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Comments Posted On :The Death of VHS: A New Opportunity


Posted By ANTHONY BUROKAS on 8/10/2009 11:43:21 PM
I've dubbed many VHS's out of my own collection to DVD. When I went back to play them, years later, they stopped playing anywhere from 90 minutes in, to well under an hour. Anywhere after that point was unplayable. I was just asked for another copy of a school year end video I did in 2003. Thankfully I had a copy on hard drive because that DVD master I ketp was also unplayable. These are all good disks kept in good temperatures, in DVD cases. When I went back to the original VHS tapes to see the shows that the DVD's couldn't play, the VHS tapes played fine. In no way would I trust my archive to DVD.

Posted By Ken Norris on 8/10/2009 3:39:21 PM
To Alan's article, let me that you can actually guarantee a better image on the DVD than the existing VHS image with the help of a built-in TBC. There are only a couple that offer a TBC to straighten out jittery tape and those oversaturated colors splashing outside the lines and the one I have found that works exceptionally well is the JVC SR-MV50US. Two things stand out on this deck; the TBC and the fast rewind. The manual and awkward controls aside, this turns old VHS into a much improved DVD. You can then say you are handing them results that they can't get in a consumer deck (as the JVC is in the pro line) and save time in the rewind to boot. Good luck finding one as I believe this is out of production...but worth the effort. Ken

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