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Allows customers to use multiple color correctors for more complex and creative grading and is a dramatic boost in power over the previous version of DaVinci Resolve Lite that was limited to 2 nodes
Breaking News - Posted 21 Nov 2011
Registered uses of Resolve 8 can now download 8.1 for free from Blackmagic Design website
Breaking News - Posted 28 Oct 2011
David McKnight | Vegas Pro 11 was announced at IBC in September and is an exciting and much-anticipated upgrade to the cornerstone in Sony Creative Software's (SCS) media production line. It's available now at www.sonycreativesoftware.com for immediate download. There are some important changes afoot and in this review we're going to take a look at what's new, what's changed, what's missing, and whether or not you should upgrade from your current version.
Feature - Posted 17 Oct 2011 By
he apps address multiple areas of the creative process: image editing; ideation; sketching; mood boards; website and mobile app prototyping; and presenting finished work. They are headlined by Adobe Photoshop Touch, a groundbreaking app that brings the legendary creative and image-editing power of Photoshop to tablet devices for the first time.
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2011
Limited free version of Resolve color grading app for Mac OS
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jul 2011
Extended file import options, new built-in artwork, automatic storyboard generation, and sketch-style presentations headline an array of new features
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jul 2011
New features include multilayer timeline support with editing, and XML import and export with Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jul 2011
EventDV-TV - Posted 22 Jun 2011 By
Luisa Winters, Jan Ozer, and Shawn Lam | New Shawn Lam tutorial added: Author & Deliver in Multiple Formats with a Single Encore CS5.5 Workflow. Also featured: Jan Ozer on Roundtrip Pro Audio Editing, Luisa Winters on the new Merge Clips feature in Premiere Pro CS5.5, Jan Ozer on new capabilities of Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, Luisa Winters on using Photoshop's Content Aware Fill with After Effects, Shawn Lam on Image Stabilization Using Adobe After Effects' new Warp Stabilizer.
Feature - Posted 20 Jun 2011 By , ,
Liz Merfeld | One of Chicago's more successful event video studios—FurlaVision has won more WEVA Creative Excellence Awards than any studio in the Midwest—Chris Chibucos attributes much of his company's success to they way they have always combined a fairly large volume of work (as many as 150-175 events per year) with a high price point.
Feature - Posted 10 Jun 2011 By
Marc Franklin | The best products of NAB 2011 for event videographers/filmmakers in two categories: production and postproduction.
Features - Posted 10 Jun 2011 By
Road Show attendees will learn about new features introduced in Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium as well as get insight on ground-breaking workflows such as native editing of DSLR footage and working with other NLEs
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jun 2011
Free download available for Mac and Windows
Breaking News - Posted 31 May 2011
New Photoshop CS5 apps include Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav
Breaking News - Posted 11 May 2011
Shawn Lam | Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, launched today at NAB, delivers improvements in speed, postproduction fixes, and real-time creative effects. Not only will the speed improve turnaround times, it will also provide editors with the luxury of experimenting, which is an important part of the creative process.
Feature - Posted 11 Apr 2011 By
Tatjana Green | How do you implement a successful brand strategy that will attract the right audience with pricing that matches your talent? Well, it's not as easy as 1-2-3, but here are some guiding principles to help you along the way.
Feature - Posted 03 Apr 2011 By
Allows users to tell their stories in movies using traditional animation techniques
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2011
More file formats, more control panels, and multi-GPU processing on Mac OS X
Breaking News - Posted 03 Jan 2011
3D artists gain interactive viewport rendering, real-time stereoscopic preview, Virtual Studio Tools for immersive walkthroughs and the first complete linear color space workflow, all within an enhanced user interface
Breaking News - Posted 02 Jan 2011
An iPad App for Directors and Screenwriters
Breaking News - Posted 08 Dec 2010
Sara Frances | It's easy to recognize that all artists, not just videographers, filmmakers, and photographers, live by the meaning of this quote. Anyone who says that great video is all about equipment has only part of the equation right. Ignore the hype, but believe the mantra of knowing your gear inside and out.
