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Tim Siglin | LandingZone, which will be available in a few weeks for $199.00 in two sizes—11" or 13" designs—mimics all the connectors of a last-generation Core2Duo MacBook Air. Read on to find out about current model MacBook Air devices, which have Thunderbolt connectors instead of mini DisplayPort connectors.
Feature - Posted 08 Feb 2012 By
Shawn Lam | The Atomos Ninja has allowed me to improve my acquisition and delivery video quality using the same video camera I've been using. The best part is that the cost to upgrade my recording is relatively low compared to the cost of a new video camera, and it exceeds the recording quality of AVCHD, the codec that has replaced HDV. I'm also not a big fan of having to media-wrangle-that is, to change and dump cards while on-site-and having a 500GB hard drive means I can record 11 hours in LT, 7.5 hours in 422, or 5 hours in HQ before I need to switch to a second hard drive.
Feature - Posted 26 Aug 2011 By
Features HD-SDI playout and external power options; MSRP $1595
Breaking News - Posted 01 Aug 2011
New camera-mountable HDMI/HD-SDI digital video recorder now shipping
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jul 2011
EventDV-TV - Posted 22 Jun 2011 By
Marc Franklin | The best products of NAB 2011 for event videographers/filmmakers in two categories: production and postproduction.
Features - Posted 10 Jun 2011 By
8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities available for use with Panasonic AVCCAM line
Breaking News - Posted 31 May 2011
Following closely on the heels of EventDV announcement, EventDVLive announces its own Winners' Circle, highlight the best of NAB for video producers focusing on live production and live delivery
Feature - Posted 16 May 2011
Devices record matching or continuous, lower-bit rate H.264 proxy content to complement the cameras own high-resolution content
Breaking News - Posted 02 May 2011
Shawn Lam | What happens when you deliver your event live? This is nothing new for live TV broadcasters, but more and more event video producers are being asked to perform their postproduction activities in real-time—that is, live as the event is occurring.
Feature - Posted 01 May 2011 By
New Multiformat, Camera-Mountable DVR Streamlines Production Workflows and Eliminates Transcoding by Supporting High-Quality NLE Formats Such as ProRes
Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2011
All New Design is Thinner, Lighter & Faster with FaceTime, Smart Covers & 10 Hour Battery
Breaking News - Posted 02 Mar 2011
Greg Lam | We've all seen the dazzling work of our peers who have taken the DSLR plunge, and thus have a good idea of what migrating to DSLR can do for our films and our businesses. But we also know tat DSLR cameras are fundamentally different animals from their video-camera counterparts. What can we expect when we make the transition, and what do we need to know about the new skills we'll need to learn and other gear we'll need to acquire to make DSLRs work in our video workflow?
Feature - Posted 01 Nov 2010 By
Miniature 10-bit 4:2:2 flash disk recorder mounts easily on digital cameras and accessories
Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2010
Anthony Burokas | Thus far, the need for external devices to record HD footage has primarily been served by Focus Enhancements' FireStore line. However, there has been growth in the segment recently and Datavideo has entered the fray with a unique design and price point under $500. Does the Datavideo DN-60 Solid Stare CF Card Recorder give the more expensive recorders a run for their money? Let's find out.
Feature - Posted 10 Aug 2010 By
Now offering the full range of our Silver CD-R & DVD-R/+R products and our 24kt Gold Archival CD-R and DVD-R/+R products with a Made in USA option
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2010
New Camcorder Features 64GB of Internal Flash Memory and Provides SDXC Memory Card Compatibility for Super-Expandable Capacity Up To 2TB
Breaking News - Posted 14 Jul 2010
Anthony Burokas | Sonnet has crafted a beautiful solution for rapid footage offload that gives your laptop far more connectivity, power, and capability than ever before. The system is solid, and in pure professional parlance, it does what it says it can do. The Qio is, without a doubt in my mind, the most useful professional video production accessory for a laptop-enabled tapeless live production workflow that you can get.
