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Chris Randall | If you're in the market for a new laptop for your SDEs, I highly recommend the HP EliteBook 8760w workstation. It's like taking a super-fast, full-sized tower computer and cramming it all into a laptop with an amazing display. With Adobe CS 5.5, the 8760w, and its built-in NVIDIA graphics card, you'll be ready to rock the SDE world!
Feature - Posted 09 Dec 2011 By
Jan Ozer | Over the years, I've gathered some thoughts on what it takes to produce and deliver a high-quality video experience and, to a degree, succeed as a video producer. While most of this will be old hat to grizzled veterans, perhaps some newbie will find these ramblings, and the associated resources that I point to, of use.
Feature - Posted 07 Dec 2011 By
David McKnight | Vegas Pro 11 was announced at IBC in September and is an exciting and much-anticipated upgrade to the cornerstone in Sony Creative Software's (SCS) media production line. It's available now at www.sonycreativesoftware.com for immediate download. There are some important changes afoot and in this review we're going to take a look at what's new, what's changed, what's missing, and whether or not you should upgrade from your current version.
Feature - Posted 17 Oct 2011 By
Jan Ozer | I think that Final Cut Pro X will be a very successful program for Apple, but primarily as iMovie Pro, not the next version of Final Cut Pro. I don't argue with Apple's economic motivation for eschewing the pro market; it's the best way to maximize Apple's development resources. But I take serious issue with the notion that the Final Cut Pro X launch has been anything close to successful, at least for professional users. If anything, it's a downloadable New Coke.
Feature - Posted 27 Sep 2011 By
Chris P. Jones | By 'templatizing' as much of your editing process as possible, you will reduce your backlog and your delivery time, and this will make your clients happier than if you were to commission Danny Elfman to compose an original score.
Feature - Posted 11 Jul 2011 By
Offers 50 percent discount on Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium or Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to Apple or Avid editors
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jul 2011
David McKnight | After months of speculation about what would be in the latest full-step upgrade to Sony Creative Software's popular pro NLE, the new version has brought users new features and increased performance—without sacrificing stability. In this overview we'll cover many of these new features in Vegas Pro 10 that will benefit event videographers and filmmakers. Also, bookmark this page: we'll be adding new Vegas Pro 10 video tutorials every month through the first half of 2011.
Feature - Posted 27 Jun 2011 By
EventDV-TV - Posted 22 Jun 2011 By
Luisa Winters, Jan Ozer, and Shawn Lam | New Shawn Lam tutorial added: Author & Deliver in Multiple Formats with a Single Encore CS5.5 Workflow. Also featured: Jan Ozer on Roundtrip Pro Audio Editing, Luisa Winters on the new Merge Clips feature in Premiere Pro CS5.5, Jan Ozer on new capabilities of Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, Luisa Winters on using Photoshop's Content Aware Fill with After Effects, Shawn Lam on Image Stabilization Using Adobe After Effects' new Warp Stabilizer.
Feature - Posted 20 Jun 2011 By , ,
Marc Franklin | The best products of NAB 2011 for event videographers/filmmakers in two categories: production and postproduction.
Features - Posted 10 Jun 2011 By
Major Upgrade to Creative Suite Product Family Delivers Breakthroughs in video production and editing, HTML5 Authoring, Mobile App Development
Breaking News - Posted 02 May 2011
Shawn Lam | What happens when you deliver your event live? This is nothing new for live TV broadcasters, but more and more event video producers are being asked to perform their postproduction activities in real-time—that is, live as the event is occurring.
Feature - Posted 01 May 2011 By
Shawn Lam | Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, launched today at NAB, delivers improvements in speed, postproduction fixes, and real-time creative effects. Not only will the speed improve turnaround times, it will also provide editors with the luxury of experimenting, which is an important part of the creative process.
Feature - Posted 11 Apr 2011 By
Jan Ozer | The Primera Bravo 4102 prints gorgeous discs at never-before-seen speeds. During my tests, it didn't produce a coaster after burning more than 200 discs. If you're looking for a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc production system, this unit needs to be on your short list.
Feature - Posted 23 Feb 2011 By
New Features and Performance Improvements Introduced in Z Depth 1.5
Breaking News - Posted 22 Dec 2010
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Does 3D have a place in wedding filmmaking's future, or is that notion just the stuff of science fiction? We spoke with one of 3D's earliest adopters in the wedding world, Abraham Joffe of Sydney, Australia. A few months back, Joffe produced and delivered a 3D wedding film—Australia's first, but already not its last—and lived to tell the tale.
Feature - Posted 29 Oct 2010 By
Exhibition showcases the newest HD technology in an informal setting that allows professionals to get hands-on experience with the latest groundbreaking gear while conversing with colleagues and industry decision-makers
Breaking News - Posted 27 Oct 2010
Jan Ozer | If you're shooting in 24p, you should deliver your projects in 24p. This sounds obvious and simple, but it can get surprisingly complex depending upon your choice of encoding and authoring tool. I just spent 2 weeks comparing MPEG-2 encoders, and I saw a surprising difference in quality and ability to deliver 24p footage that Apple's DVD Studio Pro could import and the quality Adobe Encore was able to achieve without re-encoding. In this column, I'll discuss those findings and detail the best workflows for producing 24p DVDs.
Feature - Posted 15 Sep 2010 By
David McKnight | Sony Vegas expert and 2009 EventDV 2009 finalist Rusty Brown consider the pros and cons of Sony's feature-enriched $99 Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 for pro wedding and event videographers and others contemplating taking the Vegas plunge.
Feature - Posted 31 Aug 2010 By
Provides electronically delivered software for end users
Breaking News - Posted 15 Jul 2010
David McKnight | Since most Vegas users work with the companion DVD Architect program to author DVD and Blu-ray Discs, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to showcase some snazzy motion menus that integrate well into DVD Architect. We'll be working with Sony DVD Architect 5, Adobe After Effects CS3, and Pro Motion Menu Kits from Precomposed Motion Menus.
Feature - Posted 01 Jul 2010 By
Jan Ozer | The launch of Adobe CS5 brings to bear the obvious comparison with Final Cut Studio (FCS). Since life has been far too quiet lately, I decided to tackle this subject, but from the perspective of the totally new user, not the experienced user who would rather fight than switch. In other words, what would you say if a total newbie asked, "Which should I use, FCS 3 or Adobe CS5?"
Feature - Posted 24 Jun 2010 By
Extensive Upgrades Provide Authoring Studios and Professional Video Editors With New Blu-ray3D Production Tools
Breaking News - Posted 16 Jun 2010
Popular Products Including Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, ACID Music Studio, and Sound Forge Audio Studio Offer Consumers New Solutions for Creating and Producing Digital Content
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2010
Marc Franklin | Every year the NAB show teems with new product announcements and trends, and it often marks the real-world debut of tantalizing new gear that was under glass a year ago. Some of what you see is too premature for primetime, some new developments look a little misguided, and others are simply mismatched with the event filmmaking world. Here's a look at what's ready, what's real, and what's most relevant to us among the most exciting products that are making their way to market following this year's show.
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2010 By
Ben Balser | In Final Cut Studio 3, there is a new Share option under the File menu in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor. This month's Cut Lines lays out an easy way to create a custom export preset, designed for your own specific needs, that will show up in the Share window for fast, easy export and publishing.