Feature - Posted 06 Dec 2010 By
Ben Balser | Motion's Write On behavior lets you draw a line, then have that line "write" onto the screen, as if you were drawing it live with a pen. This can be really artistic if you use the technique with a Wacom. We'll look at the ins and outs of how this trick works and how to manipulate it in your projects.
Tutorials - Posted 30 Nov 2010 By
Customers who purchase or upgrade to LightWave 10 before September 30, 2010 will receive the Rigging Revealed DVD and early adopter pricing of $495 for LightWave upgrades and $895 for full units of LightWave 10
Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2010
Ben Balser | Have you ever wondered how to create the "Miniature" effect thart's currently holding sway in the production world, the effect tyat makes your footage look like it was shot with miniature models and animated, sort of like the opening sequence to Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood, when the camera dollied through the tiny model town during the opening credits? Here's how it works in Motion and Final Cut Pro, plus a quick look at how to do it with stills in Aperture and Photoshop.
Feature - Posted 13 Sep 2010 By
Includes a new user interface which provides quick, simple and intuitive creative control
Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2010
New Singular Software Presto application automates the daunting task of piecing together presenter and slideshow, yielding professional videos that are easy to share
Breaking News - Posted 31 Aug 2010
Offering its most advanced 3D technology with real-time viewport rendering, support for instant OpenGL shading views, advanced data interchange, immersive filmmaking and visualization tools
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2010
Digital Anarchy's Popular Photoshop Blue/Greenscreen Masking Software Gets Long Awaited 64-bit Update
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2010
Provides electronically delivered software for end users
Breaking News - Posted 15 Jul 2010
David McKnight | Since most Vegas users work with the companion DVD Architect program to author DVD and Blu-ray Discs, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to showcase some snazzy motion menus that integrate well into DVD Architect. We'll be working with Sony DVD Architect 5, Adobe After Effects CS3, and Pro Motion Menu Kits from Precomposed Motion Menus.
Feature - Posted 01 Jul 2010 By
Free CS5/64-bit Update for Digital Anarchy's Popular Photoshop Cartooning Software
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2010
Popular Products Including Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, ACID Music Studio, and Sound Forge Audio Studio Offer Consumers New Solutions for Creating and Producing Digital Content
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2010
Major Release Advances Image Quality, Performance and Workflow Flexibility for Photographers
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2010
Apple Design Award winner leverages FxFactory platform to bring popular slideshow generator capabilities to Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion and After Effects
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2010
Marc Franklin | Every year the NAB show teems with new product announcements and trends, and it often marks the real-world debut of tantalizing new gear that was under glass a year ago. Some of what you see is too premature for primetime, some new developments look a little misguided, and others are simply mismatched with the event filmmaking world. Here's a look at what's ready, what's real, and what's most relevant to us among the most exciting products that are making their way to market following this year's show.
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2010 By
New Camera App with Infinite, Beautiful Possibilities
Breaking News - Posted 28 May 2010
The awards recognize the top new products for event videographers and filmmakers introduced at NAB in four categories: cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Feature - Posted 03 May 2010
Ben Balser | In Aperture 3, the new version of its pro photo management and adjustment application, Apple boasts 200-plus new features. This review will focus on the most meaningful new features—Import, Full Screen, Faces, Places, Adjustment Presets, and Brushes—and how they can serve video and fusion producers in their work.
Feature - Posted 03 May 2010
Breakthrough Interactive Design Tools and Innovative Online Services Maximize Impact of Creative Content and Digital Marketing Campaigns
Breaking News - Posted 30 Apr 2010
Roving reporter Shawn Lam reports from NAB in Las Vegas in this three-part EventDV-TV series
Feature - Posted 14 Apr 2010 By
Ben Balser | This month I'll describe the round-trip procedures for moving active project files among the various applications in Final Cut Studio 3.
