video, "Unicycling in the Streets of Manhattan," talks to EventDV contributing editor Joe McManus about the joys of Glidecam shooting and extreme unicycling, as well as the challenges and advantages of producing Glidecam-enhanced documentaries, weddings, and more while riding a unicycle.
In the Field: DvTec dvMulti Rig Pro
Mark Von Lanken | The Multi Rig Pro is my answer to attaining the stability of a shoulder camera from a handheld camera. I use it for a wide variety of events, from capturing the toasts at rehearsal dinners to shooting football games. With the Multi Rig Pro, I can shoot anything with my Z1 without missing the stability of my DSR-250.
In the Field: Letus Extreme 35mm Adapter
Daniel Boswell | If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to make your videos look more like film. In my opinion, there is something about the aesthetic of film that makes it preferable to the look of video. One key element of the "film look" is shallow depth of field. Here's how I achieve it using the Letus 35mm Adapter.
Vantage Point: Choker Close-ups and Other Deadly Shots
Laura Moses | There are a few potentially lethal shots to avoid in order to keep your brides looking beautiful. Here are some to look out for.
Cloud Nine Creative: Bringing Luxury to Life
Elizabeth Welsh | If it's forward-thinking, technologically superior, and luxurious, then newly minted EventDV 25 honoree Cloud Nine Creative--a boutique wedding video studio and pubisher of WedLuxe, Canada's luxury wedding magazine--is probably first out of the gate with it.
Studio Time: Still-Motion and the Tao of Dress-Trashing
Elizabeth Welsh | As they modestly described their respective crafts—Amina's photography represents the "Still" of Still-Motion, and Patrick's videography provides the "Motion"—it became clear that the pair more than just balance or complement one another. Their synergy defines Still-Motion—that, and the way they approach their work: as an ever-evolving process.
Natural Born Shooters
In recent years, we've seen the rise in prominence of a new wave of dynamic videographers building successful businesses and national reputations before they're eligible to belly up to an open bar. In this article, we'll profile four event video prodigies.
Dave Williams to Run 2-Day Glidecam Workshop Jan. 27-28 in Las Vegas
Workshop presented by Glidecam and WEVA at Imperial Palace
A Day On the Job with Joel Peregrine
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Most videographers who are familiar with Joel Peregrine and his reputation for producing world-class cinematic wedding video from five-camera one-man-band wedding shoots have two questions: Is it true, and how does he do it? Here we find out, following Peregrine through a typical wedding, culminating in a wedding-day edit.
Trashing the Dress ... On Film and Video
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | "Trash the Dress" has become one of the hottest trends in wedding photography today, and it's beginning to find its way into the wedding videography world as well. Here's a look behind the scenes at what may have been the first-ever videographer-driven Trash the Dress shoot, documenting the travails of a jilted bride on a bone-dry August day in the Nevada desert.
Continuing Education: Gm Elliott Videography Training Volume 1
Doug Graham | Gm Elliott Videography Training Volume 1 gives you a great opportunity to see one of the industry’s leading videographers at work, along with detailed information and commentary.
A Day on the Job with ... Jason Magbanua
Julie Hill | Having the chance to spend a day with Jason Magbanua of Jason Magbanua Wedding Videography on a shoot in the Philippines is like having the chance to meet a rock star. Here's a look behind the scenes with Magbanua, Best in Show winner and Same-Day Editor extraordinaire.
Who Needs Remote Control? Grizzly Pro and the Videographers Who Use It
Stu Sweetow | Remote control systems like the Grizzly Pro can help make multicamera event video production a single shooter’s job, and near-instant delivery an attainable goal. It can also give you camera control in venue locations where videographers dare not tread. Here, some Grizzly Pro users describe how the system has benefitted them in their wedding and event video work.
The Main Event: The Art of Continuing Education
Doug Graham | Reviewed: two essential videographer training DVDs from Mark and Trisha Von Lanken, The Art of Moving Camera Techniques and The Art of the Edit
Gear & Now: Remote Camera Controls and Systems
Lee Rickwood | Most new remote control systems are aimed at the camera itself, providing zoom and focus control, pan and tilt, or a combination of both. Here's a survey of the systems on the market today best suited to event video work.
A Day on the Job With ... Frogman Productions
Stephen F. Nathans | Here we join Madison, Wisconsin-area videographers Philip and Sherry Hinkle of Frogman Productions for a ridealong of sorts, following them through the production of a Same-Day Edit on a July wedding shoot.
Continuing Education: On the Job Training with Mark & Trisha Von Lanken
Kris Malandruccolo | Award-winning videographers Mark & Trisha Von Lanken recently extended their acclaimed educational efforts beyond the familiar confines of the training DVD and trade-show seminar with a marathon two-day "On the Job Training" workshop held on April 24-25, 2006 in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Studio Time: Definitively Different
Carly Mulliken | In a relatively short time since entering the wedding videography world in 2003, Walter Chelliah has created a unique and recognizable style that combines music and motion imagery. His name has become increasingly associated with edgy, rapid-fire, MTV-style editing.
Inside the World Record Wedding
Kris Malandruccolo | The "World Record Wedding Video Event," held February 15-16 in Sacramento, may not have set any Guinness World Records, but it was a landmark event that provided unique learning opportunities for the videographers who attended
WEVA Announces Registration for "World Record Wedding" Event
Registration for Sacramento event available via WEVA Institute Web site
Glidecam Industries, Inc. Introduces Glidecam Smooth Shooter
New body-mounted camera stabilization system for use with Glidecam 2000 Pro and 4000 Pro
Studio Time: Right from the Start
Tim and Stacy Lenz offer lessons for neophyte videographers.
Gear and Now: Thank You For Your Support
Thank You for Your Support