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Comments Posted On :Trashing the Dress ... On Film and Video


Posted By Las Vegas Wedding Photographer on 1/14/2011 2:33:26 AM
JMC rocks it! www.FogartyFOTO.com

Posted By J Leslie Booth on 10/15/2007 2:03:29 PM
I really don't do wedding photography anymore... too many other 'subjects' that are less stressful. But to say that this article makes my 'skin crawl' .. is well, not an understatement. Not at all !!
Guys, there are plenty of 'events' and 'subjects' to which you could subjected to such a low level of disdain and disrespect for, that would neither reflect poorly on you, the participants or the 'act of creativity'. But 'trashing a wedding dress' ! ?? ! Come on!
It doesn't matter whether you have regard or complete disregard for the sanctity of the wedding event, common sense tells you that when you belittle and demean your market - in such a demeaning (cheapening) manner - then your market will gladdy reflect and project upon you likewise. Translation: Cut the value of your market and your market will cut it's value of you. Oh, I don't doubt a new market for this type of disgusting action will arise; after all you did this in Vegas, for goodness sakes! And there will be people who will pay for such trash. As I said, you all did this in Vegas: nuff said.
But just because it can be done, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. Frankly I don't remember who said those words originally, but whomever said them was a smart person.
I thought they were the comments of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Father of the Atomic Bomb; but I have no proof of it. Even if he didn't say them, the topic is very fitting since many A-bombs were tested, approved and deemed 'usable' - within a few miles from where you all decided to make this distasteful and disaterous turn in your media careers. Frogs of a kind playing in a pan of heating water? Do ya think? I subscribe to and promote open minded media experimentation. But not so 'open minded' that the results resemble a re-insertion, following a total evacuation of the grey matter to ground level and back. Better luck in your choices next time. If you get that chance.

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