Tutorials - Posted 31 May 2010 By
Drives upgraded from 8x to 12x burn speeds; high-speed eSATA interface replaces USB 2.0
Breaking News - Posted 25 May 2010
The awards recognize the top new products for event videographers and filmmakers introduced at NAB in four categories: cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Feature - Posted 03 May 2010
Roving reporter Shawn Lam reports from NAB in Las Vegas in this three-part EventDV-TV series
Feature - Posted 14 Apr 2010 By
ree Update For Current Vegas Pro 9 Software Users Provides Closed Captioning Tools, Multi-layer PSD Support and Timeline Burning to DVD
Breaking News - Posted 13 Apr 2010
Jan Ozer | Video technology and postproduction expert Jan Ozer examines Adobe's new CS5 integrated suite from a variety of angles, including new features and interfaces, a run-down of theadvantages of the new Mercury engine, performance comparisons between CS4 and CS5, and configuration suggestions for video pros working with the new suite.
Feature - Posted 12 Apr 2010 By
Blu-print 6 and New Z Depth Application for Vegas Pro 9 Provide Innovative Stereoscopic 3D Production Tools for Authoring Studios and Professional Video Editors
Breaking News - Posted 08 Apr 2010
Ben Balser | This month I'll describe the round-trip procedures for moving active project files among the various applications in Final Cut Studio 3.
Tutorials - Posted 30 Jan 2010 By
Ben Balser | This month I'll describe the round-trip procedures for moving active project files among the various applications in Final Cut Studio 3.
Feature - Posted 30 Jan 2010 By
Jan Ozer | What you need to know (or at least what Adobe will tell you now) about the new Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Production Premium "CSNext"
Feature - Posted 07 Dec 2009 By
Award-winning CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and printing software is now available for Primera's disc publishers
Breaking News - Posted 02 Nov 2009
Primera's wide range of hardware and software products is now compatible with Windows 7
Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2009
Ben Balser | Final Cut Studio 2009, the long-anticipated new release of Apple's eminent postproduction suite, delivers no major overhaul of anything, just a few little touches applied to most of the applications that can save you a ton of time during your postproduction process. Although none of the new features, taken by themselves, represent anything mind-blowing, together they make for a faster, easier workflow that will save you a lot of time.
Feature - Posted 06 Oct 2009 By
Ben Balser | Final Cut Studio 2009, the long-anticipated new release of Apple's eminent postproduction suite, delivers no major overhaul of anything, just a few little touches applied to most of the applications that can save you a ton of time during your postproduction process. Although none of the new features, taken by themselves, represent anything mind-blowing, together they make for a faster, easier workflow that will save you a lot of time.
Features - Posted 06 Oct 2009 - October 2009 Issue By
Speakers include Larry Jordan, Ben Balser, Bruce Nazarian, Alexis Van Hurkman
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2009
In-Stat reports that consumers are interested in receiving 3D in the home, but 25% of those who are at least somewhat interested in having the ability to view 3D content at home are unwilling to spend extra on a 3D TV, and 43% want to spend $200 or less on the new TV
Breaking News - Posted 03 Oct 2009
Shawn Lam | This is a review of Adobe's Speech to Text feature, which is found in both Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Soundbooth CS4. I'm stating this upfront because somewhere along the line in the 4 months since I was commissioned to test and write about this new feature and when and I completed my review, I decided that I would be doing a disservice to my readers by spending the entire article discussing a feature that is just a bit ahead of its time, while ignoring one (Dynamic Link) that has been around for a few versions but is finally fully functional.
In the Studio - Posted 01 Oct 2009 - October 2009 Issue By
Shawn Lam | This is a review of Adobe's Speech to Text feature, which is found in both Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Soundbooth CS4. I'm stating this upfront because somewhere along the line in the 4 months since I was commissioned to test and write about this new feature and when and I completed my review, I decided that I would be doing a disservice to my readers by spending the entire article discussing a feature that is just a bit ahead of its time, while ignoring one (Dynamic Link) that has been around for a few versions but is finally fully functional.
Feature - Posted 01 Oct 2009 By
High-Speed 12x Write Capability Lets Professional Users and Enthusiasts Quickly Test, Author and Preserve High Definition Content
Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2009
The EasyBD 1-2-3 program can save prospective Blu-ray publishers thousands of dollars and countless hours
Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2009
Cinematize 2 and Cinematize 2 Pro are award-winning DVD movie clip extractors that allow you to extract audio, video, and subtitle clips off of DVDs and convert them into formats compatible with popular applications including QuickTime, FinalCut, iMovie, iDVD, PowerPoint, iTunes, Apple TV, and even an iPod
Breaking News - Posted 25 Sep 2009
Complete Blu-ray Disc Production Suite for Professional Videographers
Breaking News - Posted 04 Sep 2009
Update to World Renowned Encoding Software Adds DivX HD Functionality
Breaking News - Posted 21 Aug 2009
Trainers include Larry Jordan, Bruce Nazarian, Alexis Van Hurkman, and Ben Balser
Breaking News - Posted 08 Aug 2009
OWC Mercury ProFeatures FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, & eSATA Interfaces
Breaking News - Posted 24 Jul 2009
Jan Ozer | By now you've heard that there's a new version of Final Cut Studio shipping from Apple. What's new? Well, it starts with a new price of $999, $300 less than Final Cut Studio 2. You can upgrade to the new suite from any previous version, even Final Cut Pro 1.0, for $299. All suite components were upgraded (to varying degrees) except for DVD Studio Pro—which, as you may recall, wasn't upgraded in the previous suite either. Fear not, however (are you sitting down?): The suite upgrade does enable a modest level of Blu-ray Disc authoring. Read on for more details.
Feature - Posted 23 Jul 2009
New Versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color and Compressor
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jul 2009
Create fun, professional DVD's with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 using Free Menu Templates
Breaking News - Posted 18 Jun 2009
David McKnight | The latest and greatest in Vegas Pro 9 for videographers
Feature - Posted 11 Jun 2009 By
David McKnight | The latest and greatest in Vegas Pro 9 for videographers
Features - Posted 11 Jun 2009 By
Marc Franklin | The hottest new announcements and releases of NAB 2009 for the videography world
Features - Posted 05 Jun 2009 - June 2009 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Illinois Videographers Association event draws internationally recognized presenters Patrick Moreau and Michael Wong of StillMotion and marks the speaking debut of concept film phenom Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures
Feature - Posted 27 May 2009 By
Unveils Roxio Burn; Intuitive Way to Perform Frequent Recording Tasks
Breaking News - Posted 07 May 2009
Fourth annual "Best of NAB" list selected by contributing editor Marc Franklin recognizes new cameras, production gear, and postproduction solutions
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2009
Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 version 4.1, a free update for existing customers of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, improves compatibility with RED cameras, offering more control over RAW settings when used in conjunction with an updated RED plug-in, available in May from RED.com
Breaking News - Posted 20 Apr 2009
Using Vinpower Digital's unique PC Network software with the advanced SharkNet Duplicator series allows users to load files directly from any authorized PC on a given network onto a duplicator
Breaking News - Posted 23 Mar 2009
Users That Own a Competitor's Product Can Receive a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card When They Buy the English Version of TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4
Breaking News - Posted 16 Mar 2009
Features - Posted 16 Mar 2009
Write/burns Blu-ray up to 8X speed, DVDs up to 16X and CDs up to 32X speed
Breaking News - Posted 24 Feb 2009
Thousands will gather at industry's most popular symposium on April 21, 2009
Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2009
EventDV-TV - Posted 22 Feb 2009 By
Market share for high-definition video will reach 73.8% by 2017, but video-on-demand will play an ever-increasing role in home entertainment over the long term
Breaking News - Posted 04 Feb 2009
CS4 guru provides expert instruction for latest Adobe® release
Breaking News - Posted 03 Feb 2009
Jan Ozer | Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) Production Premium allows you to send Premiere Pro sequences to both the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) and Adobe Encore for rendering or authoring while continuing to edit in Premiere Pro. The bad news is this significantly increases CS4's memory requirements, and on a 32-bit operating system, this can mean longer rendering times, instability, or both. If you want CS4's features without the performance penalty, you should consider running CS4 on a 64-bit system.
