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Jan Ozer | Over the years, I've gathered some thoughts on what it takes to produce and deliver a high-quality video experience and, to a degree, succeed as a video producer. While most of this will be old hat to grizzled veterans, perhaps some newbie will find these ramblings, and the associated resources that I point to, of use.
Feature - Posted 07 Dec 2011 By
20% upgrade for CS2-4 users through December 31
Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2011
EventDV-TV - Posted 22 Jun 2011 By
Jan Ozer | The Primera Bravo 4102 prints gorgeous discs at never-before-seen speeds. During my tests, it didn't produce a coaster after burning more than 200 discs. If you're looking for a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc production system, this unit needs to be on your short list.
Feature - Posted 23 Feb 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Four days in New Orleans at "The Gateway" with a dozen inspiring educators and 180 inspired filmmakers.
Feature - Posted 02 Feb 2011 By
Bravo 4100-Series sets new industry standard for high-speed desktop disc production
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jan 2011
Jan Ozer | I've always produced for DVD exclusively in 29.97i, but as the market transitions from CRTs to plasma, LCD, and OLED displays, I definitely want to understand how my interlacedproductions look before I shoot, edit, and render at 29.97i.
Feature - Posted 21 Dec 2010 By
Drives upgraded from 8x to 12x burn speeds; high-speed eSATA interface replaces USB 2.0
Breaking News - Posted 25 May 2010
Roving reporter Shawn Lam reports from NAB in Las Vegas in this three-part EventDV-TV series
Feature - Posted 14 Apr 2010 By
David McKnight | McKnight Video shot AVCHD footage with the Panasonic AG-HMC150 all over the Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise, ingested it and edited in in Vegas, and lived to tell the tale. Do the advantages of AVCHD production outweigh the postproduction challenges? The point is probably moot.
Feature - Posted 06 Apr 2010 By
Primera's wide range of hardware and software products is now compatible with Windows 7
Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2009
Speakers include Larry Jordan, Ben Balser, Bruce Nazarian, Alexis Van Hurkman
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2009
Now with a sleek black finish, the award-winning LaCie Portable DVD±RW includes new multimedia burning solutions, allowing users to piece together sophisticated movie, music, and photo projects in a matter of minutes - creating customized CDs or DVDs wherever they go
Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2009
Copy and label all in one system using Labelflash direct disc labeling technology combined with the exceptional SharkCopier duplicator series
Breaking News - Posted 01 Sep 2009
Unique, easy-to use, standalone DVD duplicator featuring hardware-based copy protection discourages unauthorized duplication
Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2009
OWC Mercury ProFeatures FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, & eSATA Interfaces
Breaking News - Posted 24 Jul 2009
Automated CD/DVD publisher that works with a desktop or laptop computer and software to continuously burn and label discs for on-demand publishing applications such as electronic content management, data backup, archiving, healthcare, marketing, and audio/video distributions
Breaking News - Posted 17 Jun 2009
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Features - Posted 05 Jun 2009 - June 2009 Issue By
Fourth annual "Best of NAB" list selected by contributing editor Marc Franklin recognizes new cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2009
Advanced Software Bundle Ushers Consumers into New Era of HD Digital Scrapbooking
Breaking News - Posted 14 Apr 2009
The 1:3 Copy Cruiser Blu LS, a LightScribe-enabled disc publisher supporting Blu-ray recording has been reduced 25% to a new low estimated retail price of $1575 and Aleratec's new 4x BD-R Blu-ray recording media has been reduced 65% to $57.99
Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2009
Using Vinpower Digital's unique PC Network software with the advanced SharkNet Duplicator series allows users to load files directly from any authorized PC on a given network onto a duplicator
Breaking News - Posted 23 Mar 2009
Features - Posted 16 Mar 2009
New issue features Mark Von Lanken's definitive review of the Panasonic AG-HMC150, 5 expert opinions on how to construct an effective wedding demo, Ben Balser's tutorial on working with sound in Final Cut Pro, and new columnist Mark Foley's tips on how to get great on-site audio at live events
Features - Posted 05 Mar 2009
Alan Naumann | As videographers we have a few choices when it comes to protecting the DVDs we deliver against piracy. The one I recommend is to apply the protection ourselves with PTProtect, a new technology developed and marketed by Primera Technology, the company that brought us the popular Bravo line of automated DVD duplication and printing systems.
In the Studio - Posted 05 Mar 2009 - March 2009 Issue By
1:1 HDD Cruiser is a stand alone unit that has the ability to quickly make a copy of a SATA 3.5 inch hard disk drive, making it an essential tool for quickly installing or upgrading new computer systems
Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2009
The 1:5 HDD Cruiser will duplicate up to 5 HDDs simultaneously
Breaking News - Posted 02 Feb 2009
Launched in January 2004, LightScribe is now licensed by over 100 PC, electronics, CD/DVD and software companies worldwide, with over 115 million LightScribe-enabled drives shipped to date
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jan 2009
Highly streamlined workflow allows you to quickly and easily capture video and produce DVDs in quantity, all within minutes of the end of your live event
Breaking News - Posted 26 Jan 2009
First exciting addition is the introduction of the 7601XD automated media loader
Breaking News - Posted 20 Jan 2009
January 2009 EventDV Table of Contents
Features - Posted 01 Jan 2009 By
Introduced several years ago as a 2-DVD set called Business Everlasting and later expanded into The Complete Course with a 3-ring binder chock full of useful content, Alan Naumann's definitive memorial videography training kit has been recently updated with a variety of helpful materials.
