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Comments Posted On :The Moving Picture: FCP X 10.0.1


Posted By Jan Ozer on 9/27/2011 8:05:15 PM
As mentioned at the top, I wrote this now because I wanted to disagree with Apple's very recent assertion that the Final Cut Pro X launch was successful. I feel it's important to disagree loudly, before these assertions become accepted as truths. Here's my analysis of the 10.1 release. www.onlinevideo.net/2011/09/hands-on-with-the-apple-final-cut-pro-x-10-1-upgrade/ Thanks! Jan

Posted By Matt Trubac on 9/27/2011 3:17:50 PM
While I agree Apple messed up.. I do think FCPX holds potential and am excited to see where the developers take it. I don't believe it is all doom and gloom. It is a bit unsetting that Apple made a decision to lock us out of our old projects. Yeah, FCP7 works today, but I highly doubt Apple will continue to maintain compatibility with future OS releases. I do believe that Apple seriously miscalculated this product. It might not hurt them much today, or tomorrow, but it will have a long term impact on Apple's image if they don't repair the damaged relationships with pro users, and quickly. I took advantage of the Adobe deal, and am exploring Production Premium CS5.5. I am pricing out Windows 7 systems to replace my aging Macs that I intended to replace when the new version of FCPX was released. I've talked to many others who are thinking of moving away from Apple hardware also. At every event I shoot I am asked by at least one of the guests what I edit on. I respond Final Cut Pro on Mac. Their response is always, "Macs are so much better for creative work." In a world of social networking, photo and video sharing sites this public image of being best for creative work has played well for Apple. Everybody thinks their photos and videos will look better if they create them on a Mac. That's what the pros use, right??

Posted By renee molly on 9/27/2011 1:34:22 PM
fcp X will be the nle all others will want to be when they grow up.....BAR NONE...

Posted By johnny mars on 9/27/2011 12:34:56 PM
You got that right. Apple arrogantly tore the heart out of their professional video market with iMovie+ and the dissing of FCS. It must have been thunk up by a bunch of poorly educated, groovy young engineers, bean counters, and IT guys who had a high opinion of themselves, but no clue about professional editing and media production. FIRE THOSE GUYS. Just give me back FCP with 64 bit processing, 3D, and native AVCHD ingest and timeline editing. Hello, again, Premiere. It was the app that made digital editing on the Apple platform solid and professional while the Windows guys were tearing their hairs out. I rode that Adobe wave for about 5 years until FCP was robust enough to deliver the goods.

Posted By Greg Van Antwerp on 9/27/2011 12:23:14 PM
It is diconcerting that a company that seemed the "gold" standard would bail on that good will and pro-sumer and professional confidence they had created in the last 10 years. I was almost sold on Apple all the way and I am only at the community television level. Community members still don't actually "love" Final Cut Express, but it worked. My staff seemed to appreciate the stability of "pro," but I never could. Now, as I look at upgrading or just keeping our editing facilities current I can't even consider "X.1." It will require an investment in time and money to upgrade the OS of the I-macs and re-train the public. In the end, it isn't really an upgrade, it's an ultimatum to a downgrade.

Posted By Michael Padilla on 9/27/2011 12:20:26 PM
This article seems to come late in the game.. I'm sure we all certainly agree Apple botched the launch of X. What is more compelling now however is not what went wrong, but rather what is right about X. Too many people are complaining and not enough people are creating or actually even using it in order to give it honest feedback. So let me be at least one Pro who is looking at it positively. It is absolutely powerful for the pro user, especially for us, the eventDV DSLR users. Key-wording is amazing as a pre-editor, Grading is wonderful and no longer have to roundtrip into Color. Its wicked fast. Overall, after my own knee-jerk mad reaction, I successfully submitted to X and am very happy I did. Sure it has a ways to go, but as a stand alone NLE, its incredible. I'm a longtime FCP Pro who is not missing 7 at all. -M

Posted By David Lauterbach on 9/27/2011 12:09:58 PM
Based on the posting date and the title of the article, I thought this would be about the recent Final Cut update to 10.0.1... or perhaps a review of the updated features.

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