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Comments Posted On :Producing Corporate Web Videos


Posted By Josh Mehler on 4/8/2008 5:01:28 PM
I read your article on producing corporate videos with great interest. It's really true, as you say, "...businesses are recognizing the value of using internet video too. They are beginning to notice the high impact of moving images, the human touch of watching someone speak with conviction and candor, and the ability to email links of video clips." I run an in-house video production and motion graphics studio at a small software company here in San Francisco. It may be one of the first one of its kind. At least nobody here has ever heard of any company of this size (around 110 people) with this type of in-house production. We turned one of the conference rooms into a studio, and I've even hired a full-time assistant. The videos we've produced have been of varying content and quality, but it's been a wild ride trying to navigate this semi-new terrain. Our website (www.splunk.com) reflects the heavy use of video to promote the product in a less-markety way, with real customer, partner and developer interviews. Thanks again, and keep up the great work! Josh Mehler Senior Motion Graphics Designer Splunk

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