Feature - Posted 30 Jan 2010 By
Ben Balser | This month I'll describe the round-trip procedures for moving active project files among the various applications in Final Cut Studio 3.
Tutorials - Posted 30 Jan 2010 By
Lance Gray | No iPhone app is going to make bad photos look like they were taken by a pro, but The Best Camera and the way it filters colors goes a long way toward making a blah photo quite extraordinary!
Tutorials - Posted 10 Dec 2009 - December 2009 Issue By
Jan Ozer | What you need to know (or at least what Adobe will tell you now) about the new Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Production Premium "CSNext"
Feature - Posted 07 Dec 2009 By
Flexible parameters of new Pan and Zoom 2 freebie enable the effortless creation of stunning photo animations inside both Apple and Adobe host applications
Breaking News - Posted 08 Nov 2009
Lance Gray | We've all been there: A client gives us a logo or other image that's embedded in an extraneous background and expects us to magically make the background disappear. Here's a quick tip that could save you the time of cutting out all that white space when all you really want is for that logo to be overlaid on your screen.
Tutorials - Posted 06 Oct 2009 - October 2009 Issue By
Ben Balser | Final Cut Studio 2009, the long-anticipated new release of Apple's eminent postproduction suite, delivers no major overhaul of anything, just a few little touches applied to most of the applications that can save you a ton of time during your postproduction process. Although none of the new features, taken by themselves, represent anything mind-blowing, together they make for a faster, easier workflow that will save you a lot of time.
Feature - Posted 06 Oct 2009 By
Ben Balser | Final Cut Studio 2009, the long-anticipated new release of Apple's eminent postproduction suite, delivers no major overhaul of anything, just a few little touches applied to most of the applications that can save you a ton of time during your postproduction process. Although none of the new features, taken by themselves, represent anything mind-blowing, together they make for a faster, easier workflow that will save you a lot of time.
Features - Posted 06 Oct 2009 - October 2009 Issue By
Speakers include Larry Jordan, Ben Balser, Bruce Nazarian, Alexis Van Hurkman
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2009
Experience 3-D effects at home!
Breaking News - Posted 13 Aug 2009
Jan Ozer | By now you've heard that there's a new version of Final Cut Studio shipping from Apple. What's new? Well, it starts with a new price of $999, $300 less than Final Cut Studio 2. You can upgrade to the new suite from any previous version, even Final Cut Pro 1.0, for $299. All suite components were upgraded (to varying degrees) except for DVD Studio Pro—which, as you may recall, wasn't upgraded in the previous suite either. Fear not, however (are you sitting down?): The suite upgrade does enable a modest level of Blu-ray Disc authoring. Read on for more details.
Feature - Posted 23 Jul 2009
New Versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color and Compressor
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jul 2009
Newly announced speakers include Ron & Tasra Dawson, David Robin & Kevin Shahinian, Mark Von Lanken & Robert Neal, Lance Gray, Ray Roman, Norman Hollyn, Adam Forgione, Keith Kelly, Dominic Velasco, Maureen Taylor, Laura Moses, Brooke Rudnick, and Jorge Jaramillo
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2009
Lance Gray | Recently, a reader asked me a design question about how to create a "look" that would make text appear as if itg were nicely chiseled into a block of wood. So for this lesson, I'll show you how incredibly simple it is; I believe you'll be surprised at how amazingly realistic the result looks. EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was printed incorrectly in the July issue of EventDV with a key step missing. Please read this version for the complete tutorial.
Feature - Posted 20 Jul 2009 By
Lance Gray | Recently, I was producing for a 720x480 NTSC resolution screen, but the clients submitted only still photos gathered from their website that were in the 300x200 range. Understandably, they were miffed about how I was going to "stretch" the photos to make the stills look decent because they had already attempted this and realized the results weren't pretty. Little did they know the solution wasn't in stretching the canvas but in approaching the problem more creatively. Here's how I made it work.