Feature - Posted 06 Jul 2010 By
Marc Franklin | Every year the NAB show teems with new product announcements and trends, and it often marks the real-world debut of tantalizing new gear that was under glass a year ago. Some of what you see is too premature for primetime, some new developments look a little misguided, and others are simply mismatched with the event filmmaking world. Here's a look at what's ready, what's real, and what's most relevant to us among the most exciting products that are making their way to market following this year's show.
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2010 By
Ben Balser | MediaShare isn't as powerful as a full-fledged asset management and automation application such as Final Cut Server, which you'd be spending a lot more money on to set up and implement. MediaShare is a smaller system; it's easier to implement, and it's geared toward smaller operations or studios that need some form of cloud-based collaboration tool or a cloud-based review-and-approval tool in its most basic form.
Feature - Posted 31 May 2010 By
The awards recognize the top new products for event videographers and filmmakers introduced at NAB in four categories: cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Feature - Posted 03 May 2010
Roving reporter Shawn Lam reports from NAB in Las Vegas in this three-part EventDV-TV series
Feature - Posted 14 Apr 2010 By
DVR Offers Robust Yet Cost-Effective Multiformat Playout of Pre-Recorded Video in Live Broadcasts
The Main Event - Posted 14 Jan 2010
1RU Solution Offers Cost-Effective Alternative Without Compromising on FFV's Renowned Video Quality
The Main Event - Posted 15 Dec 2009
Innovative Adapter Allows Simultaneous Non-Linear Recording and Storage onto Rugged iVDR Drives From Numerous Camera Manufacturers
Breaking News - Posted 02 Dec 2009
NXCAM family of File-based technologies Designed for Flexibility and Ease-of-Use in Professional Video Applications
Breaking News - Posted 18 Nov 2009
New firmware released, adding a 280 Mbps I-Frame-Only CODEC to popular nanoFlash HD/SD recorder/player
Breaking News - Posted 16 Nov 2009
Speakers include Larry Jordan, Ben Balser, Bruce Nazarian, Alexis Van Hurkman
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2009
The AG-HMR10 handheld recorder and the AG-HCK10 compact camera head, which can be connected via optional cables (in 3-meter and 20-meter lengths), will be available next month at suggested list prices of $2,600 and $1,800, respectively
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2009
Ki Pro Bridges Gap Between Camera Acquisition and Post, Recording Directly to Apple ProRes 422 Codec
Breaking News - Posted 03 Sep 2009
New P2 Mobile Adds Enhanced Editing, Split Screen Viewing, Network Connectivity, Optional AVCHD Support and More
Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2009
New, Affordable Studio Control System for Range of P2 HD and DVCPRO HD Camcorders Offers Professional Features and Flexible Operation
Breaking News - Posted 21 Aug 2009
Experience 3-D effects at home!
Breaking News - Posted 13 Aug 2009
The new SDXC and SDHC Memory Cards are the world's first memory cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Version 3.00, UHS104, which brings a new level of ultra-fast read and write speeds to NAND flash based memory cards
Breaking News - Posted 04 Aug 2009
New Versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color and Compressor
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jul 2009
Complete storage solution for SDHC media cards that are used to record footage from the company's new GY-HM100 and GY-HM700 camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 20 Jul 2009
Free Downloadable Update Offers Improvements in CMOS Performance, Picture Quality, Flash Band Effect and More
Breaking News - Posted 13 Jul 2009
New software allows automated offloading and archival of digital video content
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2009
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Features - Posted 05 Jun 2009 - June 2009 Issue By
16GB and 32GB E Series Models Available Now, High Capacity 64GB Model Ships This August
Breaking News - Posted 01 Jun 2009
Fourth annual "Best of NAB" list selected by contributing editor Marc Franklin recognizes new cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2009
Ed Wardyga | I keep hearing about fellow video professionals—especially those who specialize in weddings—lamenting the decreases in their business. Economic downturns do affect everyone, but all that is required to survive and even prosper is a willingness to do two things: diversify, and keep a keen eye out for opportunities.
Amen Corner - Posted 03 May 2009 - May 2009 Issue By
Ed Wardyga | I keep hearing about fellow video professionals—especially those who specialize in weddings—lamenting the decreases in their business. Economic downturns do affect everyone, but all that is required to survive and even prosper is a willingness to do two things: diversify, and keep a keen eye out for opportunities.