Continuing Education - Posted 31 Dec 2008 - January 2009 Issue By
Faster Read/Write up to 8X for DVD & DVD Dual-Layer, 24X for CDs -- Priced from $89.99 Optical Drive "SuperDrive" Upgrades Also Available For Nearly Every Mac Model from $27.99
Breaking News - Posted 09 Dec 2008
Save Money and Relax
Amen Corner - Posted 08 Dec 2008
Featuring a two DVD/CD-R drive configuration, vastly improved print engine, and true six-color printing capability, the Nexis 100 Pro system represents XLNT Idea's ongoing cutting edge design and engineering capability
Breaking News - Posted 03 Dec 2008
DVD/CD Flash Copy Tower that copies flash memory cards and USB flash drives directly to DVD/CD and it is also a 1:3 DVD/CD duplicator, all without a computer. The DVD/CD Flash Copy Tower supports disc spanning to four drives so the user can copy full 16GB flash memory cards commonly used by professional photographers
Breaking News - Posted 01 Dec 2008
November 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Jan Ozer | Most pro videographers are well-versed in animated backgrounds and other accoutrements for dressing up DVD deliverables, but as we move to HD delivery and update our skills accordingly, it's also important to update our knowledgebase of the HD tools available for polishing up our work. Here's a look at what's available now.
Features - Posted 01 Nov 2008 - November 2008 Issue By
Jan Ozer | Most pro videographers are well-versed in animated backgrounds and other accoutrements for dressing up DVD deliverables, but as we move to HD delivery and update our skills accordingly, it's also important to update our knowledgebase of the HD tools available for polishing up our work. Here's a look at what's available now.
Feature - Posted 01 Nov 2008 By
New SuperDrive Models Read/Write DVDs & CDs Faster -- Up to 20X Speed for DVDs, 48X for CDs -- Priced Starting at $29.99 for Internal, $71.99 for External FireWire + USB 2.0 Solutions; Models Offering Blu-ray Support Now Available from $149.99
Breaking News - Posted 30 Oct 2008
More than 400 free designs available to create visually striking CD and DVD labels for photographers and music lovers, as well as for gift giving and business needs
Breaking News - Posted 28 Oct 2008
Gift with Purchase, 200 pieces of Aleratec LightScribe Duplicator Grade media
Breaking News - Posted 27 Oct 2008
Announced today, the new Aleratec DVD/CD RoboRacer LS Duplex, the first in the industry LightScribe disc publisher that automatically copies data, flips the disc over and LightScribe labels each disc
Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2008
Uses standard HP ink cartridges available anywhere and features HPs unique PhotoREt color-layering technology that delivers vivid, true-to-life photo quality images with extremely sharp text printed directly on the customer's discs
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2008
Provides a reliable yet effective anti-rip solution for protecting DVD video without adding extra steps to existing workflow processes
Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2008
September 2008 EventDV
Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008
Shawn Lam | As the volume of DVDs I duplicated increased from all the stage events I produce each year, a high-volume thermal printer became a necessity, leading to my recent purchase a Rimage Prism Plus Autoprinter. The professional thermal printing look the Prism delivers has quickly become one of the differentiating factors I use to set my business apart.
In the Studio - Posted 01 Sep 2008 - September 2008 Issue
Shawn Lam | Now with talk of the U.S. economy revolving around sub-prime mortgage problems, record crude oil prices, and hints of a recession, I was interested to see what message Roy Chapman and his lineup of speakers would give at this year's 18th annual WEVA Expo, and they didn't disappoint, with many of the speakers sharing valuable business strategy insight, interspersed with the usual breathtaking video
Conference Wrap-Up - Posted 22 Aug 2008 - October 2008 Issue By
New Volume Packaging and Lower Prices
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2008
LightScribe CD and DVD brands Microboards and PRIMEON adding new internet retailers
Breaking News - Posted 13 Aug 2008
LightScribe DVDs now available in red, orange, yellow, blue and green
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jul 2008
Chris Randall | The Discproducer is an innovative, high-quality solution that makes DVD duplication and printing easier than ever. Whether you want to use it for an individual disc or a batch job, its high reliability, superb print quality, and cost-effectiveness make it the ideal system for videographers who are looking for an all-in-one solution.
In the Studio - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Get 50 free discs with every new CD, DVD or CD-ROM replication placed order through Aug. 29
Breaking News - Posted 25 Jun 2008
LaCie today announced LaCie Remote Burn software for both its Portable DVD±RW with LightScribe, Design by Sam Hecht and d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe drives for FireWire that also include Toast Titanium
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2008
Jan Ozer | At this writing I'm just back from NAB, and wanted to let you know what's up with Blu-ray. I'll cover the recorder/printer market first, then move to software, then touch on replication.
The Moving Picture - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
25-disc capacity, features duplication rates of 7 DVDs, or 14 CDs per hour
Breaking News - Posted 29 May 2008
Features - Posted 28 May 2008
Features Newest, Fastest, & Quietest Superdrive Technology With 20X Burn Speeds for DVDs & 48X Speeds for CDs!
Breaking News - Posted 22 May 2008
PTPublisher NE Software allows multiple users in an office to share a single Primera automated disc publisher
Breaking News - Posted 01 May 2008
Philip Hinkle | When I took delivery of a new Sony BWU-200S 4X BD burner, my goal was to deliver wedding videos, with menus, on Blu-ray Disc, for minimal additional investment. Here's the workflow I developed, and how I got there.
Features - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
Ed Wardyga | Tips on making your business more environment-friendly, plus new duplication and printing products and ways to monetize your archival footage
The Gadget Bag - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Now that HD DVD is gone, will Blu-ray succeed DVD as the video delivery king? Or will it be streaming? Syncable set-tops? Holographic storage? The answer...