Tutorials - Posted 05 Jun 2009 - June 2009 Issue By
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Features - Posted 05 Jun 2009 - June 2009 Issue By
Jan Ozer | Whether you plan to use it as a collection of theme-specific transitions or an inexpensive platform for custom effects generation, at $79, Adorage is a cost-effective and worthwhile addition to your editing suite.
In the Studio - Posted 06 May 2009 By
Lance Gray | Lance explains how to simplify and streamline the production of pro-quality photo collages for video and montage projects using Google Picasa.
Tutorials - Posted 05 May 2009 - May 2009 Issue By
Fourth annual "Best of NAB" list selected by contributing editor Marc Franklin recognizes new cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2009
Lance Gray | Shallow depth of field is easy to achieve with a nice camera. But what if you have a photo in which there's little distinction between the foreground and the background? In this tutorial, I'll show you a quick way to get this effect with minimal effort.
Tutorials - Posted 09 Apr 2009 - April 2009 Issue By
Animoto allows videographers to create exciting, professional-quality, motion montages fast
Breaking News - Posted 26 Mar 2009
May 20 event to feature all-star speaking lineup with Patrick Moreau and Michael Wong, Lance Gray, Chris Chibucos, Kevin Shahinian, and Keith Kelly
Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2009
Features - Posted 16 Mar 2009
New issue features Mark Von Lanken's definitive review of the Panasonic AG-HMC150, 5 expert opinions on how to construct an effective wedding demo, Ben Balser's tutorial on working with sound in Final Cut Pro, and new columnist Mark Foley's tips on how to get great on-site audio at live events
Features - Posted 05 Mar 2009
Lance Gray | While you could certainly find a font or Photoshop brush to make a star, there is actually a very easy way to do it within Photoshop. And if you do it this way, you can even dictate the number of points!
Tutorials - Posted 05 Mar 2009 - March 2009 Issue By
Thousands will gather at industry's most popular symposium on April 21, 2009
Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2009
New issue features Philip Hinkle's search for the perfect reception light, Jan Ozer's best practices for delivering HD video online, Stu Sweetow's surefire plan for avoiding catastrophe when shooting on location, and more
Features - Posted 01 Feb 2009
Alan Naumann | Over the years I have gone through several scanners, and I have learned how to use photos effectively in my business. I do hundreds of memorial videos each year (each having anywhere from 30 to 1,500 photos), and I also do other types of montages using photos. For this to be profitable, I rely on speed and quality, which means I need the right scanner.
Cradle to Grave - Posted 31 Jan 2009 - February 2009 Issue By
Lance Gray | What if you love a certain pristine font and can't find a grungy version of it? Well, I'm going to show you how to take crisp and clean and make it tattered and dirty!
Tutorials - Posted 31 Jan 2009 - February 2009 Issue By
January 2009 EventDV Table of Contents
Features - Posted 01 Jan 2009 By
Lance Gray | In the December 2008 installment of Graphic Thoughts, I shared the first 5 of my top 10 most commonly used Photoshop tricks. Here's the rest of the best.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Jan 2009 - January 2009 Issue By
Introduced several years ago as a 2-DVD set called Business Everlasting and later expanded into The Complete Course with a 3-ring binder chock full of useful content, Alan Naumann's definitive memorial videography training kit has been recently updated with a variety of helpful materials.