The Moving Picture - Posted 12 Jan 2009 - February 2009 Issue By
New BD Products Scheduled to Begin Shipping in the First Half of 2009
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jan 2009
4X Inkjet White Printable Blu-ray Discs Are Fast to Record, Dry and Print!
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jan 2009
January 2009 EventDV Table of Contents
Features - Posted 01 Jan 2009 By
Introduced several years ago as a 2-DVD set called Business Everlasting and later expanded into The Complete Course with a 3-ring binder chock full of useful content, Alan Naumann's definitive memorial videography training kit has been recently updated with a variety of helpful materials.
Continuing Education - Posted 31 Dec 2008 - January 2009 Issue By
Philip Hinkle | A Guided Tour for Videographers
Features - Posted 24 Dec 2008 - January 2009 Issue By
Faster Read/Write up to 8X for DVD & DVD Dual-Layer, 24X for CDs -- Priced from $89.99 Optical Drive "SuperDrive" Upgrades Also Available For Nearly Every Mac Model from $27.99
Breaking News - Posted 09 Dec 2008
Helps Families Revive, Relive, and Preserve Cherished Personal Video Memories and Entertainment
Breaking News - Posted 09 Dec 2008
PixelPops Design, LLC announces the departure of Russ Jolly from the highly creative pixelmonkey team. After almost 8 years as a part of the three-member partnership Russ leaves PixelPops to pursue other interests
Breaking News - Posted 01 Dec 2008
December 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
We consulted our crack team of contributing editors and columnists on what they saw as the game-changing products and trends in the event video industry in 2008. The envelope please...
Features - Posted 01 Dec 2008 - December 2008 Issue By , , , , , , ,
Introduces Final Cut Pro project import, RED camera compatibility, OMF export, and other enhancements
Breaking News - Posted 20 Nov 2008
The software is characterized by a great depth of function, flexible work flow and interface design, all coupled with the ease of use and format variety typical of all MAGIX products
Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2008
Features Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, and DivX Ultra Authoring, AVCHD File Import, Fast HD Video Editing, 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio Input/Output, Slideshow Creation, and More
Breaking News - Posted 06 Nov 2008
November 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Jan Ozer | One of the coolest new features in Adobe Encore CS4 is the ability to insert pop-up menus over video in Blu-ray Disc projects, a feature unique among authoring programs in Encore's class. In this tutorial, I'll describe how to implement that feature as I did in a simple project I produced in early fall.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Nov 2008 - November 2008 Issue By
Jan Ozer | Most pro videographers are well-versed in animated backgrounds and other accoutrements for dressing up DVD deliverables, but as we move to HD delivery and update our skills accordingly, it's also important to update our knowledgebase of the HD tools available for polishing up our work. Here's a look at what's available now.
Features - Posted 01 Nov 2008 - November 2008 Issue By
Jan Ozer | Most pro videographers are well-versed in animated backgrounds and other accoutrements for dressing up DVD deliverables, but as we move to HD delivery and update our skills accordingly, it's also important to update our knowledgebase of the HD tools available for polishing up our work. Here's a look at what's available now.
Feature - Posted 01 Nov 2008 By
New SuperDrive Models Read/Write DVDs & CDs Faster -- Up to 20X Speed for DVDs, 48X for CDs -- Priced Starting at $29.99 for Internal, $71.99 for External FireWire + USB 2.0 Solutions; Models Offering Blu-ray Support Now Available from $149.99
Breaking News - Posted 30 Oct 2008
OWC Mercury Pro features Quad Interface for FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, and eSATA for Mac and PC; 4X Speed Blu-ray recording for 25GB and 50GB discs; Writes up to 50GB; Reads/Writes BD/BD-R/BD-RE, DVD/DVD+/-R, CD-R/RW Discs
Breaking News - Posted 22 Oct 2008
Milestone Release Radically Improves Creative Workflow Efficiency; Redefines Collaboration Between Designers and Developers
Breaking News - Posted 14 Oct 2008
Chris Randall | Jeff Pulera's new tutorial, available from Safe Harbor Computers, is an excellent resource for any Matrox RT.X2 user wanting to get the most out of HDV and Blu-ray production. It greatly helps the viewer get up to speed and learn the various encoding and export options for HDV Blu-ray projects.
Continuing Education - Posted 13 Oct 2008 - December 2008 Issue By
Learn how to streamline your wedding and event video workflow, and enhance your business model
Breaking News - Posted 10 Oct 2008
The iHES206 is capable of recording on today's most popular DVD and CD media in the market, and playback from media such as Blu-ray Discs, DVD, and CD
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2008
Sub-$400 Model Leaps Ahead in Recording Speed; Includes Blu-ray Disc Movie Title 'Men In Black'
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
Cross-Platform Video Toolset Delivers New Technologies For Creating Searchable Video Content
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
Radical Workflow Breakthroughs, New Levels of Flash Expressiveness and Integration Anchor Adobe's Biggest Software Release
Breaking News - Posted 23 Sep 2008
The New MediaStation External and Internal Drives Bring Users An All-In-One Solution for Blu-ray, DVD and CD to Fit All Their PC Entertainment Needs
Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2008
Vegas Pro 8.0c Features XDCAM HD 4:2:2 Camera Support, Fit-to-Fill Editing and Trimmer Tool Enhancements Including Source/Preview Mode; Vegas Pro 8.1 is Industry's First Available Mainstream 64-bit NLE Software
Breaking News - Posted 12 Sep 2008
Company Previews Next Generation of Adobe Post Production Software
Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2008
Software provides movie enthusiasts with quick, easy access to DVD movie collections from personal computer hard drives
Breaking News - Posted 09 Sep 2008
Designed as space-savers, these new models are ideal for everything from everyday computing to editing high-definition video content
Breaking News - Posted 03 Sep 2008
September 2008 EventDV
Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008
212-page book covers everything a video professional needs to know to transition to HD
Breaking News - Posted 02 Jul 2008
Jan Ozer | I got flamed repeatedly after writing a blog post about Sony Vegas while I was at NAB. In essence, the post stated that it was easy for me to recognize the NLE's many strengths, but that didn't make me any more comfortable using it. These responses made me crystallize my thinking about why we choose the video editors we choose, and it came down to three reasons: "the complete product," "first love," and sheer, subjective preference.
The Moving Picture - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Ben Balser | In this installment of Cut Lines, we look at a growing trend among Final Cut users: utilizing Keynote--the iWork application designed for slideshow-model presentations--as a quick-and-easy motion graphics tool for creating DVD backgrounds.
Tutorials - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
Marc Franklin | NAB, the annual national broadcast convention, always features a few great new products in the event videographer's wheelhouse. Here's a quick guide to the best products for our market from this year's show, divided into three parts: cameras, production support, and postproduction.
Features - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - July 2008 Issue By
6X Blu-ray, 16X DVD±R/RW + DL, 5X DVD-RAM, HD DVD-ROM, LightScribe
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2008
Direct Publish to YouTube, Blu-ray Disc Burning, Cinescore Studio Custom Soundtrack Creator and Enhanced Project Wizards, Make Home Movie Projects Fast and Easy
Breaking News - Posted 25 Jun 2008
LaCie today announced LaCie Remote Burn software for both its Portable DVD±RW with LightScribe, Design by Sam Hecht and d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe drives for FireWire that also include Toast Titanium
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2008
DVD Menus, Powerpoint And YouTube Support Enhance Photo Slideshow Disk Creation Software
Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2008
Now Available Through U.S. Retailers, Drives with Flexible Storage Options Ideal for Home and Office
Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2008
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2008
Jan Ozer | At this writing I'm just back from NAB, and wanted to let you know what's up with Blu-ray. I'll cover the recorder/printer market first, then move to software, then touch on replication.