Feature - Posted 03 May 2009 By
The 1:3 Copy Cruiser Blu LS, a LightScribe-enabled disc publisher supporting Blu-ray recording has been reduced 25% to a new low estimated retail price of $1575 and Aleratec's new 4x BD-R Blu-ray recording media has been reduced 65% to $57.99
Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2009
Features - Posted 16 Mar 2009
Launched in January 2004, LightScribe is now licensed by over 100 PC, electronics, CD/DVD and software companies worldwide, with over 115 million LightScribe-enabled drives shipped to date
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jan 2009
New BD Products Scheduled to Begin Shipping in the First Half of 2009
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jan 2009
4X Inkjet White Printable Blu-ray Discs Are Fast to Record, Dry and Print!
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jan 2009
Ben Balser | Several new features make the FS-5 a significant step forward from the popular FS-4: Smaller size, lighter weight, higher-definition color screen display, navigation wheel, simplified menu system, metadata input, wireless connectivity, and metadata templates. First, I'll go over the physical improvements; then, I'll spend some time discussing the metadata functions and the reasons they're important in today's broadcast and video industry.
In the Field - Posted 26 Dec 2008 - January 2009 Issue By
Save Money and Relax
Amen Corner - Posted 08 Dec 2008
Anthony Burokas | Can single-chip camcorder models priced less than $1,000 and bearing the bold "Full HD" logo do the job of prosumer and professional camcorders costing many times that price? In this article I'll take two high-end consumer HD camcorders into the field—specifically, the wilds of the Alaskan bush—to see what I can do with these little devices.
In the Field - Posted 01 Nov 2008 - November 2008 Issue By
New Advanced Master Quality HDV/DV/DVCAM and Professional Quality Pro DV Tapes Offer Higher Output, Lower Dropout Rates and Increased Durability
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2008
Ultra-portable Media Recorder adds native file recording and ground-breaking ability to wirelessly tag media on the fly to JVC GY-HD200/201 and GY-HD251 Camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 15 Sep 2008
New ultra-portable FS-CV Media Recorder streamlines video production workflow by adding Direct To Edit Technology and breakthrough ability to tag media on the fly to Canon's XL and XH camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 15 Sep 2008
Unit Combines Native File Recording with Real-Time Wireless Metadata Input
Breaking News - Posted 12 Sep 2008
KA-MR100G Media Recorder to be First JVC Native XDCAM EX File Based Device
Breaking News - Posted 12 Sep 2008
September 2008 EventDV
Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008
New Volume Packaging and Lower Prices
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2008
LightScribe CD and DVD brands Microboards and PRIMEON adding new internet retailers
Breaking News - Posted 13 Aug 2008
LightScribe DVDs now available in red, orange, yellow, blue and green
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jul 2008
Tim Siglin | From time to time, I get a chance to consult for one of my favorite types of clients: churches that want to move beyond their "tape libraries" and into streaming or broadcasting their services and conferences to the world. Many of those churches have already moved into putting their services online, via a podcast on iTunes. But in doing so, they've found that they don't get the full impact of allowing viewers to join with them live. Just after the mid-April National Association of Broadcasters show, I had the chance to visit one of the churches I'm working with.
Amen Corner - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Marc Franklin | NAB, the annual national broadcast convention, always features a few great new products in the event videographer's wheelhouse. Here's a quick guide to the best products for our market from this year's show, divided into three parts: cameras, production support, and postproduction.
Features - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
P2 Training Program Offers Education on Vast Benefits of Tapeless Production
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2008
Get 50 free discs with every new CD, DVD or CD-ROM replication placed order through Aug. 29
Breaking News - Posted 25 Jun 2008
Sony flash memory cards and LaCie hard drives added to TapeOnline's extensive inventory of recording media related products
Breaking News - Posted 25 Jun 2008
New versions of HD Log, for the Apple Macintosh platform, and TEP HD for the Microsoft Windows platform now available
Breaking News - Posted 10 Jun 2008
Hugh Bennett | When working with Blu-ray, the need to enter into and comply with various license agreements differs depending upon the circumstance. Since most videographers and duplicators deal in single or (at most) a few hundred discs at a time, the author of EMedialive's Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ will address licensing issues that pertain to situations where BD content is distributed on writable rather than pressed discs.
