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Comments Posted On :Tutorial: Syncing DSLR Video and Dual-System Audio With PluralEyes


Posted By Jim Turney on 9/1/2011 11:33:02 AM
Is there any way to sync an audio-only track to a video track which already has synced audio when the source timing is out of sync? Somehow one minute of recording on the audio CD source is only about 56 seconds of recording on the video source...so lip sync is lost in 10 seconds if the head of each track is synced. A client brought me a wedding they recorded on 2 Flip HD video cameras and a CD recorded direct to disc from the church's audio mixer. The Flip audio tracks mostly suffer from cheap mics and distance but seem likely good enough for grabbing 'sound stamps". Can PluralEyes 'stretch' or 'shrink' an audio-only track to fit the video track? Can some other tool do this? I also have Premiere Pro and FCP if there are any tools that provide this capability that only run under those systems.

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