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Comments Posted On :LED Lights Shootout: Sony HVL-LBP vs. Zylight Z90


Posted By Matt Headley on 5/31/2008 12:25:48 AM
I was at first very excited to read this review as I have already purchased the Sony light. However, I was kind of disappointed with the final opinion of the Sony based upon it being an outdoor 5600 balanced light. I am also disappointed in the fruit picture shown. Kind of misleading. Looks pretty bad (blue) since it has no filter over it. In reality, most camera lights are outdoor balanced and need some kind of filter. For 6 bucks, I ordered a roll of "Rosco E-CLR #205 1/2 CT ORANGE 21x24" /SH - RO205S" gel from B&H. I made a template and cut a shape that resembles a blocky atari "X" with a larger square in the center and smaller squares on the outside corners. The cutouts are just the right sizes to stick in between the barn doors and filters on the light and since I am always using it indoors where there is no wind, that placement is sufficient to hold the gel in place. One thing that isn't mentioned is authentic Sony batteries are needed as there is a chip inside that communicates with the light. There is a four-bar power left indicator on the light. Off-brands are no-no and there are a lot of fake Sony batteries on ebay. $500 + batteries was a huge expense for me, and I didn't want any cords or adapters for powering the light. So the zylight was totally out of the question and the Sony was an easy choice for me. I totally recommend the Sony and I've shown it to two other videographers who seemed impressed by it.

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