The Moving Picture - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Shawn Lam | The show is over, the curtains have been drawn, and the performers are heading home. Now the work begins: postproduction.
Stage to Screen - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Hugh Bennett | When working with Blu-ray, the need to enter into and comply with various license agreements differs depending upon the circumstance. Since most videographers and duplicators deal in single or (at most) a few hundred discs at a time, the author of EMedialive's Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ will address licensing issues that pertain to situations where BD content is distributed on writable rather than pressed discs.
Op-Ed - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Where does the skilled and diligent professional shooter and editor fit in the emergent "publish, then filter" world of the Web 2.0 era?
The Nonlinear Editor - Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 Issue By
Drive records, rewrites and reads 25 gigabytes (GB) or 50GB BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (rewritable), as well as DVD±RW DL and CD±RW
Breaking News - Posted 28 May 2008
Features - Posted 28 May 2008
Few U.S. Adults are Likely to Purchase a Blu-ray Player within the Next Year
Breaking News - Posted 15 May 2008
Blu-ray drives will become the majority of the total market value in 2012
Breaking News - Posted 14 May 2008
The newly released Acoolsoft PPT2DVD 2.0 has been enhanced with flexible DVD Menus, additional PowerPoint to video functions, latest Blu-ray technology, and new encode engine for higher conversion speed. There improvements will make the PowerPoint to DVD conversion more efficient and more flexible
Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2008
New Software Offers Output and Burn to Blu-ray Disc and DVD-Video Plus 171 Video Transition Effects to Create Customized Videos
Breaking News - Posted 01 May 2008
Philip Hinkle | When I took delivery of a new Sony BWU-200S 4X BD burner, my goal was to deliver wedding videos, with menus, on Blu-ray Disc, for minimal additional investment. Here's the workflow I developed, and how I got there.
Features - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Now that HD DVD is gone, will Blu-ray succeed DVD as the video delivery king? Or will it be streaming? Syncable set-tops? Holographic storage? The answer...
The Nonlinear Editor - Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 Issue By
Company responds to customer demand for editing systems that offer greater speed, reliability, price-performance and creative freedom
Class Act - Posted 14 Apr 2008
New DVD Architect 5 and Blu-print Update Offer Specialized Solutions for High Definition DVD Production
Breaking News - Posted 14 Apr 2008
CyberLink PowerProducer -- Produce High-Definition Home Movies and Slideshows on Discs
Breaking News - Posted 11 Mar 2008
Jan Ozer | Because I spend so much time using Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, After Effects, and all the applications in Adobe CS3 Production Premium, even some minor changes would save me oodles of time.
Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2008
Ben Balser | In Part 3 of our motion graphics crash course, we'll transform our 3D animated titles into DVD menus, add transitions, and complete the project we started with LiveType in Part 1 and Motion in Part 2.
Feature - Posted 09 Jan 2008 By
Popular Reflex line now features 250GB hard drives with Dynamic Smart Partitioning and 20x DVD drives, while backed by a new Best Price Guarantee
Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2007
Software upgrade is now available at www.tmpg-inc.com and is free for current TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 users
Breaking News - Posted 29 Nov 2007
What products ruled the roost in event videography in 2007? And what were the biggest trends in the industry? The envelope, please...
Feature - Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
The Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool
Breaking News - Posted 12 Sep 2007
Anthony Burokas | Premiere Pro CS3 brings the Adobe NLE back to the Mac as a polished-looking product capable of handling most editing needs with ease. Editors who demand deep capability and minute control may find a few features lacking in what is essentially a version 1.0 MacTel product, but shops that use other Adobe tools, such as Photoshop and After Effects, will enjoy the integration (if they spring for the full CS3 Production Premium suite) and will find Premiere Pro a nice addition to their dock.
Feature - Posted 31 Aug 2007 By
Vegas Pro 8 NLE Software Delivers Customizable Creation Tools Including ProType Titling Technology, Multicamera Editing, AVCHD Workflow and Blu-ray Disc Burning
Breaking News - Posted 30 Aug 2007
New Language Versions Available Soon on TMPG French and Spanish Language Sites
Breaking News - Posted 01 Aug 2007
Stephen F. Nathans | When will desktop HD disc production become a viable business strategy for small-studio video producers with HDTV-ready clientele?
Features - Posted 26 Jul 2007 By
NetBlender will integrate Corel's PureHD Authoring Multiplexer into the upcoming release of DoStudio, which creates the Advanced Content Layer for HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jun 2007
Mainstream entertainment industry's most popular rip control technology now available to independent producers nationwide who create Recordable DVD-Video products
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jun 2007
Tim Siglin | Fortunately for our EventDV readers that may be called upon to use their talents to cut together 400 digital still images—and just as many digital video clips from a variety of cameras—into a coherent music video telling the story of the activity, Adobe and Apple have both released upgrades to their flagship video, motion graphics, and audio tools that will help meet these needs.
Feature - Posted 27 Jun 2007 By
Chris Randall | It appears that the wait for a Blu-ray Disc authoring solution fully integrated with a mainstream pro NLE is over, with software giant Adobe selecting Blu-ray as their format of choice for delivery of HD video in the new CS3 version of Encore, which debuts in July with the release of Adobe CS3 Production Premium. Here's a quick walkthrough of Blu-ray Disc workflow in Encore CS3.
Feature - Posted 25 Jun 2007 By
New version, 2.03 includes several new features such as an option to keep intermediate files, more frame size options for MPEG-4 output, support for Apple TV movie output, and improved extraction speed, as well as some fixes
Breaking News - Posted 13 Jun 2007
First Two Sets of Templates Are Now Available for Popular TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 Software
Breaking News - Posted 11 Jun 2007
VideoStudio Experience on Windows Vista Delivers Outstanding Video Editing, Authoring and Sharing to New and Advanced Users
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2007
New Software Features Enhanced Usability, DVD Authoring and DivX Ultra
Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2007
Marc Franklin| While this year's NAB show didn't have as many wows as last year's, there were a number of new products and technologies unveiled that will have an impact on the event videography market in the coming year and beyond. From standard-setting HD cameras to innovative animation tools to major new entries from Apple and Adobe and a stunning studio-in-abox, here are 12 products to watch from NAB 2007.
Feature - Posted 01 Jun 2007 By
Hugh Bennett | For similar money to Pioneer's BDR-101A, the PX-B900A offers more features including dual-layer BD-R/RE burning, superior blank media support, and CD reading and writing abilities, as well as a functional software suite. That said, it's still early in the game and BD recorders of all stripes need time to mature and reach an affordable price level to attract a larger audience. But Plextor has made a good start.
Feature - Posted 26 May 2007 By
Event will feature product demonstrations from some of the most respected presenters in the industry. GraVT Expo is for everyone, weather you are producing home movies, wedding videos, corporate, or broadcast video, SD or HD you will see a product that works for you.
Breaking News - Posted 04 May 2007
Newest Release Delivers Next-generation Video Editing, Authoring and Sharing Features to New and Advanced Users
Breaking News - Posted 30 Apr 2007
Major Upgrades of Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion & Compressor; and Introduces "Color"
Breaking News - Posted 15 Apr 2007
Streamlines Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Title Creation
Breaking News - Posted 12 Apr 2007
Anthony Burokas | At a time when Apple is stratifying users between $80 consumer iLife apps—iMovie and iDVD—or the $1,300 Final Cut Studio package, Adobe basically invites Mac users to dig out their old copy of Premiere and sign up for the Premiere Pro CS3 Upgrade for just $299, with the Blu-ray capable Encore CS3 thrown into the mix as well.