The Nonlinear Editor - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
All-New Publishing Software, Blu-ray Disc Publishing Support, and High-Volume Disc Production Systems at NAB
Breaking News - Posted 09 Apr 2008
Enhancements include PT Publisher 1.2, PT Publisher NE (Network Edition), Discribe 6.0 for Mac, and PTRip
Breaking News - Posted 07 Apr 2008
Free seminar will feature demonstrations of the Matrox RT.X2 realtime editing platform and the Rimage 5100N professional disc publishing system
Breaking News - Posted 04 Apr 2008
Discribe v6.0 Software for Mac Now Available for Primera Bravo-Series Disc Publishers
Breaking News - Posted 01 Apr 2008
Free software upgrades include the "FileCopy" and "Short Image file" software
Breaking News - Posted 01 Apr 2008
The Result of an Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Xerox, the DVD/CD & Blu-ray Duplicators Feature the Industry's First "Drag and Drop" Function
Breaking News - Posted 01 Apr 2008
Nexis Publisher now available with BD write capability combined with DVD and CD formats in the same configuration
Breaking News - Posted 19 Mar 2008
Company offers the industry's widest range of automated Blu-ray Disc Publishers
Breaking News - Posted 27 Feb 2008
Aleratec's Second Generation Robotic LightScribe Disc Publisher Launched
Breaking News - Posted 24 Feb 2008
Newest, Fastest, and Quietest SuperDrive Technology Reads/Writes DVDs, DVD-RAMs, & Dual-Layer DVDs at Speeds up to 20X -- CDs up to 40X
Breaking News - Posted 14 Feb 2008
CD/DVD and CD Disc Duplicators Offer Best Combination of Price and Performance
Breaking News - Posted 13 Feb 2008
Nexis 100PC system is a direct network-attached DVD/CD automated publishing solution with an Embedded Processor, Hard Disk Drive, and 1GB RAM
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2008
Copy and label all in one system using LightScribe direct disc labeling technology combined with the exceptional SharkCopier duplicator
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2008
Company to begin duplicating USB flash drives
Breaking News - Posted 17 Jan 2008
Features a two-drive configuration, vastly improved print engine, and true six-color printing capability
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2008
Personalized full-label disc designs can now be created in three easy steps
Breaking News - Posted 06 Dec 2007
What products ruled the roost in event videography in 2007? And what were the biggest trends in the industry? The envelope, please...
Feature - Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Jan Ozer | If you buy the Microboards CX-1, you'll be more than happy with print quality and ecstatic with performance. We'd like to see the cost of consumables come down, but that's true of most inkjet-based systems. Microboards has been shipping this software combination with its automated print and burn units forever, so it's mature and proven.
Feature - Posted 26 Nov 2007 By
Program covers complete line of Reflex CD and DVD Tower duplicators; Disc Makers will match any advertised price on a comparable tower duplicator
Breaking News - Posted 15 Nov 2007
Vibrantly Colored Discs Combine 4.7GB Capacity on DVD's Storage Side with Direct-to-Disc Burning of Silkscreen-quality Graphics/Text on Label Side
Breaking News - Posted 06 Nov 2007
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | With its auspicious blue glow, the Bravo XR Disc Publisher ($3,295) is everything you'd expect from a stackable, rackmountable counterpart to Primera's popular Bravo II: it's a fast, efficient, rock-solid automated DVD/CD publishing system that delivers great print quality and a refreshing runs-right-out-of-the-box experience. But the real joy in testing this unit came in discovering the wonders of WaterShield water-resistant inkjet media, which add a glossy and eminently professional sheen to photo-quality inkjet-printed discs.
Feature - Posted 02 Nov 2007 By
20X Serial ATA (SATA) DVD burner offering 16X dual layer recording, and support for all CD/DVD discs including DVD-RAM
Breaking News - Posted 30 Oct 2007
New 1:2 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser LS, High Speed Edition, Duplicates DVDs At 20x
Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2007
Programs will consist of a 48-Hour Rapid Return option, and a 24 Month Extended Return to Depot Repair warranty
Breaking News - Posted 25 Oct 2007
Service Bureaus, Education and Photography Markets To Benefit From Custom Disc Duplication On Demand
Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2007
Security, PPT to Flash, VHS-to-DVD, and more
Feature - Posted 01 Oct 2007 By
Jan Ozer | We all have high-profile products we use every day that help us keep the revenues flowing. Maybe it's Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop or Ulead PhotoImpact, or Microsoft Word, or . . . well, Microsoft Word. Beyond these, however, are other, less-heralded products that one day you learn you simply can't live without.
Feature - Posted 28 Sep 2007 By
Another Product First, Only From Aleratec
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2007
Fastest LightScribe Recorders, Improved Disc Publishing Software Suite
Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2007
Enhancements to LightScribe's system software markedly improve the look of CD and DVD labels
Breaking News - Posted 05 Sep 2007
FireWire/USB2 Plug & Play Blu-ray Burners Now Priced Starting at $499.99
Breaking News - Posted 23 Aug 2007
Microboards announces another expansion of disc printing offering
Breaking News - Posted 21 Aug 2007
Scalable to 16 Copies or Labels
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2007
New 4500 Series Disc Publishing Systems includes the 500-disc HP SI1000 Inkjet system from Hewlett-Packard's Specialty Printing Systems Division with four CD/DVD or Blu-ray recorders
Breaking News - Posted 14 Aug 2007
Developed for professional users, the BDR-202 internal drive for PCs supports the writing of both write-once (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) single-layer Blu-ray discs
Breaking News - Posted 01 Aug 2007
Enhanced offering will directly complement its flagship GX publisher product, and will cater to a number of new customers, including small/home office, independent recording, and other small professional services organizations
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jul 2007
New VRD-MC5 model can now transfer AVCHD(TM) quality videos to DVD discs in their native 1080i HD resolution when connected directly to a Sony hard drive or Memory Stick Handycam camcorder
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jul 2007
All required software and hardware included in new Nexis 100 Disc Add On Kit, available for an MSRP of $199
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jul 2007
External Drive Delivers Data Transfer Speeds up to 480 MB/Sec
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jul 2007
Companies and organizations can now duplicate and print CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs (BDs) as easily as printing to a networked laser printer
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jul 2007
New Rimage Professional 5300N and 5100N models offer customers a "step up" from ordinary desktop disc publishing systems and provide compact, user-friendly systems for front office applications
Breaking News - Posted 26 Jun 2007
Duplicator will be launched with an introductory mail-in rebate through July 31, 2007 for 20 Aleratec duplicator grade Blu-ray BD-R Blu-ray blank discs FREE with purchase (a $360 value)
Breaking News - Posted 24 Jun 2007
Features an intuitive interface and as such is extremely easy to use - simply follow the steps on the LCD display. It is perfect for copying all types of office data such as electronic brochures, presentations, video footage, multimedia files and databases
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jun 2007
Unique Coating, Laser Technology Produce Label Image for Finished, Professional Look
Breaking News - Posted 13 Jun 2007
Jan Ozer | XLNT Idea's Nexis 100 AP CD/DVD Publisher costs hundreds less than most of its competitors, and offers a good blend of capacity, performance, print quality, and software usability. If you're considering an autoloading printer/recorder in the 50-disc capacity range, and you're not a Mac-based operation, the Nexis should definitely be on your short list.
