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Roland Systems Group
425 Sequoia Dr.
Suite 114

Bellingham WA 98226

Phone: 1-800-380-2580
Contact: info@rolandsystemsgroup.com
Web site: http://www.rolandsystemsgroup.com
Company Profile

Roland Systems Group, an industry leader in audio and video field recorders under the EDIROL brand, has an established product line which includes: EDIROL F-1, R-44, and the R-4 Pro. The EDIROL line of field recorders are designed with portability, durability and exceptional sound quality. A better sound and accelerated workflow are at the heart of these professional audio and video field recorders.


With a design centered on portability and durability, this recorder will streamline your video production workflow. Equipped with a shock-resistant floating HDD, the EDIROL F-1 also includes two channels of additional audio, multiple power supply options, remote control via LAN, thumbnail clip review, unlimited file size, and numerous innovative functions that will streamline your recording and accelerate your post-production workflow.

A compact, solid state, four channel field recorder, the R-44 is designed for professional use within a very conveniently sized package. Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depth and sampling frequencies. The R-44 employs SD or High Capacity SDHC cards as the recording media and is ideal for any event videographer who wants to improve sound quality over the on board camera audio and record up to four independent audio sources. No moving parts enables the most silent and reliable operation possible.


The R-4 Pro delivers professional sound and features in a package that everyone can afford. It supports SMPTE timecode and AES/EBU input/output. Record up to 4 channels and monitor each channel discretely making this ideal for location sound recording using wireless mics, shotgun mics or audio from a mixing console. The 80BG hard disk drive will store up to 116 hours of high quality audio.

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Audio, Mixers & Switchers
Articles Mentioned
Roland Ships VR-3 A/V Mixer
The Roland VR-3 is a compact, fully integrated audio mixer, video switcher for live production and web streaming
Roland Shows Debuts Fully Integrated Audio Mixer and Video Switcher for Live Production and Streaming
VR-3 combines the power of Roland's audio and video technology into one unit and expands the growing lineup of AV Mixers and streaming-ready solutions from Roland
Roland Releases New R-26 Portable Field Recorder
Provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media
Roland Releases New Mac Conversion Utility for VR-5 AV Mixer
Allows users to convert still images, video and audio into and from the format used by the VR-5's internal SD card-based player and recorder
Singular Software CEO Bruce Sharpe to Present Multi-Camera/Dual-System Audio Session at WEVA
Singular Software Founder Bruce Sharpe helps WEVA celebrate 20-years of digital wedding and event videography with highly anticipated post-production presentation
Roland Systems Group Unveils Unique All-in-One Multi-Format Live Video Switcher
Ideal for any live event or installation that requires a high channel count and the ability to accept a variety of video input formats out of the box
Roland Systems Group Introduces Innovative Eight-Channel Video Mixer from EDIROL
Ideal for any live event or installation demanding stability, ease of use, and professional connectivity
EDIROL F-1 Video Field Recorder Version 2.0 Announced with Additional Accessories
New features will be debuted at the 2009 NAB show in Las Vegas at the RSG booth (SL10420).
Two Announcements from Roland Systems Group: M-48 Live Personal Mixer and M-400 V-Mixer 2
New mixing and monitoring solution for live performance and studio applications; new software for RSS M-400 V-Mixer Digital Console
EDIROL Adds Video to Portable Field Recorder Line-up
F-1 is the newest member of the popular and growing lineup of EDIROL field recorders combining video capture with multi-channel audio
New Solid-State Visual Presenter from EDIROL Turns Heads
P-10 is equipped with 12 keypads, dedicated knobs and dials; the user has tactilecontrol and accessibility to all their material
Roland Systems Group Unveils EDIROL V-8 Video Mixer
Next generation video mixer represents the natural expansion of the industry standard EDIROL V-4 four channel video mixer incorporating the same primary feature set
Roland Systems Group Announces Enhanced Feature Set for EDIROL VC-200HD and VC-300HD Multi-Format Converters
The VC-200HD and VC-300HD offer bi-directional conversion and scaling between component SD/HD, HDV/DV, DVI and with the VC-300HD model, SD/HD-SDI