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14430 Highway 27
Schomberg Ontario L0G 1T0

Contact: sales@holophone.com
Web site: http://www.holophone.com
Company Profile

Holophone manufactures a variety of Multi-Award winning microphones used for the three-dimensional audio capture of surround sound for the International Broadcast, Film and Music Industries.

The new PortaMIC 5.1 is the world’s most affordable professional-grade portable surround microphone designed specifically for video applications. It features an on board Dolby Pro Logic II encoder which encodes captured audio from the six discrete microphones located on the “head” of the unit. The captured encoded audio can be recorded to a video camera or any device that accepts a stereo input. The audio can then be easily decoded back to the original 5.1 channels for surround sound by utilizing the installed base of professional and consumer Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II decoders. This lightweight, rugged and cameramountable microphone system is designed for the videographer who desires to capture an immersive 5.1 audio experience in a point and shoot and easy to use package.

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Audio, Mixers & Switchers
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