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Comments Posted On :Tutorial: Authoring and Burning Blu-ray Discs in Adobe Encore CS3


Posted By Jeff Spires on 11/11/2008 1:11:09 PM
Unfortunately, you have to calculate or guesstimate the bit rate and trascoding settings for the encore project yourself in step 1 of the method described (it is skipped over in this method by simply saying, "Verify that you have the correct encoding setting selected".) Premiere won't figure out the bit rate and encore project settings based on the length of the movie for you, which means if you encode a 2 hour video at 25Mbps it will be too big for the blu-ray disc and you'll have to do it all over again at another setting. It would be nice to know how to get a file out of Premiere without compressing it to MPEG or H.264 (maybe keep it in a native HDV file) so that Encore can fit the project to disc and transcode it appropriately.

Posted By David Moody on 9/22/2007 10:56:25 AM
Good article. I just wish that Encore had subtitle support in Blu-ray.

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