Op-Ed - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Daniel Boswell | For years I've been waiting for a camera that would deliver high-quality HD images, shoot great in low light, include progressive capabilities, and be able to get very clean slow motion via overcranking for specialty shots. I also was looking for a tapeless workflow for Same-Day Edits--all for under $10K. On paper, Sony's new PMW-EX1 offers everything I'm looking for--but does it deliver?
In the Field - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Features - Posted 28 May 2008
P2 Training Program Offers Education on Vast Benefits of Tapeless Production
Breaking News - Posted 22 May 2008
Selection Includes High Quality, Reliable DVD, CD and Blu-ray Disc Solutions
Breaking News - Posted 15 May 2008
Falcon Technologies International Introduces SmartWhite Universal Printable Surface DVD-R, CD-R and Blu-ray Disc Recording Media
Breaking News - Posted 07 May 2008
Optimized for LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling DVD Duplicators and Publishing Systems producing the highest contrast LightScribe Direct Disc Labels and maximum yields in demanding professional disc publishing applications
Breaking News - Posted 28 Apr 2008
Shawn Lam | Sony'z Z7U is the best camera for the event video market today. It has the picture quality of the Canon XH A1, the low-light sensitivity of the Sony DSR-PD170, the interchangeable lenses of the JVC GY-HD110, the flash recording capabilities of the Sony XDCAM EX1, and none of the CMOS problems of the Sony HVR-V1U.
Feature - Posted 30 Mar 2008 By
Anthony Burokas | SD continues to be something we have to deal with today, even if tomorrow, all we'll want is the HD version. So if you can walk away from an event with all your footage in both SD and HD, you're covering all your bases.
Feature - Posted 29 Mar 2008 By
Ben Balser | If you do corporate work, serious sports shooting, indie filmmaking, and the like, Panasonic's HPX500 is an awesome camera to use. Great color depth, detail, improved depth-of-field, and ease/flexibility of control, along with the wide flexibility of recording formats, make it very worth its price.
Feature - Posted 09 Jan 2008 By
Anthony Burokas | Sony recently unveiled its latest HDV camcorders, the HVR-S270 and HVR-Z7. This wasn't just any ordinary product announcement; with the release of these new models, HDV arrived as a true professional video acquisition technology.
Feature - Posted 09 Jan 2008 By
Ritek/ Advanced Media Once Again Sets the Standard for High-speed Disc Performance 16X Ultra Fast Read/Write Time; Plus 8.5-GB Storage Capacity; and Consistent Quality Recording
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jan 2008
Available at a suggested list price of $1,650, the reusable 32GB P2 card provides recording time greater than media for most tape-based and disc-based systems
Breaking News - Posted 04 Dec 2007
Tim Siglin | A growing number of churches are looking for ways to capture audio and video, and then project that content onto large screens. For those seeking to combine all those elements into a recording for archiving or streaming, this column will describe rich media recording (which may also include text and graphics) and how to integrate it into your worship program.
Feature - Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
What products ruled the roost in event videography in 2007? And what were the biggest trends in the industry? The envelope, please...
Feature - Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Jan Ozer | If you buy the Microboards CX-1, you'll be more than happy with print quality and ecstatic with performance. We'd like to see the cost of consumables come down, but that's true of most inkjet-based systems. Microboards has been shipping this software combination with its automated print and burn units forever, so it's mature and proven.
Feature - Posted 26 Nov 2007 By
Vibrantly Colored Discs Combine 4.7GB Capacity on DVD's Storage Side with Direct-to-Disc Burning of Silkscreen-quality Graphics/Text on Label Side
Breaking News - Posted 06 Nov 2007
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | With its auspicious blue glow, the Bravo XR Disc Publisher ($3,295) is everything you'd expect from a stackable, rackmountable counterpart to Primera's popular Bravo II: it's a fast, efficient, rock-solid automated DVD/CD publishing system that delivers great print quality and a refreshing runs-right-out-of-the-box experience. But the real joy in testing this unit came in discovering the wonders of WaterShield water-resistant inkjet media, which add a glossy and eminently professional sheen to photo-quality inkjet-printed discs.
