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VASST/Sundance Media Group, Inc.
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Phone: 1-435-882-8494
Contact: support@vasst.com
Web site: http://vasst.com
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Plug-Ins & Effects Stock Imagery & Audio Clips

Save time and enhance your creative options in Sony Vegas Pro with VASST Plugins! VASST offers several time-saving and functionality-enhancing plugins that work in Sony Vegas Pro,
allowing you to complete hours of work with just a few clicks of a button. Best of all, VASST plugins use a completely non-destructive workflow that allows complete control before and after their use!

VASST Ultimate S Pro works seamlessly with Sony Vegas Pro integrating directly into the interface as an extension to your tabs and windows inside of Vegas Pro 8 and 9. With almost 400 different controls, Ultimate S Pro is a powerhouse of functionality, creativity, and capability in 15 easy to access tabs. Ultimate S Pro tabs can be independently docked into your interface or moved as a single window giving you the ability to work in a way that is comfortable for you. Whether you want to create montages in seconds, title sequences in just a few clicks, automatically import your file structure into your media bins, or edit multi-camera sequences in a completely nondestructive workflow, Ultimate S Pro is the answer.

VASST now offers Ultimate S Lite giving users some of the most acclaimed tabs of Ultimate S Pro at a price that is attainable by everyone. With 6 Tabs and over 150 controls Ultimate S Lite can
now give you amazing power at a price that is undeniable!

GrafPaks and ReelPaks extend the power of Ultimate S Pro and Ultimate S Lite by giving you high quality lower 3rds and sides (GrafPaks), and professional quality visual themes (ReelPaks) to give
your video that extra something to make it look amazing.

Ultimate S is a must have tool for Vegas Pro! Be sure you visit VASST.com and download this AMAZING tool. Try it out for 30 days with no watermarks or limitations, and you’ll never go back to editing without it again.

Create GREAT music in ANY APPLICATION! VASST TrakPaks allow you to make a masterpiece even if you're not a master. TrakPaks are modular royalty-free music packages with themes and variations that can be mixed and matched with ease to build custom soundtracks for radio/TV, film, video, podcasts, and more.

VASST TrakPaks plug into your existing NLE/DAW with ease*. They come as well-documented musical blocks that you can mix and match, and they’re perfect for Apple Soundtrack, GarageBand, Adobe SoundBooth, Adobe Premiere, Avid Xpress, Avid Liquid, Sony Vegas, ACID, Cinescore, Sound Forge, or Cakewalk Sonar users. Each music library offers thousands of musical scoring combinations. You don't need to be a musician to understand TrakPaks. All you need to do is drag n' drop. It's that easy. Really.

* Sony Vegas (and Sound Forge users) get the added benefit of embedded marker lines and Vegas projects files (.VEG) files that make detailed editing a snap.

Get good music fast that’s just flexible enough to work the way you want it. No musical knowledge needed. TrakPaks are sold individually in six volumes. For the best value, buy all Six of the VASST TrakPaks bundled together, providing more than 12,000 musical combinations.

