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Articles By Daniel Boswell
Daniel Boswell | For years I've been waiting for a camera that would deliver high-quality HD images, shoot great in low light, include progressive capabilities, and be able to get very clean slow motion via overcranking for specialty shots. I also was looking for a tapeless workflow for Same-Day Edits--all for under $10K. On paper, Sony's new PMW-EX1 offers everything I'm looking for--but does it deliver?
Posted 01 Jun 2008 / June 2008 Issue By
Daniel Boswell | If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to make your videos look more like film. In my opinion, there is something about the aesthetic of film that makes it preferable to the look of video. One key element of the "film look" is shallow depth of field. Here's how I achieve it using the Letus 35mm Adapter.
Posted 09 Mar 2008 By