Feature - Posted 02 Nov 2007 By
Anthony Burokas | At a recent event held at Sony Pictures in NYC, Sony treated the press to a hands-on experience with their XDCAM EX and HD1000U camcorders. Both can record HDV, but the similarities end there.
Feature - Posted 05 Oct 2007 By
SxS PRO offers Industry's Fastest Data-transfer Speed
Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2007
Deliveries to begin in November
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2007
Maxell 8cm single layer Blu-ray BD-R and BD-RE are compatible with the latest Blu-ray camcorders providing a recording capacity of 7.5 GB allowing the disc to store one hour of full high-definition picture quality at 1920 x 1080 pixels
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2007
3-inch Recordable and Rewriteable Discs Provide One Hour of Continuous Video Recording in High-Definition (1920×1080i) for BD Camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 02 Aug 2007
Discs enable long-duration filming of approximately 60 minutes with full high-definition picture quality which has 1920 x 1080 pixels
Breaking News - Posted 02 Aug 2007
New discs will be available in both 25GB (shipping in July) and 50GB (shipping in September)
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jul 2007
Chris Randall | It appears that the wait for a Blu-ray Disc authoring solution fully integrated with a mainstream pro NLE is over, with software giant Adobe selecting Blu-ray as their format of choice for delivery of HD video in the new CS3 version of Encore, which debuts in July with the release of Adobe CS3 Production Premium. Here's a quick walkthrough of Blu-ray Disc workflow in Encore CS3.
Feature - Posted 25 Jun 2007 By
The Only Certified Taiwanese Manufactured HDDVD-R and RW Media
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jun 2007
Stephen F. Nathans | Event video steals the crumbs at NAB 2007.
Feature - Posted 31 May 2007
With LightScribe, photographers can get noticed with picture-perfect discs
Breaking News - Posted 30 May 2007
Hugh Bennett | For similar money to Pioneer's BDR-101A, the PX-B900A offers more features including dual-layer BD-R/RE burning, superior blank media support, and CD reading and writing abilities, as well as a functional software suite. That said, it's still early in the game and BD recorders of all stripes need time to mature and reach an affordable price level to attract a larger audience. But Plextor has made a good start.
Feature - Posted 26 May 2007 By
Kits include Aquashield waterproof and smearproof CD-R and DVD+/-R media, and XLNT Idea brand black and color inkjet cartridges
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2007
Color-coded discs are LightScribe-ready and can be direct-to-disc LightScribe labeled in LightScribe DVD-RW drives without a printer
Breaking News - Posted 14 May 2007
Automatically Duplicates and Burns LightScribe DVD/CD Labels
Breaking News - Posted 09 May 2007
Two-day P2 Workflow Workshops Showcase Vast Benefits of Tapeless Workflow
Breaking News - Posted 09 May 2007
Event will feature product demonstrations from some of the most respected presenters in the industry. GraVT Expo is for everyone, weather you are producing home movies, wedding videos, corporate, or broadcast video, SD or HD you will see a product that works for you.
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2007
Revolutionary Blu-ray disc range is now officially on the market
Breaking News - Posted 02 May 2007
Offers Fast Read/Write Time; Amazing 9.4-GB Storage Capacity; and Consistent, High-Quality, Cost-Effective Recording
Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2007
Vegas Software and AVCHD Camcorders Deliver Efficient End-to-End Workflow Solution for Producing Quality High-Definition Content on the Desktop
Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2007
DVD-R Broadcast Quality products offer a long archival life, a high rate of compatibility and backed up by a lifetime warranty to ensure its customer have performance based media for wide spectrum of needs
Breaking News - Posted 16 Apr 2007
New Additions to XDCAM Family Include High-performance HD 4:2:2 Capable Models and Flash Memory Recording in a "Handy" Camcorder
Breaking News - Posted 16 Apr 2007
New Discs from Leading Blu-ray Technology Developer Offer Ultimate Combination of Bit-Perfect Performance, Durability, and Crisp, Vivid Surface Printing
Breaking News - Posted 22 Mar 2007
Jan Ozer | Not long ago, I briefly had the feeling that small-studio producers could actually drive HD market acceptance and perhaps even impact the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD marketing war. Then I bought another Blu-ray player and got a sudden dose of reality.
