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The Tiffen Company
90 Oser Avenue
Hauppauge NY 11788

Phone: 1-800-645-2522/1-631-273-2500
Contact: cposnack@tiffen.com
Web site: http://www.tiffen.com
Company Profile

Tiffen is a leading manufacturer of glass filters and other products for digital, still, video, and motion picture industry. Tiffen filters earned Technical Achievement Awards and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their ColorCore™ Filter Lamination Process and Ultra Contrast Filter, plus a Prime Time Emmy® Award for filter engineering excellence. Other Tiffen lines: Davis & Sanford®, Domke®, Saunders, Steadicam®, Stroboframe, Lowel Light, and Zing Designs.

Camera Support, Stabilization & Motion Control — Products: Plug-Ins & Effects — Products:
Tiffen award-winning filters have been improving images for over 70 years. Our ColorCore™ technology allows you to control the color and density of every Tiffen filter. Engineering excellence, innovative product design and a 10 year warranty…no wonder Tiffen filters are the choice of moviemakers and professional photographers worldwide.

The Domke Pro-V series is built for video. Lots of storage and protection. The Pro-V series maintains the “function-first” philosophy while adding new touches and styling. Plenty of compartments and pockets provide ample storage. A padded bottom keeps separation of its contents and allows you to build your bag around your video camera.

Based on the original award-winning Dfx Digital Filter software, Tiffen’s Dfxv2 offers plug-in post production software with 2000 filters and special effects; the ability to layer, customize, and selectively filter your footage to emulate your desired effects. Creative control no one else can come close to, and there’s more!

For over 75 years D&S has produced a line of well engineered, quality tripods. The Provista named “Tripod of the Year” by Videomaker is perfect for field, studio, educators, or industrial applications. Its pneumatic cylinder in center post provides small and easy floating action height adjustment for cameras weighing 2 to 12 pounds.

Tiffen exclusive Hot Mirror IRND filters address the problem of IR pollution by using a specially developed Hot Mirror filter that completely blocks IR through the entire spectrum with no appreciable reduction in visible light transmission.

The lightweight Steadicam® Pilot stabilizer system is designed for video cameras from 2 to 10 pounds. Just add battery and camera for a complete system. Optional stand, required for Steadicam balance and operation, fits neatly in the available soft carry case.

Tiffen award-winning Dfx Digital Filter Software with over 2000 filters and special effects, offers creative control that no else can come close to, and there’s more!

Davis & Sanford® Provista w/75MM Ball Leveler FM18 fluid head is perfect for field, studio, educational or industrial applications. This economical tripod boasts the same professional high-end features as its pricier counterparts.

Domke® ProV Series video bags feature the same traditional Domke features with extra padding to protect video equipment. Made from a combination of durable and water-resistant canvas and ballistic nylon, they feature soft moveable inserts for customization of contents and lots of pockets for storage.

Visit www.tiffen.com for more information on other great products from Tiffen.

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Tiffen Dfx version 2.0 Digital Filter Software Now Available for Adobe Photoshop CS4
Includes the same exclusive multiple masking and layering capabilities found with other Tiffen Dfx v2.0 plug-ins for Photoshop and Aperture, as well as its standalone application
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Comes with a Universal Camera Mounting Plate, a built-in tripod/ballhead mount and quick-release plate
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