Feature - Posted 08 Jun 2007 By
For a limited time, customers can save up to $750 on the Bravo SE Disc Publisher, Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher and Bravo SE AutoPrinter
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jun 2007
Microboards announces expanded offering of disc-printing solutions
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jun 2007
Debbie Galante Block | As live event video producer working in the stage, sports, or worship market whose business depends on volume sales, how do you prevent one customer from buying a single DVD and duping 100 copies? Rimage Corporation has a new solution they claim to be strong, seamless, and reasonably priced.
Feature - Posted 01 Jun 2007 By
New External Drive Provides Effortless Connectivity and Portability
Breaking News - Posted 30 May 2007
With LightScribe, photographers can get noticed with picture-perfect discs
Breaking News - Posted 30 May 2007
Hugh Bennett | For similar money to Pioneer's BDR-101A, the PX-B900A offers more features including dual-layer BD-R/RE burning, superior blank media support, and CD reading and writing abilities, as well as a functional software suite. That said, it's still early in the game and BD recorders of all stripes need time to mature and reach an affordable price level to attract a larger audience. But Plextor has made a good start.
Feature - Posted 26 May 2007 By
Kits include Aquashield waterproof and smearproof CD-R and DVD+/-R media, and XLNT Idea brand black and color inkjet cartridges
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2007
Bravo SE Blu and Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publishers now burn and print Dual-Layer, 50GB Blu-ray Disc media
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2007
Color-coded discs are LightScribe-ready and can be direct-to-disc LightScribe labeled in LightScribe DVD-RW drives without a printer
Breaking News - Posted 14 May 2007
Automatically Duplicates and Burns LightScribe DVD/CD Labels
Breaking News - Posted 09 May 2007
Event will feature product demonstrations from some of the most respected presenters in the industry. GraVT Expo is for everyone, weather you are producing home movies, wedding videos, corporate, or broadcast video, SD or HD you will see a product that works for you.
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2007
Disc Makers’ new disc duplicator and printer to debut at this month’s NAB Show in Las Vegas
Breaking News - Posted 16 Apr 2007
Companies and organizations can now duplicate and print CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs (BDs) as easily as printing to a networked laser printer
Breaking News - Posted 16 Apr 2007
Nexis 50 and 100AP Publishing Systems and Autoprinter now shipping with a new version of DiscWorks, XLNT Idea’s cutting edge DVD/CD autoloader burn and label creation software
Breaking News - Posted 10 Apr 2007
Jan Ozer | ScribePC is ideal for networked, high-volume shops with DVD-only or mixed CD/DVD duplication and printing jobs, especially those needing to serialize or otherwise customize their disc labels, and those whose workflow may be improved by passing disc duplication hosting on to a dedicated PC. The only significant deficit is the lack of a Mac client, so if you're a Mac shop, this probably isn't for you.
Feature - Posted 05 Mar 2007 By
New 2 and 4-Drive Blu-Ray Towers allow users to duplicate Blu-Ray discs (BD-Rs), DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs all on one machine
Breaking News - Posted 01 Mar 2007
New tool labels CDs and DVDs in three quick clicks
Breaking News - Posted 28 Feb 2007
Blu-ray media with award-winning AquaGuard technology ideal for professional disc duplication using Primera's Bravo XR-Blu and Bravo SE Blu Disc Publishers
Breaking News - Posted 21 Feb 2007
Standalone duplicator makes 11 simultaneous DVD copies at Up to 20x more than 120 DVDs per hour
Breaking News - Posted 20 Feb 2007
Personal Storage Leader Produces Ultra Portable Optical Drive with Dual Layer DVD Recording and LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
Breaking News - Posted 06 Feb 2007
Now offering a line of consumables that includes inkjet print cartridges and inkjet-printable CD and DVD media
Breaking News - Posted 05 Feb 2007
Lee Rickwood | Despite continued market uncertainty about the viability of competing hi-def DVD formats, capacities, and physical properties, we move forward—all the while hoping to get definitive answers about the future of authoring, burning, duplicating, and replicating DVDs with standard or high-definition video content.
Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2007 By
Glass Nine announces partnership with Smile On My Mac
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2007
Real-time DVD Authoring and Production for Live Broadcast, Video Events
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2007
Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Delivers Fast Enlargements and Direct CD/DVD printing with Improved Image Quality, Functionality,and Value for a Breakthrough Price of $399.99
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jan 2007
World’s First Dedicated HD DVD Write Drive for the Desktop Supports Read and Write to All Main Optical Discs
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2007
Introduces The Olympus Series
Breaking News - Posted 03 Jan 2007
2006 was an action-packed year for new product releases in the event video space, from the pre-NAB launches of Adobe's Dynamic Linked Production Studio and SmartSound's Mood Mapped Sonicfire Pro 4, to the CMOS-charged HDV cameras that electrified IBC. And if the much-hyped debuts of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc didn't make much of an impact in our business this year, there were plenty of new entries that did. We polled our contributing editors and columnists for their Best of 2006 list, and here we present the winners.
Feature - Posted 14 Dec 2006 By
5-drive system features professional drives, a 2-unit rackmount case, and cooling for the highest performance and reliability
Breaking News - Posted 08 Nov 2006
ADL-MAX Disc Autoloader attaches to any Bravo II or BravoPro Disc Publisher to produce hundreds of discs at a time
Breaking News - Posted 25 Oct 2006
dvd940i is a new, high¬speed internal drive with DVD±R/±RW and DVD-RAM read/write, ±R double-layer capability, and LightScribe direct disc labeling
Breaking News - Posted 24 Oct 2006
Epson Ultra Hi-Definition Technology Produces Photos with Richness, Depth, and Clarity at Print Speeds that Nearly Triple Comparable HP PhotoSmart Models
Breaking News - Posted 19 Oct 2006
Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher sets new price/performance benchmark for publishing Blu-ray Discs
Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2006
Prices reduced as much as 45% on Aleratec LightScribe Disc Publishing Systems
Breaking News - Posted 11 Oct 2006
Third-generation LightScribe Personal Publishing system, the new Aleratec 1:2 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser LS
Breaking News - Posted 25 Sep 2006
1:1 and 1:4 models with LightScribe support now available
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2006
Featuring 18X DVD±R recording speed, the 830 burners deliver a full 4.7GB of video, data, music, or images on standard 16X DVD+R media in about five minutes
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2006
David Doering | For studios with multiple or complex duplication jobs, the Aleratec Tower Publisher's combination of LightScribe technology and queueing capability is a valuable asset, making it a great time-saver and a great way to impress clients.
Feature - Posted 08 Sep 2006 By
Added support brings speed, print quality, and cost savings to the Mac market
Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2006
Bravo SE Disc Publisher sets new price/performance benchmark for publishing CDs and DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2006
Hugh Bennett | With high performance and 25GB-per-layer recording capacity, Blu-ray Disc (BD) promises a brave new world of storage and entertainment. Until now, all this has been so much talk, but BD devices and software are finally emerging, with Pioneer’s BDR-101A leading the pack.
Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2006 By
StorDigital SD21 can be bought as a plug-and-play device or built up module-by-module by buying the base unit and adding disc-burning towers to it
Breaking News - Posted 21 Jul 2006
1 to 21 PowerTower features twenty-one 16X DVD±R drives and a choice of internal hard drives
Breaking News - Posted 03 Jul 2006
Creative professionals with Mac computers and PCs can now turn to Disc Makers for their in-house duplication needs
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jun 2006
The Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publisher automatically records and prints Blu-ray Discs
Breaking News - Posted 21 Jun 2006
1:1 DVD/CD Duplicator becomes 2-drive duplicator when connected to PC via USB 2.0
Breaking News - Posted 19 Jun 2006
New discs feature a water-resistant and smudge-resistant printable surface
Breaking News - Posted 13 Jun 2006
ASUS DRW-1612BL disc burning speeds include 16X DVD+R and 8X DVD Double Layer (DL)
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jun 2006
ValueLine (VL) Series DVD/CD towers support all DVD and CD formats including DVD-Video, DVD ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R9 Dual Layer DVD
Breaking News - Posted 18 May 2006
Rimage also announces Blu-ray publishing solution
Breaking News - Posted 24 Apr 2006
Unveils GX-1 small-footprint CD/DVD publishing system, Blu-ray CopyWriter duplicator, 2X Blu-ray media
Breaking News - Posted 21 Apr 2006
New XR-series disc publishers, laminator, and server are designed for a wide range of "mission critical" applications.
Breaking News - Posted 13 Apr 2006
Features 16X DVD and 48X CD burn speeds and high-volume throughput
Breaking News - Posted 03 Apr 2006
New ReflexAuto towers allow unattended DVD/CD duplication for up to 20 hours or up to 1,000 discs at a time
Breaking News - Posted 30 Mar 2006
Standalone DVD/CD Autoloader that can copy up to 200 DVDs at 50 DVDs per hour, unattended, no computer required
Breaking News - Posted 26 Mar 2006
Promises 50 discs per session with hands-free unattended operation
Breaking News - Posted 17 Mar 2006
Ed Wardyga | Since your income in stage videography depends largely on your volume sales—rather than montages, SDEs, and other add-ons—you need to handle duplication, labeling, and delivery as efficiently as possible.
Feature - Posted 13 Mar 2006
DRU-820A internal Multi drive records 8X DVD+R DL and supports all DVD formats
Breaking News - Posted 09 Mar 2006
New Reflex 2-drive and 10-drive tower duplicators highlight new lineup
Breaking News - Posted 28 Feb 2006
First automated disc publishing system with Blu-ray Disc support
Breaking News - Posted 06 Feb 2006
LightScribe technology makes DVD/CD publishing affordable
Breaking News - Posted 05 Feb 2006
11-drive unit includes new security and time-saving features; 10-drive unit includes a removable 160GB hard drive
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jan 2006
DupliQ users can now enjoy cost-effective and timesaving in-house automated multi-master and multi-copy duplication of CD and DVD in the office or at home
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Features high-speed label writing and color options
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
All-in-one FlexWare software suite, powerful 16x DVD Plextor drives, and large disc capacity highlight the newElite2 and Elite4 automated duplication and printing systems.