Feature - Posted 09 Mar 2007 By
New software burns files to CD-R and DVD-R as damage-resistant “master copies”
Breaking News - Posted 07 Mar 2007
Delivery of the first samples for hardware manufacturers started on 7th March 2007
Breaking News - Posted 07 Mar 2007
Ben Balser | Here we'll see how to tame areas of an image that may be overexposed, such as when you're indoors and there is a window with a lot of light coming in, or a bright sky on a horizon outdoors. We'll also go a step further and see how to use these bad shots to our advantage. We can actually use this situation to enhance the coloring of our shot.
Feature - Posted 28 Feb 2007
Blu-ray media with award-winning AquaGuard technology ideal for professional disc duplication using Primera's Bravo XR-Blu and Bravo SE Blu Disc Publishers
Breaking News - Posted 21 Feb 2007
Designed to meet the needs of the increasingly popular direct-to-disc tapeless recording segment within the professional video and broadcast market
Breaking News - Posted 08 Feb 2007
Now offering a line of consumables that includes inkjet print cartridges and inkjet-printable CD and DVD media
Breaking News - Posted 05 Feb 2007
Glass Nine announces partnership with Smile On My Mac
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2007
Technology Advances Deliver Superior HD DVD-R DL Recording
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2007
Jan Ozer | This article discusses three ways to produce high-definition video for viewing on either HD DVD or Blu-ray players—three solutions that will work for us right now. Briefly, these involve using Apple DVD Studio Pro or Pinnacle Studio to burn HD DVD-formatted discs on your current DVD±R/RW burner for playback on an HD DVD set top player, or using Roxio DVDit Pro HD to record projects to a Blu-ray recorder for playback on a Blu-ray set-top player.
Feature - Posted 14 Dec 2006
Office to provide media, duplication systems, integrated solutions, storage, and labeling and shrinkwrap services
Breaking News - Posted 13 Dec 2006
HD DVD-R Discs Shipping Now; RIDATA-Branded Blu-Ray Discs are Hard Coated for Durability
Breaking News - Posted 05 Dec 2006
Specially Formulated for Professional HD Footage Acquisition, New Pro Grade DVC Is Highest Quality Recording Media for Digital Camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2006
DLP Front-Projector Creates a Living Room Cinema Experience
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2006
Ed Wardyga | Here are a number of new products, websites, and tips that I just had to share with you.
Features - Posted 05 Sep 2006 By
Write-once discs support HDTV and video recording with crystal-clear broadcast quality
Breaking News - Posted 17 Aug 2006
Hugh Bennett | With high performance and 25GB-per-layer recording capacity, Blu-ray Disc (BD) promises a brave new world of storage and entertainment. Until now, all this has been so much talk, but BD devices and software are finally emerging, with Pioneer’s BDR-101A leading the pack.
Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2006 By
3-inch (8cm) write-once discs provide continuous 54-minute DVD-quality video recording for camcorder applications
Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2006
Designed for professional, data critical, music, video, and graphic archival applications
Breaking News - Posted 28 Jul 2006
25GB Recordable and Rewritable Blu-ray Discs now available
Breaking News - Posted 21 Jun 2006
New discs feature a water-resistant and smudge-resistant printable surface
Breaking News - Posted 13 Jun 2006
Retailers in Japan will receive shipments of 15GB HD DVD-R media in early July
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jun 2006
Unique recording layers, state-of-the-art manufacturing produce ultra-stable recording/playback and consistently high performance
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2006
25GB single layer Blu-ray Disc shipping now, dual-layer 50GB discs set to debut in June
Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2006
Inkjet-printable Blu-ray Disc media is optimized for Primera’s line of BD-R Disc publishing and duplication products
Breaking News - Posted 27 Apr 2006
Rimage also announces Blu-ray publishing solution
Breaking News - Posted 24 Apr 2006
Unveils GX-1 small-footprint CD/DVD publishing system, Blu-ray CopyWriter duplicator, 2X Blu-ray media
Breaking News - Posted 21 Apr 2006
Exclusive material formulations and manufacturing processes designed to deliver bit-perfect recording and playback
Breaking News - Posted 11 Apr 2006
Hard-coated mini-discs designed for camcorders and other applications, feature 2.92GB capacity for 60 minutes of audio or video playback
Breaking News - Posted 03 Apr 2006
Jeff Sauer | CES 2006 offered another glimpse at the future of optical media, this time the high definition-capable replacement for DVD. But that future doesn't look very bright at all.
Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2006 By
Features high-speed label writing and color options
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Memorex 8X DVD+R DL and 4X DVD-R DL media will be available this month
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Anthony Burokas | With all the small HD camcorders introduced over the last few months, Government Video Expo in Washington, D.C., provided an opportunity to get my hands on several of them.
Feature - Posted 22 Dec 2005 By
Offering 8.5GB storage capacity, consistently fast, high-quality recording, and wide compatibility on a single-sided disc
Breaking News - Posted 10 Dec 2005
For many of us—early adopters or not—2005 was the Year of HDV. But there was much more to 2005 than HDV. We saw scads of significant products released that had nothing to do with HDV and of course, event and corporate videographers the world over continuing to do dazzling, innovative, and effective everyday work with or without HDV. To provide readers with a highly subjective "Year in Review" report, we asked EventDV's many esteemed and opinionated columnists and contributing editors to reflect on the new products they saw in 2005 and tell us what struck them as the most exciting, and the biggest boon to their own work.
Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2005
12 Columnists and Contributing Editors choose 17 essential products for videographers released in 2005
Breaking News - Posted 30 Nov 2005
Reseller to distribute JVC products, including HD100 ProHD cameras
Breaking News - Posted 21 Oct 2005
New FireStore FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD DTE recorders optimize HD and DV video production for field videographers
Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2005
Feature - Posted 14 Oct 2005 By
Photo-quality, reliable blank media for professional-quality disc-surface printing
Breaking News - Posted 06 Oct 2005
Graphics and video event scheduled for November 8 in Atlanta
Breaking News - Posted 16 Sep 2005
New DTE Recorder brings its DTE technology and embedded SDI audio I/O into the studio
Breaking News - Posted 08 Sep 2005
Delivers Mac Platform Firsts Including Music DVD, Multi-Image HD Slideshows, Data Spanning and One-Step DivX Disc Creation
Breaking News - Posted 22 Aug 2005
Discs feature 8.5GB capacity for dense data storage in the same form factor as conventional DVD
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jul 2005
Fast, new discs feature high compatibility with popular drives and players
Breaking News - Posted 10 Jun 2005
With some technologies, protracted delays can turn out to be good news. Case in point: Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
Feature - Posted 10 Jun 2005 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
New specialty DVDs for home movie recording and video archiving
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2005
Provides simple, affordable Betacam-to-DV video conversion and audio management solution for mobile user
Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2005
Efforts afoot to develop a common format for high-density/high-definition DVD
Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2005
New QuickTime software will feature H.264 AVC
Breaking News - Posted 11 Mar 2005
Jan Ozer|One thing I've learned over years of delivering video to clients: packaging matters. That's never been more true than on a recent project that yielded a four-disc set, and made me take inventory of all the DVD packages currently available to finish the job right.
Feature - Posted 28 Feb 2005 By
System offers an analog and digital DVD content protection solution
Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2005
New inkjet-compatible disc offers 8.5GB storage capacity
Breaking News - Posted 14 Feb 2005
Stephen F. Nathans|Sony’s DVDirect knocked my socks off like no product I’ve seen in years. Billed as a product that combines the capabilities of standalone and desktop DVD recorders, DVDirect’s best feature is its ability to record live video to DVD as you shoot it. It boasts excellent image quality and limited but functional DVD menu creation. It’s also a rock-solid desktop burner, promising and delivering state-of-the-art high-speed DVD±R/RW and 4X double-layer DVD+R DL.
Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Anthony Burokas|You can shoot and edit HD today. But how can you deliver it?
Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Premium media line designed to resist scratches, dust, and smudges
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jan 2005
Vote for your favorite production & post-production tools in 15 categories
Feature - Posted 17 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue
16X DVD-R Media also announced
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jan 2005
Stores standard-def DVD data on one side, HD-DVD data on other
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jan 2005
ForceField scratch-resistant coating defends discs against scratches, smudges, static and debris
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2005
Customers Can Burn Silkscreen-Quality CD/DVD Labels Directly on Discs at Their Own PCs
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2005
At 8x Speed, Users Can Fill an 8.5GB DVD+R DL Disc in less than 16 Minutes
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2005
AccuCORE featured on new 16X DVD-R and DVD+R media
Breaking News - Posted 28 Dec 2004
RIDATA Printable DVD±R discs certified for Primera BravoPro Disc Publisher and Signature Z6
Breaking News - Posted 28 Dec 2004
Streamlined version automatically records encrypted images
Breaking News - Posted 12 Nov 2004
Combines CD side and DVD side on one disc
Breaking News - Posted 05 Nov 2004
Domestic production of RAM discs aimed at sparking format's acceptance
Breaking News - Posted 15 Oct 2004
Media incorporates AZO technology
Breaking News - Posted 15 Oct 2004
Three-packs of dual-layer discs available in 2.4X-5X
Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
Acacia Research doesn't create technology; it purchases the rights to patents that are the result from other people's work, then proceeds to collect licenses from anyone who's using the technology.
Breaking News - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Dolby Digital Plus, MLP Lossless, and Dolby Digital Selected as standard for audio formatting
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
Now available for distribution through Go Video dealers and resellers
Class Act - Posted 17 Sep 2004
New disc features iridescent printable surface, available in 50-pack spindles
Class Act - Posted 17 Sep 2004
Newest offering from company reduces DVD recording time with supporting recorders
Class Act - Posted 17 Sep 2004
Brings high-definition quality to event videographers and hobbyists
Breaking News - Posted 08 Sep 2004
It shreds up to 12 CDs or DVDs per minute and also easily shred a variety of other media, such as credit cards and up to seven sheets of folded paper in a single pass.
Breaking News - Posted 02 Sep 2004
The two codecs accomplish compression and decompression with little or not visible loss of image quality.
Breaking News - Posted 02 Sep 2004
Designed for use with compatible inkjet printers
Breaking News - Posted 20 Aug 2004
Volume shipments begin this month
Breaking News - Posted 20 Aug 2004
New DVDs hold up to four hours of video or 8.5GB of data files on a single side
Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2004
With a capacity of 30GB, the dual-sided UDO media offers storage capacity for a cost of about $2 per Gigabyte.
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2004
Learning tools with an expanded range of topics by 3D industry
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jul 2004
HP LightScribe Direct Disc labeling, announced several new licensees including leading consumer electronics and software companies.
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jun 2004
Completes Phase I of patent applications to including features to protect, enhance, and manage content on commercial DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jun 2004
Hugh Bennett | After consumers have begun to make some sense out of writable DVD formats, along comes more confusion. Dual-layer recordable technology is promoted as a significant advance, but where does it fit in the real world?
Features - Posted 10 May 2004 By
Stephen F. Nathans | Attendees of NAB 2004 in Las Vegas will find media manufacturers like Verbatim and drive makers like Sony doubling down and gambling that professional DVD authors and, soon, their consumer counterparts will pay a modest premium to (nearly) double the capacity of their recording media.
Features - Posted 12 Apr 2004 - December 2005 Issue By
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2003 - December 2004 Issue By
There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding that little plastic disc that we call a DVD. I’m going to blow away the smoke and break a few mirrors to expose the truth about choosing and using the proper media to save those precious memories that your clients entrust to you.
Feature - Posted 01 Sep 1999 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
Anthony Burokas | Does the NextoDI NVS2500 offer something special that makes it a good choice for pros? I think it does. Key advantages of the NVS2500 include an internal battery for use without external power, an integrated ExpressCard slot for SxS and P2 ingest, an integrated eSATA port for speedy transfer to a computer, internal playback of pro formats such as XDCAM and DVCPRO HD, and a handy integrated USB backup synchronize feature.
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