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In the Studio: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 and MoviEZ HD
David McKnight | The new Vegas Movie Studio 11 builds on version 10's feature set with several useful upgrades, and it even includes some fun extras such as Hollywood-style special effects. If you want to get your feet wet with the Vegas interface without a big investment, version 11 of Vegas Movie Studio is a great way to do it. Who says you can't get a lot out of Vegas with just a few bucks?
What's New in Sony Vegas Pro 11?
David McKnight | Vegas Pro 11 was announced at IBC in September and is an exciting and much-anticipated upgrade to the cornerstone in Sony Creative Software's (SCS) media production line. It's available now at www.sonycreativesoftware.com for immediate download. There are some important changes afoot and in this review we're going to take a look at what's new, what's changed, what's missing, and whether or not you should upgrade from your current version.
In the Studio: Using Boris Continuum Complete
David McKnight | The Continuum Complete package from Boris FX is unlike any other FX package I've seen. It combines video filters, transitions, motion tracking, a titler, a particle generator, greenscreen utilities—more than 150 effects in all. Moreover, each of these comes with actual usable presets right out of the box. You can see the gushing coming down Interstate 45 with the doors wide open: "If you buy only one plug-in this year ..."
What's New in Sony Vegas Pro 10? NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL ADDED JUNE 27!
David McKnight | After months of speculation about what would be in the latest full-step upgrade to Sony Creative Software's popular pro NLE, the new version has brought users new features and increased performance—without sacrificing stability. In this overview we'll cover many of these new features in Vegas Pro 10 that will benefit event videographers and filmmakers. Also, bookmark this page: we'll be adding new Vegas Pro 10 video tutorials every month through the first half of 2011.
Op-Ed: A Stranger-than-Fiction True Story from Budget-Video Land
David McKnight | So there we were, my wife, Christie, and I, reading a familiar email: "Can you send me your packages for a wedding? We are on a budget." Sigh. "So am I. Maybe the bank will let me skip the mortgage payment this month because you are on a budget," I mumbled to no one in particular...
Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 Automates Video Editing Tasks, Frees Up Time for Creative Editing and Production
New Version of Exclusive Production Tool Provides 10 New Batch Processing Features, Hands-free Media Card Process and Workflow Enhancements to Automate Production Pipelines
In the Studio: Can Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Get the Job Done?
David McKnight | Sony Vegas expert and 2009 EventDV 2009 finalist Rusty Brown consider the pros and cons of Sony's feature-enriched $99 Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 for pro wedding and event videographers and others contemplating taking the Vegas plunge.
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Using Precomposed Menus in DVD Architect
David McKnight | Since most Vegas users work with the companion DVD Architect program to author DVD and Blu-ray Discs, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to showcase some snazzy motion menus that integrate well into DVD Architect. We'll be working with Sony DVD Architect 5, Adobe After Effects CS3, and Pro Motion Menu Kits from Precomposed Motion Menus.
In the Studio: Singular Software PluralEyes
David McKnight | Synchronizing multiple camera tracks and audio sources continues to be a popular task with the proliferation of video DSLR devices, since most users are creating multiple files, recording audio off-camera, and syncing everything up in post. PluralEyes can be a useful tool for expediting this process.
In the Studio: Working With AVCHD in Sony Vegas Pro 9
David McKnight | McKnight Video shot AVCHD footage with the Panasonic AG-HMC150 all over the Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise, ingested it and edited in in Vegas, and lived to tell the tale. Do the advantages of AVCHD production outweigh the postproduction challenges? The point is probably moot.
Review: VASST's AVCHD Training feat. Douglas Spotted Eagle
David McKnight | VASST's AVCHD Training DVD that carries the following tagline: "Learn the ins and outs of AVCHD and how it affects you." Your host is the well-known Douglas Spotted Eagle (aka Spot); imagine if you ran into Spot at a coffee shop, pulled up a chair, and said, "Tell me everything there is to know about AVCHD!" That's pretty close to what you get with this DVD.
Review: VASST's Making Money Making Videos
David McKnight | Does your video business make a profit? How do you really track if you're making a profit, and how can you bring home more on every project? VASST's Making Money Making Videos instructional DVD purports to teach us how to do it.
Sony Creative Software NAB 2010 User Event to Feature Guitarist Dweezil Zappa
Event will be held Monday, April 12 at 6:30 pm in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, rooms N249-251
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: My Top 10 Vegas Tips, Part 1
David McKnight | Over the next 2 months, I'll share my top 10 tips that I've picked up over the years using Sony Vegas. They may not be immediately apparent to other Vegas users, but they're all very useful and can save you time in post.
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: My Top 10 Vegas Tips, Part 1
David McKnight | Over the next 2 months, I'll share my top 10 tips that I've picked up over the years using Sony Vegas. They may not be immediately apparent to other Vegas users, but they're all very useful and can save you time in post.
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Encoding Video for Online Delivery
David McKnight | Whether you upload video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook or host it on your own blog or website, at some point you need to get video from the Vegas timeline to the web. In this tutorial, we're going to discuss exporting from Vegas to Flash and H.264/MPEG-4.
What's New in Sony Vegas Pro 9?
David McKnight | The latest and greatest in Vegas Pro 9 for videographers
What's New in Sony Vegas Pro 9?
David McKnight | The latest and greatest in Vegas Pro 9 for videographers
NAB 2009: The Best of for the Rest of Us
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Audio Compression and Editing
David McKnight | This month we'll feature more audio tips plus information on compression, the audio utilities found in UltimateS Pro, and the best way to prepare audio files for use in Vegas's disc-authoring companion program, DVD Architect.
Sony Creative Software To Mashup NAB 2009 User Group Event With International Video Remixing Phenomenon Eclectic Method
