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Comments Posted On :The Moving Picture: Lessons from iTunes


Posted By Cris McConkey on 10/20/2008 9:42:49 AM
Jan, By "advanced encoding techniques", are you referring to the infamous "frame controls"? I have abandoned using them because with frame control selected, it takes way too long for the video to be encoded. Also, I haven't found that the quality improvement of multi-pass over single pass was not worth the extra encoding time. For web logs, I like the 480 pixel wide size. Not having any of the ipod or iphone devices, I was encouraged to hear that the iphone and itouch used thr 480x360 size. That would seem a good compromise for watching on the tv while also keeping the download size to something reasonable. I guess this means also having a 320 x 240 'iPod standard' video as an option. BTW, what is Apple TV able to play?

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