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Kessler Crane, Inc.

Phone: 1-574-936-3341
Contact: info@kesslercrane.com
Web site: http://www.kesslercrane.com
Company Profile

Kessler CraneTM is renowned for developing a wide range of innovative, high quality and affordable camera support systems, including camera cranes/jibs, tripods & heads, mini-dolly sliders, portable dolly track systems, and more. All Kessler CraneTM products are developed with quality, functionality and affordability in mind.

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Camera Lenses, Filters, & Support
Articles Mentioned
Coming Soon: Masters in Motion
ShootEditLearn.com co-founders Cristina Valdivieso and Jon Connor have announced a new workshop they are putting on in collaboration with Kessler Crane this fall in Austin, Texas, called Masters in Motion. The event takes place November 14-16 at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse; its 75-100 attendees will attend eight workshops in addition to shooting electives.
In the Field: Atomos Ninja HDMI ProRes HDD/SSD Recorder
Shawn Lam | The Atomos Ninja has allowed me to improve my acquisition and delivery video quality using the same video camera I've been using. The best part is that the cost to upgrade my recording is relatively low compared to the cost of a new video camera, and it exceeds the recording quality of AVCHD, the codec that has replaced HDV. I'm also not a big fan of having to media-wrangle-that is, to change and dump cards while on-site-and having a 500GB hard drive means I can record 11 hours in LT, 7.5 hours in 422, or 5 hours in HQ before I need to switch to a second hard drive.
Female Filmmakers of the World Reunite: A Peek at POSH Retreat 2011
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The men will have to continue to wonder what really goes on at POSH: A Retreat for the Female Filmmaker, but women who didn't make the 2010 event—as well as 2010 attendees who've been wondering what Team POSH will do for an encore—will get a chance to find out what all the excitement is about on November 6 when POSH 2011 kicks off in Cancun, Mexico. Last week I spoke with POSH co-founders Reagan Zugelter and Jennifer Moon to get the scoop on POSH 2011. Here's what I found out.
In the Field: Kessler Crane KC–8 and KC–Lite
Shawn Lam | Can a lite product ever be as good as the full version? The name itself implies that something is missing. Does that presumption hold true for Kessler's new lite version of its flagship KC-8 Basic crane, the KC-Lite 8.0? Read on. I think you might be surprised with the results—I know I was.