Breaking News - Posted 08 Dec 2005
Doug Graham | Why on earth would an event videographer spend three days at a convention aimed at video production and distribution for government agencies? Read on...
Feature - Posted 06 Dec 2005 By
For many of us—early adopters or not—2005 was the Year of HDV. But there was much more to 2005 than HDV. We saw scads of significant products released that had nothing to do with HDV and of course, event and corporate videographers the world over continuing to do dazzling, innovative, and effective everyday work with or without HDV. To provide readers with a highly subjective "Year in Review" report, we asked EventDV's many esteemed and opinionated columnists and contributing editors to reflect on the new products they saw in 2005 and tell us what struck them as the most exciting, and the biggest boon to their own work.
Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2005
12 Columnists and Contributing Editors choose 17 essential products for videographers released in 2005
Breaking News - Posted 30 Nov 2005
Aleratec 1:4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS records, duplicates, and labels up to 4 DVDs/CDs
Breaking News - Posted 20 Nov 2005
DiscMakers' lowest priced automated duplicator hits the market at $699
Breaking News - Posted 17 Nov 2005
Offers 16X DVD and 48X CD record speeds to SMBs, SOHOs, small corporate departments, and institutions
Breaking News - Posted 10 Nov 2005
New P11's direct-to-disc thermal transfer imager prints to four separate areas on disc
Breaking News - Posted 10 Nov 2005
External, double and dual-layer DVD drive ships with Roxio Toast 6 Lite
Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2005
Industrial-grade CD/DVD publishing unit designed for heavier workloads and "mission-critical" applications
Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2005
Two new printers join Epson's six-color inkjet printer line and offer enhanced printing features
Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2005
Free seminar set for November 9 at Penn State Great Valley Campus in Malvern, PA
Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2005
Producers use Dupliquote.com’s online bidding system to find best replicators and duplicators nationwide
Breaking News - Posted 30 Sep 2005
New standalone towers feature 16X DVD recorders
Breaking News - Posted 19 Sep 2005
Next-generation line adds a removable 160GB HDD that can be locked in a secure location
Breaking News - Posted 16 Sep 2005
Offers 25-disc capacity and Nero and QFOX software bundle
Breaking News - Posted 08 Sep 2005
Drive Records 16X DVD±R on Single-Layer Media, 8X DVD+R on Double-Layer Discs, 4X DVD-R on Dual-Layer DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 08 Sep 2005
Anthony Burokas | How do the latest "pro" DVD decks stack up to one another? More importantly, how well do they measure up to the task of live DVD production for professional event work? Here we sample three new contenders from Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony for live production in the field.
Feature - Posted 08 Sep 2005 - INPUT Software Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
Reviews - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - August 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 8] Issue By ,
Primera's new DUP-07 CD/DVD Tower Duplicator produces up to seven copies of CDs and DVDs in just minutes
Breaking News - Posted 29 Aug 2005
Feature both USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity
Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
First Slot-Load DVD Duplicating Tower to Record at 16X
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2005
Combines the industrial quality of DX-2 and Print Factory in a compact package
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2005
RoboDisc system includes 2.8 GHz processor, 128 MB of RAM
Breaking News - Posted 09 Aug 2005
Reviews - Posted 01 Aug 2005 - Microsoft Partners Directory [June 1999] Issue By
Copy Master II duplicates CDs, single and dual-layer DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jul 2005
Single-drive MicroUltra starts at $990
Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2005
Write to DVD+R Double Layer media at 8X
Breaking News - Posted 15 Jul 2005
Include customized version of Charismac’s Discribe
Breaking News - Posted 15 Jul 2005
Feature both USB and FireWire connectivity
Breaking News - Posted 15 Jul 2005
Can duplicate DVDs up to 16X, 8.5GB dual layered DVDs up to 4X and CDs up to 48X
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jul 2005
New proprietary inkjet printer based on HP 5650 technology offers 4800dpi resolution
Breaking News - Posted 28 Jun 2005
New tower and rackmount duplicators work as standalones or host-dependent, support Mac and PC
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2005
Aleratec 1:11 DVD/CD Super Copy Tower copies 11 DVDs or CDs simultaneously
Breaking News - Posted 14 Jun 2005
Baxter features CD/DVD duplicator, CD ripper, hard drive backup
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jun 2005
Disc Makers ReflexMax7 ($1,490) improves on its Reader’s Choice Award-winning predecessor, the ReflexPro, by adding 16X DVD recording, 4X DVD+R DL, and 48X CD-R to the seven-disc tower duplicator. CD-R burning was mostly consistent in testing and DVD recording was nearly flawless; while not setting any speed records in the emergent 16X set, the tower performed admirably, making excellent use of its seven Editor’s Choice-winning Plextor PX-716A drives and its sizeable 120GB hard disk, which neatly arranges multiple imported disc images for faster burning and full access to the seven target recorders.
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2005 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
While not in the same league as its industrial PRV-LX1 cousin, Pioneer’s PRV-9200 ($1,025) is a tremendously useful tool in its own right. Its relative simplicity is welcome and its large built-in hard drive, high-speed DVD recorder, and rudimentary editing abilities are well-suited for all manner of work including budget projects, videotape and camcorder conversions, broadcast capture, and banging out quick proofs-of-concept and prototypes.