Continuing Education - Posted 31 Dec 2008 - January 2009 Issue By
Network-style virtual sets for TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST and VT[5]
Breaking News - Posted 09 Dec 2008
Newest Effects Package Includes Over 700 Stunning High Definition Effects and Transitions, up to 40 Percent Faster Rendering Over other Solutions
Breaking News - Posted 03 Dec 2008
PixelPops Design, LLC announces the departure of Russ Jolly from the highly creative pixelmonkey team. After almost 8 years as a part of the three-member partnership Russ leaves PixelPops to pursue other interests
Breaking News - Posted 01 Dec 2008
December 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Lance Gray | Over the course of the next two installments of Graphic Thoughts, I'll share my top 10 most commonly used functions of Photoshop. Understandably, many of you may already know some of these, but I hope you will all find something among the tips I present here that will make your workflow work better.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Dec 2008 - December 2008 Issue By
Network-style, customizable graphic templates for TriCaster, VT[5], SpeedEDIT, and LiveText
Breaking News - Posted 25 Nov 2008
November 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Lance Gray | Sketch Master enables you to create realistic-looking hand-drawings from photos by simulating tools such as lead pencil, ink pencil, crayon, charcoal, and airbrush with brilliant results. Here's how it works.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Nov 2008 - November 2008 Issue By
Includes the same exclusive multiple masking and layering capabilities found with other Tiffen Dfx v2.0 plug-ins for Photoshop and Aperture, as well as its standalone application
Breaking News - Posted 20 Oct 2008
The accelerator for Adobe Creative Suite 4
Breaking News - Posted 16 Oct 2008
October 2008 EventDV
Features - Posted 01 Oct 2008
Lance Gray | In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a memorial tupe of graphic using a slick, free Photoshop Frame Border Action from the good folks at ActionFX.com called ActionFX_Framing-SamplePack-001. This action, with just one click, will create a very nice frame around a photo.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Oct 2008 - October 2008 Issue By
Landmark Release Packs Powerful Editing Punch and Harnesses the Creative Potential of 3D
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
Cross-Platform Video Toolset Delivers New Technologies For Creating Searchable Video Content
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
Radical Workflow Breakthroughs, New Levels of Flash Expressiveness and Integration Anchor Adobe's Biggest Software Release
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
Makes exciting home theater even easier
Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2008
September 2008 EventDV
Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008
Lance Gray | In this tutorial, I'll show you how I often create usable backgrounds when I need something quick and there isn't a predefined image to choose from in my arsenal.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Sep 2008 - September 2008 Issue By
Cutting edge algorithm enlarges photos while keeping them clear and sharp; new user interface simplifies cropping and resizing. Batch processing saves huge amounts of time when working with large numbers of photos
Breaking News - Posted 27 Aug 2008
August 2008 EventDV: Features, Tutorials, Columns, and Departments.
Features - Posted 01 Aug 2008
August 2008 EventDV
Joe McManus | How to you make text interesting? Here are a few tips to help you use text to greater effect in your videos.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Aug 2008 - August 2008 Issue By
Lance Gray | In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create perspective shadows in Adobe Photoshop CS3. The result is dynamic, but the technique is a breeze.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Aug 2008 - August 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Pixelpops' fast & Fabulous Volume 1—a rapid-fire assortment of great graphics tips—is that it not only transcends the limitations of many of the tutorial DVDs we see, but as a download-only Flash-based title, it also sidesteps one of the primary shortcomings of DVD as an instructional medium.
Continuing Education - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Lance Gray | For this installment of Graphic Thoughts, it's kind of a 3-for-1 deal: one column, three quick ideas, regarding three applications, beginning with a great Photoshop plug-in called virtualPhotographer.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Michael Y. Wong | The Steadicam Merlin is the company's latest attempt at providing the professional videographer with a fully functional yet affordable Steadicam, complete with all the bells and whistles, as well as the ease of use these support devices provide.
In the Field - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
NewTek TriCaster upgrade includes MPEG-2 live recording, Adobe Flash streaming, and virtual sets for additional TriCaster models
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2008
New character generator provides TriCaster operators the flexibility to create, update and modify titles in live production
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2008
New Photoshop CS3 Extended Plug-in to provide Photo-Realistic 3D Render Output
Breaking News - Posted 19 Jun 2008