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Singular Software Inc.
6324 130B Street
Surrey BC V3X 1R4

Contact: sales@singularsoftware.com
Web site: http://singularsoftware.com
Company Profile

PluralEyes automatically synchronizes audio and video recordings without the need for timecode, slates, clappers or other traditional techniques. Instead, it analyzes the audio waveforms to find sync points. No special preparation is required while recording—the scratch audio from built-in camera mics is good enough. And if you have recorded high-quality audio separately, that can be synced in as well. Were the cameras turned on and off during the shoot? No problem, PluralEyes will find the right timing for them all.

THE RESULT is drastically simplified production, with no need to route microphone and synchronization cables to cameras. The time savings in post production are dramatic. Common uses for PluralEyes include:

  • multicamera productions such as weddings, concerts, presentations and corporate events
  • dual-system audio techniques, for example, to get high-quality sound for video recorded on DSLR cameras
  • multiple takes of repeated events such as music videos, dance and theater

PluralEyes integrates with video editing software and fits in naturally with the workflow. Versions are currently available for Apple Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

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Singular Software Announces Multicam A/V Sync Support for FCP X
PluralEyes, which quickly and accurately syncs video and audio clips for dual-system audio and multi-camera productions, now outputs multicam clips, fully automating multi-camera syncs for Final Cut Pro X editors.
PluralEyes Now Available for FCPX
Automatic A/V Sync tool popular with DSLR shooters now supports latest Apple NLE
Learning to Love Final Cut Pro X
Scott Strimple | Apple has taken the time to reimagine Final Cut Pro in particular and the NLE user interface in general, which was based on the analog tape-to-tape model. Naturally, you cannot re-create 15 years of product development in just 2 short years without delivering a version 1 release that's missing some features of a mature NLE such as FCP7. Apple pretty much needed to take this leap if it wanted to continue to remain a player in the editorial world, and we have much more to gain than to lose from taking the leap with them.
FCP X 10.0.1 Support in Works for Singular A/V Sync Plug-ins
FCP X version of Plural Eyes and Presto now in development
Tutorial: Syncing DSLR Video and Dual-System Audio With PluralEyes
Philip Hinkle | In the fourth tutorial in our six-part series on Grass Valley EDIUS 6, we'll discuss Singular Software's PluralEyes, a third-party plug-in now available for EDIUS 6 that allows you, the editor, to easily sync all of your audio and video sources quickly on your timeline without going through the laborious task of doing it manually.
Singular Presto Video Presentation Tool Now Updated to v. 1.2
FCP plug-in dramatically simplifies the creation of high-quality presentation videos
Singular Promises 3x-10x Speed Upgrades in DualEyes 2.0 and PluralEyes 2.0
Thanks to a combination of algorithm improvements and multiprocessing techniques, DualEyes and PluralEyes 2.0 automatically synchronize video and audio clips at speeds three to 10 times greater than their predecessors
New 'Crossgrade" 50% Rebate on PluralEyes for NLE Switchers
Singular offers 50% 'crossgrade' rebate for PluralEyes users switching editors editors who purchased PluralEyes prior to July 4, 2011
PluralEyes Plug-in Brings A/V Sync Automation to Grass Valley EDIUS
pPovides an array of features for managing multi-camera, multi-take, and dual-system audio productions for seamless integration into existing EDIUS workflows
EventDVLive Unveils 2011 Winners' Circle
Following closely on the heels of EventDV announcement, EventDVLive announces its own Winners' Circle, highlight the best of NAB for video producers focusing on live production and live delivery
Singular's Presto for FCP Brings Streamlined Presentation Video Production to Mac Editors
Innovative tracking and automation technology syncs presenter, screen, and slides in just minutes
Beta Program for Singular Software PluralEyes EDIUS Plug-in now underway
Popular tool for editors syncing multicam footage soon to be available for Grass Valley NLE
Review: Singular Software Dual Eyes
Tim Siglin | DualEyes does its work with an ease that makes synchronization almost seem like magic, requiring very limited knowledge from the user.
B&H Photo And Singular Software To Deliver Audio And Video Synchronization Tools To The Media Community
World-renowned photo, video and pro audio reseller adds PluralEyes, DualEyes, and Singular Software Presto to its exclusive line of leading industry products
Singular Software Hits The Trifecta With Hot Product Line-Up For NAB 2011
Audio and video synchronization front runner to showcase advancements in its sought-after line of multi-camera, dual-system automation applications, including new releases of PluralEyes, DualEyes, and Singular Software Presto
Singular Software Releases DualEyes For The Mac
Award-winning dual-system audio replacement technology now available for OS X users
Singular Software Releases Pluraleyes For Avid Media Composer
Red-hot developer brings its flagship synchronization magic to the Avid community
Singular Software Announces Dualeyes Public Beta Program For Mac Users
Now available in beta for Mac OS X and later, the award-winning standalone application offers quick and easy dual-system audio replacement
Mastering DSLR Short-Form Edits
Mark & Trisha Von Lanken | Working with DSLR footage creates new challenges in post, from ingest to format support issues to audio sync, and it takes a skilled editor and powerful, versatile editing system to create a masterpiece from even the most stellar DSLR footage. Here's a look at how the Von Lankens have adapted their short-form edit workflow to work DSLR imagery into the mix.
New Singular Software PluralEyes Release Adds Support for Sony Vegas Pro 10
