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CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music
1948 Riverside Dr.
Los Angeles CA 90039

Phone: 1-800-468-6874
Fax: 1-323-666-7968
Contact: info@cssmusic.com
Web site: http://cssmusic.com
Company Profile

CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music offers event videographers 12,000+ tracks of royalty free music and SFX (17 libraries/ 322 CDs). Formats include Individual Track and Complete CD Volume Downloads as well as CDs, DVDs and Hard Drives. The CSS/D.A.W.N. websites offer a Playlist Music Organization Tool and optional Bulk Download Plans.  The two CSS Music / D.A.W.N. Music bulk download plans have 6 pricing tiers and typically save users 35-90%. Plan 1 counts down “D.A.W.N. Dollars” while Plan 2 counts down actual downloads. The CSS / D.A.W.N. websites offer 3 search systems: “Most Popular by Genre” Music Supervisor Playlists, Standard Keywords, User Keywords.

Visit us at cssmusic.com or dawnmusic.com.

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Royalty-Free Music Available With Self Service Bulk Download Plans, Saves Users 35-90 Percent
Royalty Free Music provider CSS Music (Los Angeles) has launched its web based online self service Bulk Download Subscription Service. Users can choose between two plans, one that counts down so called D.A.W.N. Dollars and one that counts down downloads themselves. Each plan has 6 pricing tiers including a budget tier at $199. Licensing is royalty free for film, television, video, internet and audio visual uses