Feature - Posted 28 Mar 2007 By
Cross-platform suite integrates video editing, audio, effects, graphics, and multimedia tools, with Blu-ray authoring added to Encore CS3; inclusion of On Location (nee DV Rack) and Ultra CS3 boon to corporate producers; Flash CS3 Pro bundled/integrated as well
Breaking News - Posted 27 Mar 2007
Newest Release of Award-winning Consumer DVD Authoring and Burning Application offers Studio-quality Results for Standard and High-definition Video
Breaking News - Posted 27 Mar 2007
Jan Ozer | Ulead DVD MovieFactory ($79.99) is the best choice I've seen for video producers who need to deliver both Blu-ray and HD DVD for their clients now. HD DVD authoring is about what you'd expect in terms of DVD authoring from a consumer product, but Blu-ray is more limited. If you need menus on your Blu-ray discs, Roxio DVDit Pro HD is a better choice, but it costs a bunch more and has its own player-related issues.
Feature - Posted 25 Mar 2007 By
Nero 7 to include the debut of SecurDisc as well as Blu-ray and AVCHD certifications CeBIT 2007
Breaking News - Posted 15 Mar 2007
Free Update Offers Faster Conversions, “Works with Windows Vista" Certification - Plus New Support for Zune, TiVo, and High Quality iPod Video
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2007
Seminars available at three times on Thursday, January 11
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2007
Jeff Sauer | There’s a lot to like about the new Vegas+DVD Production Suite, particularly if you happen to shoot with XDCAM. Vegas 7’s improved HDV support will appeal to a much broader audience, as will the faster audio processing, and the new DVD Architect features advanced scripting and some nifty DVD timeline enhancements for motion menu designers. Vegas remains quirky in places, but it’s a deep editor with a lot of features, and most of those features are right at your fingertips in the main interface.
Feature - Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
2006 was an action-packed year for new product releases in the event video space, from the pre-NAB launches of Adobe's Dynamic Linked Production Studio and SmartSound's Mood Mapped Sonicfire Pro 4, to the CMOS-charged HDV cameras that electrified IBC. And if the much-hyped debuts of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc didn't make much of an impact in our business this year, there were plenty of new entries that did. We polled our contributing editors and columnists for their Best of 2006 list, and here we present the winners.
Feature - Posted 14 Dec 2006 By
Jan Ozer | This article discusses three ways to produce high-definition video for viewing on either HD DVD or Blu-ray players—three solutions that will work for us right now. Briefly, these involve using Apple DVD Studio Pro or Pinnacle Studio to burn HD DVD-formatted discs on your current DVD±R/RW burner for playback on an HD DVD set top player, or using Roxio DVDit Pro HD to record projects to a Blu-ray recorder for playback on a Blu-ray set-top player.
Feature - Posted 14 Dec 2006
Corel Well-Positioned To Emerge as a World Leader in Digital Media Software With Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Digital Imaging and DVD Video Products
Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2006
Jan Ozer | In this tutorial, Jan Ozer demonstrates how to burn HD DVD discs that will play in an HD DVD player using standard DVD media and DVD burners.
Breaking News - Posted 11 Dec 2006 By
New Mac version of ultimate DVD re-editing tool now available
Breaking News - Posted 07 Dec 2006
HD DVD Burning Capabilities a Must Have for Video Enthusiasts
Breaking News - Posted 28 Nov 2006
Enhanced version features high-definition video capturing and production, widescreen support, and advanced Magic Video Editing tools
Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2006
Company will also host presentation by award-winning independent filmmaker and Media Composer training classes
Breaking News - Posted 07 Nov 2006
Anthony Burokas | A full-fledged PC designed to make DVD recording as simple and straightforward as set-top DVD decks, but with greater flexibility, DVD Shop is a very powerful tool if you intend to use it to its full ability. However, if you don't need the advanced features DVD Shop provides, there are software-only packages that can handle each aspect of what DVD Shop does and are not tied to a piece of hardware.
Feature - Posted 27 Oct 2006 By
Ultimate DVD Re-Editing tool that makes virtually any piece of an existing DVD available as source material for new DVD projects
Breaking News - Posted 28 Sep 2006
Upgrades and Enhancements to Top PC-Based Nonlinear Editing Software Include Advanced HDV and XDCAM Support
Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2006
Packed with Next-Generation Enhancements, Digital Media Suite Ships Worldwide
Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2006
Ben Balser | Here's how you use the Stories feature in DVD Studio Pro to give your DVDs much more functionality with only a little more work.
Feature - Posted 01 Sep 2006 By
Ben Balser | Here's a flexible, easy workflow between Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro that includes some neat tricks to save you time.
Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2006 By
Converts video, music files for DivX media devices, iPods, Sony PSP, Memory Sticks, and 3G cell phones in three steps
Breaking News - Posted 26 Jul 2006
Four-city tour combines hands-on lessons with opportunities for certification at intermediate and advanced user levels
Breaking News - Posted 26 Jul 2006
Adds extraction of menu content, subtitles, multi-channel audio tracks, and more to Cinematize 2 feature set
Breaking News - Posted 19 Jul 2006
Disc creation software takes a high-definition step
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2006
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen | Though Roxio's Easy Media Creator might be the overall best in show when it comes to letting novices create impressive video and slideshow DVDs, MovieFactory comes $50 cheaper at $49.99, and scores high for its Multitrim editing, a redesigned GUI featuring an uncluttered new launcher, and an ingenious new Smart Scene Menu.
Feature - Posted 27 Jun 2006 By
Easy-to-use DVD creation software delivers professional-looking results
Breaking News - Posted 02 Jun 2006
Todd Gillespie | Miraizon's Cinematize is specifically designed to pull the digital files from a DVD into a multitude of formats for a variety of uses. Cinematize gives you the power of creativity and lets you utilize your DVDs in a way you've not yet considered--or at least not considered possible.
Feature - Posted 30 May 2006 By
Sonic’s Roxio Software Bundled with Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc Writer
Breaking News - Posted 17 May 2006
Brings High-Definition digital media creation tools to video professionals
Breaking News - Posted 27 Apr 2006
Company also adds French and German versions to TMPGEnc, its professional-grade DVD authoring program
Breaking News - Posted 13 Apr 2006
Makes it easy to enjoy video entertainment on the go
Breaking News - Posted 12 Apr 2006
First set includes six hours of training, free plug in tools for Vegas, media clips, and trial versions of popular software
Breaking News - Posted 05 Apr 2006
Complete hardware and software solution designed to simplify and enhance DVD creation and production
Breaking News - Posted 05 Apr 2006
Investment will help make DVD recorders that can produce professionally featured DVDs with the push of one button
Breaking News - Posted 17 Mar 2006
Comprehensive BD playback and recording software available for OEM qualification
Breaking News - Posted 13 Mar 2006
Jan Ozer | With the Production Studio Premium bundle, Adobe delivers new capabilities that maintain feature parity with most relevant competitors and new integration features throughout the suite that will streamline the workflow for Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects users. Throw in the more unified and streamlined interfaces in all the applications, and you've got a powerful, comprehensible, and affordable product offering that's well worth a look for most event videographers.
Feature - Posted 06 Mar 2006 By
New version of DVD creation software bolsters authoring, video editing and design capabilities; bolsters consumers to create Hollywood-quality DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 24 Feb 2006
Audio/video conversion device for playback on everything from iPods to TVs
Breaking News - Posted 15 Feb 2006
Jan Ozer | There’s a lot that goes into the perfect DVD, but one of the most fundamental aspects is navigation, or how you control the way the viewer moves through the content on the DVD. In this tutorial, I identify which aspects of the user experience you can control, and how to do so in two leading prosumer authoring tools: Sonic Solutions’ DVDit Pro 6 and Apple’s DVD Studio Pro.
