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Articles By Mark Von Lanken
Mark Von Lanken | There are literally dozens of DSLR support devices on the market,. The challenge for all of us is to decide which support device will best fit our needs. My goal is not to steer you toward one particular model or to tell you which one I prefer, but rather to explore three different models—covering both the good and the bad—and give you better insight into each model.
Posted 09 Nov 2010 By
Mark Von Lanken | Owning your own business has many rewards, but at the same time, it comes with frustrations. Don't let your NLE add to your stress and frustration levels. Find an editor and assemble a system that makes your editing process smooth and manageable, no matter what acquisition codec you use. Now that I shoot AVCHD and DSLR footage—which means I'm always working with codecs not designed for editing, and which is about as demanding as it gets in the wedding filmmaking world—EDIUS 5.5 is the answer for me.
Posted 01 Jun 2010 By
Mark and Trisha Von Lanken | In Episode 5of their popular EventDV-TV series, 5-time EventDV 25 honorees and WEVA Hall of Famers Mark and Trisha Von Lanken explore the advantages of sliders in general and the DP Slider in particular for event filmmakers. To watch this episode and the entire Von Real series (plus other clips by the Von Lankens), click through to this page.
Posted 10 May 2010 By ,
Mark Von Lanken | At a street price of $1,850-$1,995, how does the Panasonic HMC40 match up with the HMC150--my primary camera--which has a street price of $3,250?
Posted 02 Apr 2010 By
Posted 04 Mar 2009 By
Mark Von Lanken takes Panasonic's new professional AVCHD camera, the AG-HMC150, out in the field for a series of wedding shoots and examines its usability and features, tests its low-light performance, and offers comparisons to Sony's popular Z1U. NOW AVAILABLE: ALL 5 VIDEO CLIPS THAT ACCOMPANY THIS ARTICLE!
Posted 17 Feb 2009 / March 2009 Issue By
Mark Von Lanken field-tests the HMC150 on a series of weddings with attention to key features and image, feature, and usability comparisons to the Sony Z1
Posted 16 Feb 2009 By
Mark Von Lanken | After I transitioned to a handheld camera (the Sony Z1), I wondered where I would find a camera bag that would hold most of my accessories. My research found the Petrol PCPR-1 as the perfect solution for me. At a street price of $149.95, it's a real bargain.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Mark Von Lanken | The Multi Rig Pro is my answer to attaining the stability of a shoulder camera from a handheld camera. I use it for a wide variety of events, from capturing the toasts at rehearsal dinners to shooting football games. With the Multi Rig Pro, I can shoot anything with my Z1 without missing the stability of my DSR-250.
Posted 30 Mar 2008 By