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Digital Hotcakes
3135 Green Terrace Rd
Shreveport LA 71118

Contact: diana@digitalhotcakes.com
Web site: http://animationsforvideo.com
Company Profile

Digital Hotcakes (TriLab Productions) is a motion graphics production facility established in October 2000. Its’ main focus is to provide royalty-free, professional quality stock animations at an affordable price with extraordinary customer service and technical support. Orders ship on the same day as purchase, full volume downloads are offered, free tutorials are available on the web site and a real person will always answer the phone. Digital Hotcakes graphics are most famous for having appeared behind the performers on American Idol.

The original collection started it all back in 2000. This ten volume set has something for everyone. Titles include Animated Backdrops, Organic Backdrops, Skydrops, Aquadrops, Pyromations, AcidDrops, Grids & Grunge, Alpha Mattes, FilmFX, and Globes.

This series could have easily been called “Events Essentials” because it covers the events you do. This professionally designed series contains four volumes. Volume titles include Theater & Travel, Holidays, Events, and Bundle of Joy. Each volume is packed with intros, outros, video backgrounds for your titles, wipes and transitions. Select clips have embedded sound effects. Standard and widescreen included.

Add impact to your next sports video. You pick the sport. Choose from our baseball, football, and basketball volumes. Each volume includes one-of-a-kind 3d action figures, intros, video backgrounds for your titles, wipes and transitions, and lower thirds. High impact sound effects are embedded in select clips. Standard and widescreen included.

When you don’t have time to do it yourself, use our collection of wedding animations, backgrounds and animated titles to easily add that special touch of elegance and style to your next wedding video.

Create a powerful worship experience with this fourteen volume set. Place these worship video loops behind scripture or song lyrics in your favorite worship presentation program. This professional quality series will reinforce your message while keeping you within your budget.

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