Feature - Posted 03 Feb 2006 By
Premiere 2.0, After Effects 7.0, Dynamic Link, Clip Notes highlight new Adobe suite
Breaking News - Posted 17 Jan 2006 By
Safe Harbor Computers offers series of four focused training sessions for video editors and animators
Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2006
Major upgrade features new versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand and introduces iWeb
Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2006
Anthony Burokas | MacWorld Expo 2005 brings the first Intel-based computers from Apple, plus new applications and promises of doubled processing speeds. Anthony Burokas takes a closer look at the Macworld announcements and what they mean to event videographers.
Feature - Posted 14 Jan 2006 By
Deliver high-definition video quality and enhanced interactivity without the complexity
Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
HD DVDPG Conference Presentation Highlights Firms' Success in Delivering High-definition Interactive Entertainment Solutions
Breaking News - Posted 16 Dec 2005
For many of us—early adopters or not—2005 was the Year of HDV. But there was much more to 2005 than HDV. We saw scads of significant products released that had nothing to do with HDV and of course, event and corporate videographers the world over continuing to do dazzling, innovative, and effective everyday work with or without HDV. To provide readers with a highly subjective "Year in Review" report, we asked EventDV's many esteemed and opinionated columnists and contributing editors to reflect on the new products they saw in 2005 and tell us what struck them as the most exciting, and the biggest boon to their own work.
Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2005
12 Columnists and Contributing Editors choose 17 essential products for videographers released in 2005
Breaking News - Posted 30 Nov 2005
Doug Graham | The PopDrops DVD menu templates are Photoshop PSD files that have been created for maximum design flexibility, and are fully compatible with Adobe products like Encore. At $250 a pop (or $450 for both volumes and 240 templates in all), it won't take too long for PopDrops to pay for themselves.
Feature - Posted 14 Nov 2005 By
The profit-and-loss of a brief sojourn in the record company as concert videography, DVD author, and CD and DVD duplicator and packager.
The Moving Picture - Posted 08 Nov 2005 By
Provides all-media solution for burning data, music, videos, and photos
Breaking News - Posted 04 Nov 2005
Includes new Magic Tools, widescreen and high definition video support
Breaking News - Posted 28 Oct 2005
Award-winning videographer and Adobe certified trainer Luisa Winters presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to create customized motion menus in Encore DVD, maximizing the interchange capabilities of the Adobe Video Collection.
Feature - Posted 14 Oct 2005 By
Nero promises "ultimate" digital media software solution for the digital home, including multiple applications for audio, video, photo, data and TV
Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2005
Jan Ozer | Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6 has something to offer nearly every class of user. Those moving up from consumer tools will find the program easy to learn and more flexible and powerful than their current tools. And those who’ve worked with other prosumer-level products will find DVDit much easier to use, and quickly realize that the capabilities enabled by the bundled eDVD are essential to producing compelling, competitive DVDs. All users will value the stability that DVDit brings to bear, and appreciate the newly redesigned interface, which is as intuitive as any we’ve seen for DVD authoring.
Feature - Posted 11 Oct 2005 By
For those who bet that Apple would soon lead the way in integrated multi-application postproduction suites, Final Cut Studio pays off handsomely. There are some nice feature additions found in the individual application upgrades—for example, Final Cut Pro’s new multicam editing feature—but the four-tool Studio suite is much more than the sum of its parts.
Feature - Posted 11 Oct 2005 By
Advanced HD DVD authoring, burning, and playback solutions enabled
Breaking News - Posted 06 Oct 2005
DVD software bundled with Canon DC20 and DC10 DVD camcorders
Breaking News - Posted 06 Oct 2005
Major upgrade to Editor's Choice-winning media suite features new music capabilities, media sharing, HDV support, and more
Breaking News - Posted 03 Oct 2005
Software enables recording of music onto DVD
Breaking News - Posted 26 Sep 2005
Jan Ozer | If your projects vary in terms of artistic and design complexity, you may find it worth investing in additional tools to improve efficiency and quality. Here are the programs that I use, and why--and when--I use them.
The Moving Picture - Posted 13 Sep 2005
Anthony Burokas | How do the latest "pro" DVD decks stack up to one another? More importantly, how well do they measure up to the task of live DVD production for professional event work? Here we sample three new contenders from Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony for live production in the field.
Feature - Posted 08 Sep 2005 - INPUT Software Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
Reviews - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - August 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 8] Issue By
DVD has become the delivery method of choice for most videographers, and more and more are authoring their own discs. Which authoring tools serve videographers best, and how does DVD affect the post-production process?
Features - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - August 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 8] Issue By
Offers smart rendering and dual layer support
Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
Delivers Mac Platform Firsts Including Music DVD, Multi-Image HD Slideshows, Data Spanning and One-Step DivX Disc Creation
Breaking News - Posted 22 Aug 2005
New multimedia slideshow presentation product designed specifically for professional photographers
Breaking News - Posted 21 Aug 2005
Burn DVDs from Internet video, Camcorder home movies, VHS tapes, and commercial-free TV
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2005
New version of slideshow-creation software
Breaking News - Posted 19 Aug 2005
Allows creative professionals and enthusiasts to produce interactive Hollywood-quality DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 08 Aug 2005
Avid Xpress Studio HD is far more expensive than the competition. That will and should dissuade some potential users, as will the somewhat steeper learning curve for most of the tools compared to Apple, Adobe, or Ulead. But consider what you’re getting: three industry-standard, time-proven editing interfaces in Xpress Pro, Pro Tools LE, and Avid 3D, and solid DVD authoring technology from Sonic in Avid DVD, that are continuing to evolve and grab features from their high-end siblings.
Feature - Posted 08 Aug 2005 - Chrystal Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
Avid Technology's acquisition of Pinnacle Systems nearly complete, pending approval by European regulators
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2005
New set of professional, multi-layered DVD Menu Templates and Packaging Designs
Breaking News - Posted 21 Jul 2005
Some years back, a lifelong friend of mine asked me if I’d put together a DVD slideshow for his sister and her fiancé if they ever got married. Well, they finally set a date of June 4, 2005, and ten days before their wedding day I received a FedEx package containing two CDs: one with 115 scanned photos to use in the slideshow, and the other with 16 songs suggested for the soundtrack.
Features - Posted 11 Jul 2005 - October 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 10] Issue By
Training available July 17-21 at New York’s Jacob Javits Center
Class Act - Posted 08 Jul 2005
Software suite supports multi-session and layer-jump recording
Breaking News - Posted 08 Jul 2005
CinePlayer and MyDVD featured in new Sonic DigitalMedia Application Suite for CD/DVD creation and playback
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2005
Alolws authors to enhance standard DVD titles with interactive features for next-generation high-definition (HD) disc formats
Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2005
Jeff Sauer | The two new bundles from Avid and Apple are non-linear editing collections that include an NLE interface (Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro), as well as audio editing software, DVD authoring software, and other creation tools--Avid FX and Avid 3D in Avid Xpress Studio and Apple's Motion 2 motion graphics application in Final Cut Studio.