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2005 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2005 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
24/7 site for pricing new CD and DVD replication projects
Breaking News - Posted 27 May 2005
The Aleratec 1:1 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro LS records, duplicates and prints labels on DVDs and CDs
Breaking News - Posted 23 May 2005
Users can create custom laser-etched labels with LightScribe technology using specially coated media
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2005
Indie filmmakers can now get 300 replicated DVDs with color covers for $990
Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2005
New burners come bundled with Nero DVD authoring software
Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2005
Claims 30 unattended copies per hour at 16X
Breaking News - Posted 02 May 2005
Promises over 100 DVD copies per hour
Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2005
Manual duplicator records ten full DVDs in under seven minutes
Breaking News - Posted 19 Apr 2005
The Moving Picture - Posted 18 Apr 2005 - September 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 9] Issue By
SharkCopier II uses Vinpower's VPD7T controller, Titan Pro uses VPDAL controller
Breaking News - Posted 15 Apr 2005
Prices cut up to $300 on the company's 16X DVD±R/48X CD-R tower duplicators
Breaking News - Posted 27 Mar 2005
Hugh Bennett | The BravoPro is an affordable and painless in-house DVD production solution that yields professional results and gives you room to grow if your needs don’t immediately justify a system of its speed or capacity.
Feature - Posted 13 Mar 2005 By
Leverages Pioneer connectivity and PRV-LX1/LX10 recorders for live DVD authoring/duplication solution
Breaking News - Posted 12 Mar 2005
Promises low lifetime cost of ownership, easy setup and use, intuitive software, and small physical footprint
Breaking News - Posted 10 Mar 2005
Accent II offers increased speed, robust construction, more disc formats and more media
Breaking News - Posted 03 Mar 2005
New One-Button 'Load and Go' CD and DVD Duplicators
Breaking News - Posted 25 Feb 2005
Dexxon Digital Storage to distribute Primera CD/DVD duplication and printing products
Breaking News - Posted 21 Feb 2005
Application converts digital content from flash cards to DVD
Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2005
Using laptop-sized recordable drives, ILY's SlimDVDup ($699) sets a new standard for DVD duplication portability. It's not the fastest 1:1 duplicator out there, but it's the one to have along if you need to dupe discs on the road.
Reviews - Posted 18 Feb 2005 By
PRV-9200 conducive for a wide range of applications
Breaking News - Posted 09 Feb 2005
Hugh Bennett|Pioneer's latest boasts 16X DVD±R, and is the first Pioneer recorder to offer DVD+R DL
Feature - Posted 04 Feb 2005 By
DRX-720 Series to feature 16X DVD±R
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jan 2005
Hugh Bennett|Though groundbreaking in incorporating a fully functional disc labeler into a standard form-factor DVD recorder, LightScribe will not replace the usual suspects for serious commercial and decorative work.
Feature - Posted 27 Jan 2005 By
Towers boast 80GB hard disk storage
Breaking News - Posted 25 Jan 2005
Consumers can easily equip themselves with the ability to steal your work, with DVD recording drives selling for less than $100, and standalone DVD recorders at Sears for under $300.
The Main Event - Posted 17 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Vote for your favorite production & post-production tools in 15 categories
Feature - Posted 17 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue
LightScribe-equipped LaCie DVD±RW drive shown at Macworld 2005
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jan 2005
New nine-drive, 900-disc CD/DVD duplication and printing system
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2005
New nine-drive, 900-disc CD/DVD duplication and printing system
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jan 2005
Primera's Bravo II Disc Publisher includes both PC and Mac software at no additional cost
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jan 2005
DX-2 Publisher combines disc recording and printing into single unit
Breaking News - Posted 04 Jan 2005
A new CD/DVD publishing system designed to automate the production of up to 100 CDs or DVDs per job, the BravoPro may represent the best of all possible worlds for videographers with discs to produce.
Feature - Posted 01 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
RIDATA Printable DVD±R discs certified for Primera BravoPro Disc Publisher and Signature Z6
Breaking News - Posted 28 Dec 2004
Manufacturer sdds 1x1, 1x3, and 1x7 CD-R duplicators to its product line
Breaking News - Posted 21 Dec 2004
Manufacturer adds thermal disc printer to its line of products
Breaking News - Posted 21 Dec 2004
PrintFactory 2 (PF-2) high-volume inkjet debuts
Breaking News - Posted 17 Dec 2004
System Includes an Embedded Processor
Breaking News - Posted 07 Dec 2004
CD/DVD burning software outputs various formats
Breaking News - Posted 03 Dec 2004
Making the jump from outsourcing disc-duplication to in-house DVD production
Reviews - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
The straightforward Scribe EC SA allows copying, verifying, and printing at the touch of a few buttons, as well as audio compilations, simulating operation, executing alignment routines, displaying recorder information, and the like
Reviews - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
From tower-style copiers to disc publishing systems, doing your own DVD duplication and printing is easier and more affordable than ever, yet one more step in the post-production process that can be completed in-house.
Features - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
Media combines with leading printers to produce 1-1,000 custom-printed discs
Breaking News - Posted 23 Nov 2004
New CD/DVD burner has more features than the original OptiPrinter
Breaking News - Posted 23 Nov 2004
Provider of SpinWise and PrintWise duplicators enters “premium-grade” CD and DVD media market
Breaking News - Posted 16 Nov 2004
BravoPro comes equipped with CD/DVD burning and printing software that is both Windows and Mac-compatible
Breaking News - Posted 16 Nov 2004
Line New ink application meant to eliminate common printing problems
Breaking News - Posted 09 Nov 2004
PPDVDs personalized for producers' needs
Breaking News - Posted 20 Oct 2004 - April 1998 [Volume 7,Iissue 5] Issue By
Price changes make automated duplication systems available for under $3000
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2004
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s no easier way to make an attractive, easily navigated DVD than using MyDVD, and that’s as much the case in version 6 as in version 5. Which is saying something, since the competition got better in the meantime.
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
In this month’s EMedia Industry News, we debut a new monthly item on the latest, greatest, or at least the most interesting announcements that come our way in the digital studio domain. Here we’ll note curiosities alongside catalysts, milestones alongside mysteries, breakthroughs alongside…well, you get the picture.
