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Cinevate Inc.
106 North Cumberland
Unit 208

Thunder Bay Ontario P7A 4M2

Phone: 1-647-723-2664
Contact: interactive@cinevate.com
Web site: http://www.cinevate.com
Company Profile

Cinevate equips filmmakers with the optimal tools to achieve their creative goals. Making the ideal shot isn't always easy. We think it can always be easier, that there can be a better way. We make a point about working with filmmakers to develop and refine durable products that will help them get the shots they want faster, easier and better.


Structure. Stability. Comfort. Cinevate’s DSLR rig combines the Proteus carbon fiber rails system with a DSLR shoot configuration that is both lightweight and tough. The kit includes a fully adjustable XY component to allow centering of the rig in front of you, and also allows for quick angle adjustments of the shoulder pad. Cinevate’s DSLR Rig offers more than just a little help—it offers endless possibilities.

Light. Adaptable. Silent. The Pegasus Carbon camera slider glides across any solid surface, like on our lightweight 15mm carbon fiber rails, or on table tops and floors. Rig it upside-down on the rails, or on a wire system with our optional cable wheels. A feather-weight at 5lbs, it is designed for loads up to 15lbs. It is height and tilt adjustable on a tool-free mount that can be set up or broken down in a matter of seconds.

Cinevate’s Durus Follow Focus has been designed to give filmmakers complete freedom. It can be used at any height, angle, or side the shot requires. With a 1:1 gear ratio, you can pull focus with total accuracy. CNC machined body and parts keep it light and tight, and its modular design and additional parts let you use it with any camera and lens combination.

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Camera Lenses, Filters, & Support
Articles Mentioned
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Liz Merfeld | Andrew Waite runs Higher Definition Media (HDM) out of Bakersfield, and just this June launched its wedding-focused spin-off, Lovestruck Films. In addition, he is an indie filmmaker, with 3 self-produced features under his belt, and was among the first presenters announced for IN[FOCUS] 2012. Registered with the film commission, Waite often gets to crew on blockbuster films and even rent out his gear.
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In the Field: DSLR Rigs and Viewfinders From Cinevate and Zacuto
Randy Panado | Here we'll talk about two manufacturers, one that got out of the gate first with a product that's become the standard for LCD viewfinders for DSLRs, and another key provider of DSLR accessories and support products that introduced its entry to the LCD hood market a few short months ago. I'll also be talking about the lightweight rigs from these manufacturers that give you more versatility when you're shooting with these LCD viewfinders. The hoods/viewfinders in question are the Zacuto Z-Finder, the current leader in the DSLR hood market, and Cinevate, Inc.'s new contender, the Cyclops. The rigs are the Zacuto Striker and the Cinevate Proteus Simplis Pro.
Traveling Light
Randy Panado | collaboration becomes a bigger part of our industry and more of us are booking weddings outside of our own local markets, either because of the nature of our online marketing, our need to book weddings in a higher price range than our market will allow, or both, traveling to gigs becomes an ever-bigger part of our businesses—even for those of us who don't live on relatively small islands. Hawaiian filmmaker Randy Panado's own reliance on remote gigs has caused him to create a "kit" that is very efficient in terms of incorporating everything he needs to produce solid work and, at the same time, being light enough for travel.