Award-winning synchronization application now supports the progressive advancements of Sony's comprehensive editing suite
Singular Announces PluralEyes for Media Composer Beta Program
The celebrated synchronization tool adds another NLE notch to its post-production belt
Switching From Video Cameras to DSLRs
Greg Lam | We've all seen the dazzling work of our peers who have taken the DSLR plunge, and thus have a good idea of what migrating to DSLR can do for our films and our businesses. But we also know tat DSLR cameras are fundamentally different animals from their video-camera counterparts. What can we expect when we make the transition, and what do we need to know about the new skills we'll need to learn and other gear we'll need to acquire to make DSLRs work in our video workflow?
Calling All Adobe Premiere Mac OS X Users: Singular Software Invites You To The PluralEyes Public Beta
PluralEyes analyzes audio information and synchronizes corresponding video clips automatically, saving video editors hours in post-production
Singular Software Releases PluralEyes 1.2 for Final Cut Pro
New version is peppered with innovative new features, including excellent support for DSLR audio
Singular Software Pioneers New Path for Packaging and Distributing Presentation Videos
New Singular Software Presto application automates the daunting task of piecing together presenter and slideshow, yielding professional videos that are easy to share
In the Studio: Can Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Get the Job Done?
David McKnight | Sony Vegas expert and 2009 EventDV 2009 finalist Rusty Brown consider the pros and cons of Sony's feature-enriched $99 Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 for pro wedding and event videographers and others contemplating taking the Vegas plunge.
PluralEyes Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro
Post-production synchronization plug-in adds Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS5 to list of supported hosts
Singular to Unveil New Product Line at Amsterdam SuperMeet
Hot off the NAB trail with multiple awards in tow; award-winning software developer will present new and enhanced HDSLR editing applications at widely popular networking event for post professionals
Singular Software CEO Bruce Sharpe to Present Multi-Camera/Dual-System Audio Session at WEVA
Singular Software Founder Bruce Sharpe helps WEVA celebrate 20-years of digital wedding and event videography with highly anticipated post-production presentation
Singular Software Announces Public Beta For DualEyes
Beta for award-winning standalone application now available for download; innovative technology fosters smooth audio replacement for DSLR and other video
Singular Announces Public Beta for New Sony Vegas Plug-In
Singular Software Presto beta available for download; sophisticated automation features designed to work smoothly inside Sony Vegas Pro
Winner's Circle: EventDV's Best of NAB 2010
Marc Franklin | Every year the NAB show teems with new product announcements and trends, and it often marks the real-world debut of tantalizing new gear that was under glass a year ago. Some of what you see is too premature for primetime, some new developments look a little misguided, and others are simply mismatched with the event filmmaking world. Here's a look at what's ready, what's real, and what's most relevant to us among the most exciting products that are making their way to market following this year's show.
EventDV Magazine Assesses NAB Announcements and Releases Welcomes 17 Companies to Winners' Circle 2010
The awards recognize the top new products for event videographers and filmmakers introduced at NAB in four categories: cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
In the Studio: Singular Software PluralEyes
David McKnight | Synchronizing multiple camera tracks and audio sources continues to be a popular task with the proliferation of video DSLR devices, since most users are creating multiple files, recording audio off-camera, and syncing everything up in post. PluralEyes can be a useful tool for expediting this process.
Singular Software's PluralEyes adds support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Post-production workflow automation and synchronization tool revamped to support the huge performance breakthroughs in Adobe's video editing software
Singular Software Announces Public Beta for Next Release of PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro
PluralEyes 1.2 Public Beta now available; new release adds features for DSLR video and broadens coverage of media types
Singular Software Announces DualEyes - Automated Audio Replacement for Dual-System Recording
New DualEyes application works with all video editing systems; utilizes same underlying technology as sister product PluralEyes to automatically sync video clips to audio recordings
Singular Software Ships Video Presentation Workflow Plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro
Avant-garde application developer adds multifaceted automation capabilities of new Singular Software Presto plug-in to growing product catalog
Singular Software to Exhibit at NAB 2010 and Make an Appearance at the Annual Final Cut Pro Supermeet
ed-hot software developer to showcase latest advancements in multi-camera & DSLR editing workflow technology
Singular Software's New PluralEyes Release Adds Support for Sony Vegas Pro
Saves hours in post-production; Automates media synchronization for multi-camera, multi-take, dual-system audio editing
CoreMelt Announces Release of ImageFlow FX V2 2.1
Also announced: new video tutorials and a special bundle deal with Singular Software's PluralEyes
Singular Software Releases World's First Multi-Camera Automatic Synchronization Product
PluralEyes from Singular Software is an application that works with Apple's Final Cut Pro to dramatically accelerate multicamera workflow. For the first time, audio and video clips can be synchronized automatically and without the need for timecode. This makes the recording process faster and simpler, and eliminates a serious bottleneck in post-production.