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
The Rimage 2000i boasts deft and dashing robotics, two unimpeachable Plextor Premium 52X CD recorders (8X Pioneer A07s in the DVD version), and Rimage’s well-nigh smudge-proof 480i thermal ink printer, as well as a disc mastering application called QuickDisc that makes multiple-project management and prioritizing a priori easy.
Features - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Tower Duplication Station supports 52X CD-R and 16X DVD±R recording speeds
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2004
Claims “world’s first” portable DVD duplicator with slim, lightweight design
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2004
New Writemaster TS-H552B supports 16X recording to SL DVD media and 2.4X to DVD+R DL
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2004
Full-featured, double-layer capable recording suite bundled with second-generation DL drives
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2004
Complete line of CD/DVD duplication systems
Breaking News - Posted 20 Aug 2004
Offers 16X recording to single-layer DVD±R and 4X DVD+R DL
Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2004
Reviews - Posted 04 Aug 2004 By
Reviews - Posted 04 Aug 2004 By
Features - Posted 04 Aug 2004 - February 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 2] Issue By
Signature Z1® CD/DVD Printer labels recorded discs with a professional, high-quality look
Class Act - Posted 03 Aug 2004
New Iomega Super DVD 12X Dual-Format USB 2.0 drive reaches 8.5 GB capacity milestone
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2004
Hugh Bennett | Until Primera's Accent Disc Laminator ($3495) came along, desktop disc decoration had seen and done it all. The Accent raises the stakes for inkjet-printable label durability, appearance, and visual authentication. A specialized device best left for volume-batch production situations, the Accent introduces useful and innovative capabilities, and challenges the industry to take note.
Reviews - Posted 16 Jul 2004 - January 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 1] Issue By
Internal and external models coming in August
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jul 2004
Each duplicator can deliver more than 200 discs per hour
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jul 2004
Specially encrypted discs, known as screeners, would be earmarked for a specific academy voter and would play only on that person's machine.
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jul 2004
Dual-format DVD±R/RW drive supports high-speed USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 FireWire.
Breaking News - Posted 02 Jul 2004
HP LightScribe Direct Disc labeling, announced several new licensees including leading consumer electronics and software companies.
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jun 2004
Sony’s DRU-700A ($199), the first shipping dual layer-capable DVD recorder, performs mostly as advertised. It easily accomplished 7GB+ DVD-Video burns with the bundled Nero software on several Verbatim DVD+R DL discs provided for testing. Playback compatibility was mixed, however, with a 47% success rate on roughly 70 set-top players, portables, ROM drives, and burners.
Reviews - Posted 30 May 2004 - Enterprise Search Demo Center Issue By
Features - Posted 07 May 2004 By
Stephen F. Nathans | Attendees of NAB 2004 in Las Vegas will find media manufacturers like Verbatim and drive makers like Sony doubling down and gambling that professional DVD authors and, soon, their consumer counterparts will pay a modest premium to (nearly) double the capacity of their recording media.
Features - Posted 12 Apr 2004 - December 2005 Issue By
Features - Posted 01 Mar 2004 By
TDK distinguishes the 8X-capable IndiDVD with a well-thought out, generous software bundle.
Features - Posted 30 Jan 2004 - November 2005 Issue By
As 8X recorders and media hit the market, Philips demonstrates its next-generation technology.
Feature - Posted 05 Dec 2003 - September 2005 Issue By
Hugh Bennett | From adhesive labels, inkjet printers, and overcoating systems to thermal transfer and re-transfer devices, there is now a desktop device to satisfy discerning tastes and handle most disc-labeling chores. High hopes rest with industry innovators Primera and Rimage and newcomers Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Casio to advance the state of the art and reach new markets.
Features - Posted 01 Dec 2003 - July/August 2005 Issue By
Synopsis: With its well-balanced ratio of recorders to printers, excellent incremental scalability, the attractive redundancy of multiple optional autoloaders, versatile multiplatform control software, and its peerless DVD label output, the Protégé II is a genuine digital studio thoroughbred.
Reviews - Posted 23 Oct 2003 - May 2005 Issue By
Synopsis: Once you resolve a few out-of-box issues—with help from DiscMakers excellent tech support team—you’ve got a fine and efficient machine on your hands, a near-perfect CD and DVD duper.
Reviews - Posted 03 Oct 2003 - May 2005 Issue
Features - Posted 01 Aug 2003 - April 2005 Issue
Features - Posted 01 Aug 2003 - April 2005 Issue
Reviews - Posted 01 Jul 2003 - January/February 2005 Issue By
Reviews - Posted 01 Jun 2003 - December 2004 Issue By
With its lovable size, full range of features, integrated label printer, and competent operation—all at price to die for—Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher sets a new standard for personal CD and DVD duplication, and may prove the ultimate digital studio peripheral. Anyone interested in desktop convenience should take a long hard look. While the jury is still out on whether or not the Bravo will be successful in attracting a wider audience—or merely steal sales from more expensive systems—there’s little doubt that it indeed suggests the shape of things to come.
Reviews - Posted 01 Feb 2003 - July/August 2004 Issue By
There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding that little plastic disc that we call a DVD. I’m going to blow away the smoke and break a few mirrors to expose the truth about choosing and using the proper media to save those precious memories that your clients entrust to you.
Feature - Posted 01 Sep 1999 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
As more and more videographers extend their reach to corporate and stage-event clientele, they meet a growing demand for DVD duplication in quantities that run well beyond the half-dozen-or-fewer discs produced for a typical wedding or bar mitzvah client. Which leaves them in a quandary: do I invest money and time in purchasing, mastering, and maintaining duplication equipment and do the jobs in-house, or do I outsource the work to a local service bureau and stick to what I know best?
Features - Posted 01 Sep 1999 - Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By