Feature - Posted 14 Jun 2005 By
Many new CyberLink features on display at Computex 2005
Breaking News - Posted 31 May 2005
Package now offers broader range of tools that deliver HD support, real-time multicam editing, DVD authoring, and dual-platform compatibility
Breaking News - Posted 31 May 2005
Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express adds multisession burning capability and more for DL DVD-R
Breaking News - Posted 24 May 2005
Company to give away free Avid Xpress Studio HD Complete system
Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2005
InterVideo bundles Google Toolbar and Desktop Search with WinDVD, WinDVD Creator, DVD Copy, and MediaOne
Breaking News - Posted 08 May 2005
Software delivers enhanced video editing tools for professionals
Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2005
VRD-VC20 adds FireWire, DVD-R/RW support, lists for $299
Breaking News - Posted 26 Apr 2005
New HD world yields Final Cut Studio, Xpress Studio HD, new Panasonic camcorder with eye-popping price
Feature - Posted 18 Apr 2005 By
Full-step Vegas upgrade includes native HDV support, nested projects; DVD Architect 3 also available with DVD+R DL support and Smart Rendering
Feature - Posted 18 Apr 2005 By
Reviews - Posted 18 Apr 2005 - September 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 9] Issue By
...But 99 and a Half Won’t Do
Reviews - Posted 18 Apr 2005 - September 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 9] Issue By
Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator technology enables users to record home movies and home video soundtracks in Dolby Digital audio
Breaking News - Posted 09 Apr 2005
First in a series of high-end DVD Menu Templates, Case Insert, and Disc Label Designs
Breaking News - Posted 28 Mar 2005
Includes Nero Recode 2 CE, Nero ShowTime 2 CE, and Nero MediaHome CE
Breaking News - Posted 27 Mar 2005
"Proposed transaction brings together two leaders in digital media," says InterVideo press release
Breaking News - Posted 20 Mar 2005
Includes deck and device support for Sony HDV cameras and decks
Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
Latest version offers Quick-Drop Task Icons and Creative DVD Menu Design Tools
Breaking News - Posted 10 Mar 2005
Due in April, New Version Includes Updated Music, Data Backup, and DVD Playback Capabilities
Breaking News - Posted 10 Mar 2005
Geoff Daily | Service authors, hosts, and streams DVDs to videographers' clients with menus and full navigation
Feature - Posted 07 Mar 2005 By
Software comes with HD support and integrated DVD authoring
Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2005
Consumer video editor boasts four “Magic” tools: Clean, Cut, Music, and Motion
Breaking News - Posted 24 Jan 2005
Stephen F. Nathans|Sony’s DVDirect knocked my socks off like no product I’ve seen in years. Billed as a product that combines the capabilities of standalone and desktop DVD recorders, DVDirect’s best feature is its ability to record live video to DVD as you shoot it. It boasts excellent image quality and limited but functional DVD menu creation. It’s also a rock-solid desktop burner, promising and delivering state-of-the-art high-speed DVD±R/RW and 4X double-layer DVD+R DL.
Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue By
Vote for your favorite production & post-production tools in 15 categories
Feature - Posted 17 Jan 2005 - July 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 7] Issue
Support in future versions of Toast Titanium to allow anamorphic DVD creation
Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2005
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen|The Apple CEO announces new HD-compatible versions of Final Cut Express and iMovie at a Macworld that is otherwise light on video-related product announcements.
Feature - Posted 11 Jan 2005 By
Sonic and Roxio applications for CD and DVD creation to add Blu-ray burning
Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2005
Offers capture, editing, streaming, and DVD authoring
Breaking News - Posted 17 Dec 2004
Sonic products to be first to offer output to DVD-R DL burners
Breaking News - Posted 10 Dec 2004
Product used in classroom application
Feature - Posted 10 Dec 2004
From tower-style copiers to disc publishing systems, doing your own DVD duplication and printing is easier and more affordable than ever, yet one more step in the post-production process that can be completed in-house.
Features - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - May 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 6] Issue By
One of the great things about HDV is that it brings hi-def video to videographers who thought they’d be trapped in the world of standard-def video for years to come.
Feature - Posted 19 Nov 2004 - April 1998 [Volume 7,Iissue 5] Issue By
Designed for transitions between cinematic slideshows, DVD authoring, CD/DVD burning, playback, and backup/recovery
Breaking News - Posted 05 Nov 2004
Allows users to commission and produce interactive DVD-Video projects
Breaking News - Posted 02 Nov 2004
PowerDVD now an MCPC-compatible product
Breaking News - Posted 02 Nov 2004
New DVD authoring application with HDV support
Breaking News - Posted 02 Nov 2004
CD/DVD burning suite includes backup and photo album creation software
Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
Primatte Keyer enhances composition versatility
Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
Update includes two new applications; H.264/AVC support to come in late November
Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
Host of digital camera tools in One Convenient Package
Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
Offers VCD/SVCD authoring using real-time video editing and preview
Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2004
Duplicators support various speeds, media types
Breaking News - Posted 22 Oct 2004
Enhancements burn data or music in 3 steps
Breaking News - Posted 22 Oct 2004
DVD Workshop 2 SE’s professional DVD authoring features included in package
Breaking News - Posted 22 Oct 2004
DVD Workshop 2 SE DVD authoring software bundled with VelocityHD NLE
Breaking News - Posted 15 Oct 2004
Built-in AuthorScript enables burning of TV shows, photos, and music to DVD and CD
Breaking News - Posted 15 Oct 2004
Company’s first non-OEM drive will be 16X, dual layer
Breaking News - Posted 15 Oct 2004
The new slim 8X dual format, double layer DVD rewritable drive is designed for users on the go
Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2004
Ulead’s StudioQuartet included in DV411's HDV editing studio
Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
Partnership debuts automated RocketDVD Professional DVD production systems
Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
Adds Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Miranda, and 24p support to DTE Technology version 1.3 software
Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2004
Macintosh 16X internal burner operates on G3, OS 9, and OS platforms
Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2004
LightScribe-equipped drives will both burn and label discs
Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2004
16X dual-format drives are available in internal and external models
Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2004
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s no easier way to make an attractive, easily navigated DVD than using MyDVD, and that’s as much the case in version 6 as in version 5. Which is saying something, since the competition got better in the meantime.
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
In this month’s EMedia Industry News, we debut a new monthly item on the latest, greatest, or at least the most interesting announcements that come our way in the digital studio domain. Here we’ll note curiosities alongside catalysts, milestones alongside mysteries, breakthroughs alongside…well, you get the picture.
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Reviews - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
We can all agree on what tapeless storage do: they save capture time and sidestep tape dysfunction by attaching to a camcorder and recording DV live and direct to disk. but who does it best? The answer comes down to size, capacity, battery life, usability, and more. Here, we compare three compact contenders: Shining's CitiDISK, MCE's QuickStream, and nNovia's QuickCapture A2D.
Features - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
The Rimage 2000i boasts deft and dashing robotics, two unimpeachable Plextor Premium 52X CD recorders (8X Pioneer A07s in the DVD version), and Rimage’s well-nigh smudge-proof 480i thermal ink printer, as well as a disc mastering application called QuickDisc that makes multiple-project management and prioritizing a priori easy.
Features - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
Features - Posted 29 Sep 2004 - March 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 4] Issue By
New platform offers variety of DVD authoring capabilities
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
BurnAway portable combo media player combines CD-R/RW recording and DVD/MP3/CD-Audio playback
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
New drive also supports dual-layer DVD+R and CD recording
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
Toshiba announces 5X DVD+R write speed on dual-layer DVD creation
Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
Dedicated WMV HD-DVD authoring workstation announced
Class Act - Posted 17 Sep 2004
Three-step workflow, Instant-Show templates, slideshows with graphics, animated effects, transitions, and music
Class Act - Posted 17 Sep 2004
New version of entry-level DVD authoring tool includes CD/DVD copying, slideshow creation, CD burning, disc-labeling, and more
Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2004
Free download to Nero 6 Ultra Edition users
Breaking News - Posted 20 Aug 2004
Motion graphics solution announced at NAB now available, standalone and in new Apple Production Suite
Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2004
Launches new post-production tools for replacing elements in moving images at SIGGRAPH 2004
Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2004
This month’s STUDIO TIME profiles Loi Bahn, founder of Vancouver, British Columbia-based studio, bluecore media, and winner of the 2002 and 2003 WEVA Creative Excellence gold medals for DVD authoring.
Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2004 By
Includes full versions of Premiere Pro and MainConcept MPEG Pro to eliminate unnecessary transcoding
Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2004
DVD Workshop Express makes it possible to encode any video format to high-quality MPEG.
Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2004
Stephen F. Nathans|After skipping a couple of generations, DVDit! returns well-equipped for videographers looking to jump into pro DVD authoring and MyDVD users ready to move up. It’s also well-positioned to compete head-on with other prosumer contenders, thanks to powerful and accessible navigation customization features that deliver many of the functional hallmarks of professional DVDs.
Feature - Posted 03 Aug 2004 By
Geoff Daily|While we're still a year away from seeing any products on the shelves, the DVD Forum has laid another cornerstone for its next-generation blue-laser HD-DVD format by selecting the H.264 Advanced Video Codec (AVC) for encoding video that will be delivered on the new discs.
Feature - Posted 02 Aug 2004 - February 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 2] Issue By
Features such as Oil Paint, Pencil Sketch, and Mosaic can transform the look and feel of pictures.
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jul 2004
A portable digital media appliance that can perform 25 different functions for a range of applications
Breaking News - Posted 30 Jul 2004
Offers support for dual-layer DVD burning, two-pass MPEG-2 encoding, and new menu design options
Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2004
Jan Ozer | If you're already using Vegas 4, version 5 is a no-brainer upgrade. If your video productions are music-intensive, and you're not already using Vegas, you should be. Vegas can do virtually everything that Premiere Pro can do, and a whole lot more, but you'll get there faster and easier in Premiere Pro. Though vastly improved, DVD Architect still trails DVD Workshop and Encore in overall functionality.
Feature - Posted 16 Jul 2004 - January 1998 [Volume 7, Issue 1] Issue By
ShowBiz DVD 2, DVD/CD Maker, and DVD SlideShow all capable of recording up to four hours of DVD-quality video
Breaking News - Posted 09 Jul 2004
Completes Phase I of patent applications to including features to protect, enhance, and manage content on commercial DVDs
Breaking News - Posted 29 Jun 2004
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen | Apple's iLife '04 boasts enough power and features that more and more post-production and videography professionals are using it in their studios. What does this consumer app have going for it that makes it a hit with the pros?
Features - Posted 01 Jun 2004 - Enterprise Search Demo Center Issue By
Sony’s DRU-700A ($199), the first shipping dual layer-capable DVD recorder, performs mostly as advertised. It easily accomplished 7GB+ DVD-Video burns with the bundled Nero software on several Verbatim DVD+R DL discs provided for testing. Playback compatibility was mixed, however, with a 47% success rate on roughly 70 set-top players, portables, ROM drives, and burners.
Reviews - Posted 30 May 2004 - Enterprise Search Demo Center Issue By
Hugh Bennett | After consumers have begun to make some sense out of writable DVD formats, along comes more confusion. Dual-layer recordable technology is promoted as a significant advance, but where does it fit in the real world?
Features - Posted 10 May 2004 By
With DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator ($99), the first version of Ulead’s popular consumer tool to add CD burning, Ulead takes the lead in pared-down but purposeful editing capability with its multitrim feature. It also adds a solid CD burning tool in Burn.Now, continues its strong tradition of pleasing DVD and slideshow authoring, and makes sure all the parts hang together with impressive ease.
Reviews - Posted 07 May 2004 By
Noise reduction and surround sound pioneer has announced Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator, which is designed to let software developers integrate 5.1 surround capability into consumer-level authoring tools.
Feature - Posted 30 Apr 2004 By
The first Vegas announcement of NAB 2004 came out of Madison, Wisconsin, as Sony Pictures debuted a full-step upgrade to its popular pro software NLE, Vegas 5. The company also offered up a new version of Vegas’ accompanying DVD authoring tool, DVD Architect 2.
Feature - Posted 19 Apr 2004 By
Never has a consumer product in the digital media space packed so much power and versatility and made it so easy to get to. For application triage, Creator 7 has no peer. With the exception of the (still) disappointingly limited DVD Builder, they are all fine tools, and there are logical (and usually multiple) ways to navigate between them. What’s more, it’s got a mind-boggling price: it’s hard to argue with a suite jam-packed with top-notch apps for $99.
Reviews - Posted 12 Apr 2004 - December 2005 Issue By
Is DVD Workshop 2 a worthy successor to its Editor’s Choice-winning forerunner? Happily, the answer is an unqualified yes, primarily because of the design flexibility and enhancements incorporated into the new version.
Reviews - Posted 12 Apr 2004 - December 2005 Issue By
Stephen F. Nathans | Attendees of NAB 2004 in Las Vegas will find media manufacturers like Verbatim and drive makers like Sony doubling down and gambling that professional DVD authors and, soon, their consumer counterparts will pay a modest premium to (nearly) double the capacity of their recording media.
Features - Posted 12 Apr 2004 - December 2005 Issue By
Features - Posted 04 Mar 2004 - November 2005 Issue By
Colleen Kelly | Part of what makes today’s consumer-friendly DVD authoring tools so accessible is their success in shielding users from encoding and other techie tasks. But while ignorance may be bliss, aspiring DVD authors can’t do competent commercial work without a working understanding of the encoding process. What’s really happening behind the scenes, and what do you need to know about encoding to produce top-quality results?
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Will integrate Web-enabled capability with CinePlayer, DVD Producer, and Scenarist
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by Jeff Sauer
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Final Cut Express 2, new Xserve G5 highlight announcements at show's 20th anniversary
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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen | With all of Apple's 2003 offerings, digital video pros had the chance to rebuild their studios from the ground up or pick and choose from new versions of old standbys.
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Jeff Sauer | Is the current trend of integrating video editing and DVD authoring the wave of the future or a passing ripple? Is treating DVD authoring as anything other than than a serious, self-contained discipline something that professional users should take seriously? And among current options, what works, what doesn’t, and in what situations?
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NTI has put together an attractively priced, well-integrated, powerful set of tools with an easy-to-use interface, and they should be applauded for that. But with no DVD movie-making functionality, NTI may have a hard time competing in a market where the other main players have DVD authoring built-in.
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Disc Makers has launched CD Self Service, a new Web-based service that enables users to place CD duplication orders online.
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Synopsis: MyDVD 5 Studio Deluxe is the finest all-purpose CD/DVD creation software I’ve seen, offering as near to the best of DVD authoring and CD creation as you’ll find anywhere these days. And with its video editing features, MyDVD 5 essays competence in areas that others don’t even attempt.
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Synopsis: In its maiden version, Adobe’s Encore DVD will serve a very strong cross-section of users looking to integrate DVD authoring into their post-production workflow. It has enough of a professional workflow—with drag-and-drop menus, a timeline interface for linking audio and video, some advanced navigation, and deceptively powerful project organization—to appeal to most users and most of their projects. It’s it easy enough—especially for those with DVD authoring or Photoshop experience—to build titles very fast.
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Synopsis: With Nero 6, Ahead has attempted to make their product friendlier for mainstream users, but hasn’t always succeeded in their implementations of consumer-oriented interface changes. Nero remains a solid package for CD and DVD recording with a tremendous (and much-expanded) wealth of features, and packs plenty of power for those users who want it. But it’s hard to be all things to all people, and if Ahead is determined to make Nero the tool of choice for consumers and power-users alike, they need to find ways to integrate the two identities more cleanly.
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DVD authoring software manufacturers are pushing hard to replace the VCR with the -VR and +VR and OpenDVD formats. But if both these formats serve more or less the same purpose, why have more than one?
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This month’s Studio Time takes a look into the mind of one individual who has found joy in mastering the last step in any DVD-bound event video project.
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