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Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
1 Enterprise Drive
Old Lyme CT 06371

Phone: 1-860-434-9190
Web site: http://www.sennheiserusa.com
Company Profile

Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser's pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Sennheiser family of brands includes Neumann, Klein + Hummel and Sennheiser Communications.


The MKE 400 camera-mount shotgun condenser microphone preserves moments with the most natural, lifelike sound reproduction. The rugged, all-metal microphone features switchable sensitivity for long and short distances and 300+ hours of operating time from a single AAA battery. Fits all cameras with a standard hot shoe mount and an external microphone input.

The Klein + Hummel PAS 100 indoor/outdoor portable wireless speaker is an easy-to-set-up audio solution for hotels, resorts, AV rental companies and places that lack installed systems. Features include incredible audio quality, two built-in option slots for up to two Sennheiser wireless microphone systems or a CD/MP3 player, and two external inputs for wired microphone or outboard playback accessories.

The evolution wireless G3 series from Sennheiser offers versatile wireless microphone solutions for nearly every application. Sennheiser offers several wireless G3 packages, each of which pairs the compact EK 100 G3 diversity receiver with either a bodypack or handheld transmitter. Packages are also available with a plug-on transmitter and/or a lavalier microphone.

The 2000 Series from Sennheiser is your ticket to the professional league of wireless sound transmission. With a range of components designed specifically for broadcast applications, the 2000 Series offers incredible sound and reliability in the studio and in the field. Features include internal antenna splitters, selectable RF output power on all transmitters (10/30/50/100 mW!), IR sync between transmitters and rock-solid RF performance. It’s also compatible with all generations of evolution wireless!

MKH 416
The MKH 416 is a short gun interference tube microphone. Its excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection make the MKH 416 a superb all-around microphone for film, radio and television, especially for outdoor broadcast applications.

