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Comments Posted On :Columnist’s Pick: Best Product of 2005—David Chandler-Gick


Posted By Skye Winslow on 11/27/2005 8:37:52 PM
OK, I LOVE the new iPod Video...to me $299 was nothing to pay to get this little gem. However, have you heard about the new rCard? Probably not, it's just moved from the inventors desk to select businesses - but it's awesome. A business card that streams video. It's 3mm thick and 3.5" x 2" in size. Imagine what this means for video business professionals! The cost? $25. Yep, $25 something even a videographer can afford! LOL. Sadly, I can't send you a sample, the company isn't releasing it for public useage for another 6-8 months. But, as soon as I complete a sales video, I'll send it over. Charges and uploads with a USB cable and has a rechargeable battery! Tell everyone to start saving $25 bucks...these things rock! There will also be single use cards that will cost less...great leave behind tool! Thanks, Skye Winslow GoLookInside.com, CEO 317-581-1766

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