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Comments Posted On :Strictly Business: What's Your Definition of Customer Service?


Posted By Matt Sawyers on 7/17/2008 2:07:42 PM
I think that this is a very interesting point in a bussines. I offer my clients help with the wedding planning, if needed, like a recommending photographer, or a good place to get flowers (if they are from out of town)for free. If I receive a call about a DVD not working, I quickly run through the steps of making sure there is nothing on the disk, and if there is still something wrong, I overnight them another DVD. People really want business people to know what they want and exactly how they want it. They also want that person to care about what they doing. In the US, instantaneous satisfaction is a major part of people, if they buy something at a store rather than buying it online (and maybe saving money) they have just received instant gratification. If you help them with whatever they need, you are giving them instant gratification. When people receive help for something, without paying for it, the recommendation for your services greatly increase. I have gotten numerous referrals from just one person just because I quickly took care of a problem they had. Lastly, it is fun to help them with some of their problems, you never know where that person may turn up in your life...

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