Hosted in partnership with VASST, and co-sponsored by AMD and Colfax International, the event will be held Monday, April 20 at 6:30 pm in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, rooms N249-251
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Audio Normalization and Noise Reduction
David McKnight | For those instances when your captured audio leaves something to be desired, it's great to have postproduction tools that can make a difference. Here's a look at how to use Vegas's rich complement of audio tools to normalize your captured audio and eliminate unwanted noises.
In the Studio: NewBlueFX Video Essentials
David McKnight | Video Essentials claims to be a Swiss Army knife of postproduction designed to enhance, optimize, and accelerate your productivity. It includes 10 tools that serve a variety of effects needs. Sometimes you need to fix a problem, and sometimes you want to enhance an image. Video Essentials includes tools designed to do both.
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Correcting Exposure Problems
David McKnight | In this installment I'll extend the discussion of color correction techniques we began in November 2008 with a look at using some of the new color-enhancing filters that come with Vegas Pro 8 to solve a real-world problem with exposure.
Sony Vegas Tips & Tricks: Correcting Color in Sony Vegas
David McKnight | Welcome to our new series of Vegas tips and tricks tutorials! We'll begin by discussing one of the most important features of any pro NLE: color correction.
The Moving Picture: Who Loves Vegas, Stays With Vegas
Jan Ozer | I got flamed repeatedly after writing a blog post about Sony Vegas while I was at NAB. In essence, the post stated that it was easy for me to recognize the NLE's many strengths, but that didn't make me any more comfortable using it. These responses made me crystallize my thinking about why we choose the video editors we choose, and it came down to three reasons: "the complete product," "first love," and sheer, subjective preference.
NewBlue and VASST Improve AVCHD Performance with AVCHD UpShift
Leading Software Developer and Industry Solutions Provider Join Forces to Enhance Video Editing Workflow
Producing Corporate Web Videos
Stu Sweetow | As event videographers, we're well-prepared to profit from online corporate video. Obviously, it means targeting different markets, but perhaps less obvious are the different production strategies involved in creating video for online delivery. Here are tips from three videographers who have succeeded with corporate web video on how you can make it work for you.
NewBlueFX Releases Sony Vegas Special Effects Collection to Breathe New Life Into Videos
NewBlueFX Vegas special effects plugins let video editors add transitions and effects for total creative control over multimedia needs
Review: VASST TrakPaks, Vol. 1-4
Laura Randall | VASST's new TrakPaks collection of royalty-free music clips, including intros, outros, and loopable middle sections, features high-quality music with real instruments that's easy to edit and integrate into your projects without the need for cumbersome plugins or advanced musical knowledge. The four volumes currently available provide a wide variety of sounds and moods that are well-suited to the wide variety of video projects we do.
VASST Releases TrakPaks, Royalty-Free Soundtrack Construction Poster
Fresh, New Royalty-Free Music that works with any NLE or DAW
The Main Event: I'm Surrounded!
Doug Graham | Why did I recently spend time and money on a major studio upgrade to surround sound? Two letters: HD. What did I find in my surround sound research, and how did I equip my studio? Read on.
Continuing Education: VASST's Inside the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7
Doug Graham | VASST's Inside the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7 features noted industry expert, musician, video producer, and HDV advocate Douglas Spotted Eagle as he gives us a run-down of the features of these latest-generation Sony HDV camcorders. The camera used in the video is the HVR-V1U, from Sony’s Professional HDV lineup, but Spot also points out the areas where the less-expensive FX7 differs from its cousin.
Book Review: Douglas Spotted Eagle’s HDV: What You Need to Know, 2nd ed. (The Complete Guide)
Stephen F. Nathans | Douglas Spotted Eagle's Complete Guide to HDV meets a maturing market with a book that is in fact three books in one: targeted technology overview, buyer's guide, and—most importantly—focused field guide for DV producers making the jump to HDV.
Review: Sony HVR-V1U HDV Camcorder
Douglas Spotted Eagle | The Sony HVR-V1U isn't going to replace anyone's CineAlta camcorder any time soon, but regardless of the level of video production, this camcorder fits into the kit nicely. It's the first HDV camcorder to deliver 1920x1080 video in a true progressive mode, and will benefit any budget professional or high-end shooter looking for a second camcorder for those tight shots or shots that are simply not practical for a higher-end camcorder.
Sony Media Software Now Offering Professional Certification on Vegas Software
Four-city tour combines hands-on lessons with opportunities for certification at intermediate and advanced user levels
VASST Launches Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Training
New creative tool enables video editors to replicate popular cartoon or sketch looks
VASST Announces Absolute Training for Sony Vegas Software
First set includes six hours of training, free plug in tools for Vegas, media clips, and trial versions of popular software
Review: Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8
Jan Ozer | In designing MediaStudio 8, Ulead obviously decided to pick their markets, not directly facing off against the 800-pound gorillas, but carving out unique pockets of utility, like proxy editing for those editing HDV on underpowered computers and the Smart Compositor for those needing some design assistance. Overall, the product is competent to above-average in most important features, and its friendly interface should be easy for editors navigating upwards from consumer programs, especially compared to the cryptic Pinnacle Liquid Edition and Avid Xpress DV.
VASST Announces GearShift 1.5, HDV Utility Plug-In for Sony Vegas
Capture, manage, convert HDV media with GearShift
VASST Announces Ultimate S 2.0 Scripting Tool
New editing plug-in for Sony Vegas contains over 90 editing and creative functions
VASST and B&H Partner to Offer Year-Long Series of High-Quality, Affordable Video Production Seminars
Improve Your Video with Better Voice Over and Narration scheduled for June 20th
HDV: What You NEED to Know by Douglas Spotted Eagle and Mark Dileo--Book Review by Doug Graham
HDV: What You Need to Know (VASST/Sundance, $24.99) will get you up to speed on the new format, and—at least for the time being—provide a timely overview of what’s on the market today.