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Audio, Mixers & Switchers
Articles Mentioned
Motorz Skills: Producing a Hit DIY TV Show
Kyle Oliver | Chris Duke's broadcast and web TV show Motorz combines the agility of a technology professional with the enthusiasm of a lifetime, self-taught car buff. The result is an automotive DIY show that can, in Duke's words, "keep how-to installations real for enthusiasts." But it does this without giving the impression that there's anything amateur about the decidedly DIY Motorz operation, and looking inside that operation provides a great lesson into what a multitalented and motivated independent producer can accomplish without a studio behind him.
Winners' Circle: The Best of NAB 2011
Marc Franklin | The best products of NAB 2011 for event videographers/filmmakers in two categories: production and postproduction.
The Art and Business of Corporate Film Production, Part II: The Art
Ron Dawson | Last month we began our two-part series about the short holiday film "For the Man Who Hated Christmas" that Ron Dawson produced for Giving101. The whole process, from booking the client through production, is an ideal case study on corporate film production (not to mention profitable production for nonprofits). Part 1 covered the business side of the deal. This month, we're covering the "fun stuff": making the film.
Field Recordings
Liz Merfeld | There's a wave of raw, demolike one-take music videos with an unmistakable live feel sweeping the web, and some savvy event filmmakers have thrown their hats into thering. Here we look behind the scenes of Bill Grant's boneshow and Jet Kaiser's One Take Shows, and get their spin on this new, viral field-recording phenomenon.
Mastering DSLR Short-Form Edits
Mark & Trisha Von Lanken | Working with DSLR footage creates new challenges in post, from ingest to format support issues to audio sync, and it takes a skilled editor and powerful, versatile editing system to create a masterpiece from even the most stellar DSLR footage. Here's a look at how the Von Lankens have adapted their short-form edit workflow to work DSLR imagery into the mix.
Band on the Run: What the FCC's 700MHz Ban Means to Wireless Mic Users
Stu Sweetow | As part of the digital television transition that started last year, the FCC allocated frequencies to public safety organizations and broadband providers. That spectrum includes the 700MHz band where many UHF microphones transmit. If your wireless mics operate on any frequencies between 698MHz and 806MHz, you may be breaking the law. Here's what you need to know to keep your wireless workflow safe and sound.
In the Field: The Sennheiser ew100ENG G3 Wireless System and Rechargeable Batteries
Shawn Lam | Sennheiser's latest offering is the G3, and aside from a pair of external charging contacts to charge the optional BA 2015 accupack rechargeable battery, it looks almost identical to the G2 that it's replacing. So the question I set out to answer for myself is this: Did Sennheiser make enough improvements to the G3 to entice me to upgrade my current G2s?
In the Field: The Sennheiser ew100ENG G3 Wireless System and Rechargeable Batteries
Shawn Lam | Sennheiser's latest offering is the G3, and aside from a pair of external charging contacts to charge the optional BA 2015 accupack rechargeable battery, it looks almost identical to the G2 that it's replacing. So the question I set out to answer for myself is this: Did Sennheiser make enough improvements to the G3 to entice me to upgrade my current G2s?
InFusion: Beyond Bokeh Art
Sara Frances | Attention Fusion still/video shooters: The honeymoon with so-called "bokeh art" is over. The harsh facts have been revealed. This is the first column in a series aimed squarely at alleviating user panic and at getting the Fusion equipment babies trained and ready to work for you.
Sennheiser Expands Its Line of Portable HD Headphones
HD 428, HD 438, and HD 448 are optimized for portable players but also deliver strong audio performance on home hi-fi systems, making them an ideal choice for users who want to crank their playlists on the move and at home
Sennheiser's Award-Winning Evolution E 965 Microphone Goes Wireless
The MMK 965-1 microphone capsule attaches to both Sennheiser's 2000 Series and evolution wireless G3 wireless series SKM handheld transmitters in seconds, allowing users of both series to enjoy the unique dual-diaphragm advantage of Sennheiser's e 965 microphone
NAB 2009: The Best of for the Rest of Us
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Sennheiser Presents the Evolution Wireless G3
Third generation of highly successful wireless series now available in U.S.
Sennheiser Introduces New Entry-Level 2000 Series Pro Wireless Mic System at NAB 2009
Includes rugged products for a wide range of wireless applications. Handheld and body-pack transmitters with single or twin receivers are available for stage, broadcasting and installed sound applications
April 20 BAPVA Meeting to Be Streamed Live on Ustream.tv
Presentation topics include Best Practices for Wedding Gig Networking, Audio Acquisition for Videographers; with Sennheiser
Gear & Now: New Mics Hit as Sky Falls
Lee Rickwood | The anticipation of "white space" issues precipitated by the DTV transition has caused a great deal of anxiety for many customers and major mic manufacturers, who have now officially responded with new, and presumably future-proofed, products.
Sennheiser Offers Unique 700mHz Wireless Mic Rebate
Introduced in preparation for the imminent ruling by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that will restrict the use of wireless mics operating in the so-called 700mHz band
Gear & Now: Wireless Still Making Waves
Lee Rickwood | New wireless audio products are being released and are now shipping worldwide. The manufacturers of these products insist that their offerings do not conflict with current or proposed legislation, so new features and functions are being introduced into a number of products.
Camera Placement for Multicamera Weddings
Marshall Levy | I always film a wedding ceremony with at least three cameras--usually four or five and even more if I have an assiatnt. This article will discuss how I position those cameras at typical Jewish and Christian ceremonies, along with strategies for getting the best coverage possible.
Sennheiser Sound Academy Goes Galactic
Most recent Sound Academy was held at the world-famous Skywalker Sound Scoring Stage in northern California
Petrol PCPR-1 Camera Bag
Mark Von Lanken | After I transitioned to a handheld camera (the Sony Z1), I wondered where I would find a camera bag that would hold most of my accessories. My research found the Petrol PCPR-1 as the perfect solution for me. At a street price of $149.95, it's a real bargain.
Sennheiser Launches MKE 400 Mini-Shotgun
Small microphone with a huge sound for hobby filmmakers
16x9's 0.7X and EX 0.75X Wide Angle Converter Lenses
Marc Franklin | 16x9's 0.7X Wide Angle Converter lens will work for most handheld HDV camcorders. The EX 0.75X gives you broader compatibility (like the HVX200) and better quality for another $200. If you shoot with any of the compatible handheld pro HDV/HD camcorders, I highly recommend getting at least one of these wide-angle lenses to widen your shooting horizons.
Wireless Mics: Tale of the Tape
Anthony Burokas | To get a sense of what solutions are available and how well they'll work for event shooters today, we compare five relatively inexpensive wireless systems from Azden, Sony, and Sennheiser for their performance on run-and-gun live event shoots.
Stage to Screen: Sounds Like Good Video to Me
Shawn Lam | Creating great video takes more than just video that looks good--it takes audio to fill our auditory sense and combined with vision, these two senses have the powerful ability to engage our emotions.
K-Tek Introduces Topper Windscreen for Handheld Mics
Designed to work with popular handheld microphones like the EV-RE-50 and Sennheiser MD46
4th Annual GraVT Expo Scheduled for May 11, 2007 in Atlanta
Event will feature product demonstrations from some of the most respected presenters in the industry. GraVT Expo is for everyone, weather you are producing home movies, wedding videos, corporate, or broadcast video, SD or HD you will see a product that works for you.
Review: Petrol PCBP-3N Cocoon Backpack
Marc Franklin | Petrol's new camera backpack is well-built an can comfortably carry everything you could possibly need to shoot and edit on the go. Once you've got it configured for your particular camera, the Petrol PCBP-3N ($249.95) is an excellent solution for confidently carrying your laptop and camera where you need to go, whether it's locations across the street or across the world.
Gear & Now: Wireless Mics
Lee Rickwood | Here's a look at the latest and greatest event video-ready wireless-mic offerings from Sennheiser, Behringer, dB Technologies, Azden, Nady, and Zaxcom
Gear & Now: Microphones & More, Part One
Lee Rickwood | Let's explore some new microphone products that are practical, affordable, and now or soon-to-be available to the videography market.
Sennheiser Powers Up Wireless Monitoring
New 3250 series transmitters achieve noise suppression of up to 90dB and ensure a wide dynamic range and clear monitoring signals
Sennheiser Introduces Evolution 912 Boundary Microphone at NAMM
Designed for picking up speech, vocals and acoustic instruments, and, in particular, grand pianos
New 80GB Drive and NPL7 Battery for PortaDrive Location Sound Recorder
New battery supplied as a standard accessory with all Portadrives
Site & Scene: The Art of Performance-Art Shooting
Lee Rickwood | A recent performance art event at the Art Gallery of Ontario, captured by eight video cameras, has given the phrase "video shoot" a whole new meaning.
The Main Event: Can You Hear Me Now?
Doug Graham | Good audio is an essential part, maybe even the most essential part, of a good video.
Stage to Screen: Stage Two
Producing stage-production videos doesn't require a degree in rocket science, but you may need some spe cialized equipment and "insider" tips on how to use it effectively. With the right tools and techniques, you'll be well on your way to producing videos that will have customers standing in line to put money in your pockets.
Site and Scene: Ghosthunting
Gear & Now: All Ears: Lavaliere and Shotgun Mics
Examining lavs which can be matched to almost any sound recording system and shotgun mics which use a long slender isolation tube with a highly directional pattern optimized for distant pickup
Echoes From the Backyard