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Articles By Stephen Nathans-Kelly
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Ryan Bodie's current passion, streaming live events, has established his company, Florida-based Studio 26 Productions, as the go-to live event webcast provider in his region and in some key entertainment areas, ranging from concert series in the spring to festivals in the summer and one-off arena gigs like a Chaka Khan show. Bodie estimates that his crew does roughly 80 live events per year, with maybe half of those involving music.
Posted 11 Jan 2012 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | EventDV is closing its doors after 7 exciting years in the event filmmaking industry. Editor Stephen Nathans-Kelly says farewell in words and in a PSA clip produced by Whit Wales of Wales Films.
Posted 28 Nov 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | IN[FOCUS] co-founder Chris P. Jones discusses plans for IN[FOCUS] 2012, including dates (Jan 16-19), location (Charleston, SC) and theme (THE LEGACY), how the theme and location connect, and what first-time and longtime IN[FOCUS] attendees can expect to learn and experience at the event.
Posted 29 Jul 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The men will have to continue to wonder what really goes on at POSH: A Retreat for the Female Filmmaker, but women who didn't make the 2010 event—as well as 2010 attendees who've been wondering what Team POSH will do for an encore—will get a chance to find out what all the excitement is about on November 6 when POSH 2011 kicks off in Cancun, Mexico. Last week I spoke with POSH co-founders Reagan Zugelter and Jennifer Moon to get the scoop on POSH 2011. Here's what I found out.
Posted 18 Jul 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | It isn't really the rage of the "disruptive moment" in genre-defining indie film Return of the Secaucus 7 that makes it so powerful; rather it is the editing and the stylistic contrast that sets it off so jarringly from the rest of the film and suggests all sorts of analogous possibilities in our own work for bringing dramatic resolution to films that are inherently short on conflict.
Posted 11 Jul 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A look inside the Wedding Day Cinema success story and the two innovative filmmakers, Keith and Jennifer Anderson, who made it happen.
Posted 10 Jun 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Recently, I had the strange and wonderful privilege of watching a contemporary home birth film that is not explicitly about advocating home birth or dramatizing childbirth, although in its own way, it achieves both. Produced by two Central Florida studios, Kat Small's Cinema Chic Films and the Nielsens Photography & Design, Born at Home is an intimate and inspiring family film.
Posted 25 May 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | How 5-time EventDV 25 all-star David Robin pulled off his electrifying wedding-day music video, "The Time (Dirty Bit)," and how the Black Eyed Peas parody became a viral sensation.
Posted 11 May 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | While Stuart Sweetow's Corporate Video Production is not about event filmmakers succeeding in corporate video per se, it's a terrific guidebook for filmmakers and videographers who have honed their shooting, editing, and business chops in other areas of professional production and who want to make inroads into the corporate world.
Posted 02 May 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Your approach to soundtracks and sound design should not only reflect the sound you hear in your head when you conceptualize your films, but also the places you hope and expect your films to play and the reach and impact you expect them to have.
Posted 28 Mar 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | In March 2010, following the announcement of the EventDV 25, we announced a group of 25 finalists, which were essentially numbers 26-50, the filmmakers and studios with the 25 highest vote totals after the top 25. This year we decided to approach it a little differently, and following the 2010 EventDV 25 Awards Shows that premiered last week, recognizing our current crop of industry all-stars, we've prepared a list of EventDV 25 Rising Stars, celebrating studios that narrowly missed the EventDV 25 in the voting this year, and have either never made the list before, but have made it once and are young and fresh and rising fast in the industry and sure to find themselves on the list in the future. In keeping with the old baseball theme of the EventDV 25, I thought we'd field a team of 9, enough to cover all the positions on a baseball diamond. So, without further ado, I present the EventDV 25 Rising Stars of 2010.
Posted 10 Mar 2011 By
Welcome to the 2010 EventDV 25 Awards Show, presenting the 25 hottest and most influential event filmmaking studios in the world as elected by the readers of EventDV Magazine and EventDV.net. Your new all-star team will be presented here over the course of 5 days--February 28-March 4, 2011. Watch the shows in the video windows for the awards presentation, including samples of the all-stars' finest work. (Video players will fill in as the shows go live at 9am CST on successive days this week.)
Posted 28 Feb 2011 By
Awards show to premiere Monday, Feb. 28 on EventDV-TV and run through the week
Posted 23 Feb 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Four days in New Orleans at "The Gateway" with a dozen inspiring educators and 180 inspired filmmakers.
Posted 02 Feb 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | For the vast majority of wedding and event filmmakers, a customer/client base is a local thing. Though EventDV 25 All-Stars Travis and Candice Cossel of Serendipity Studios had done some destination and out-of-market weddings in the past, they were taking a huge risk when they abandoned a rock-solid brand presence and referral base in Boise and moved their home and business to the more lucrative but much less familiar Miami market in October. What plans did they put in place to soften their landing and hit the ground running, and what lessons does their approach have to teach other studios considering rolling the dice and relocating?
Posted 01 Feb 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | How will the Panasonic AG-AF100, the first pro camcorder with a 4/3 imager, impact event filmmakers?
Posted 28 Jan 2011 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | If you want to turn the events you shoot into compelling films, you need to understand the essential elements of visual storytelling and narrative and how the great nonfiction filmmakers conceive, shape, and present their films. The most important part of that process, ultimately, will be watching those films, deconstructing them, and applying those constructs to your own work. But I can't recommend a better place to start your journey than reading Sheila Curran Bernard's Documentary Storytelling, which will put you well on your way.
Posted 01 Dec 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | You may have heard about IN[FOCUS] 2011, an educational gathering for event filmmakers and videographers coming in January, and you may have heard reference to its "Gateway" theme. But what exactly is "The Gateway," what can it tell us about what's in store at IN[FOCUS] 2011, and how does it relate to the event organizers' "survive, thrive, and serve" educational mission?
Posted 17 Nov 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | If The Promise teaches us anything, it's that the one thing you can't sacrifice is authority over your own work, regardless of how circumstances—financial or otherwise—conspire against you.
Posted 01 Nov 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Does 3D have a place in wedding filmmaking's future, or is that notion just the stuff of science fiction? We spoke with one of 3D's earliest adopters in the wedding world, Abraham Joffe of Sydney, Australia. A few months back, Joffe produced and delivered a 3D wedding film—Australia's first, but already not its last—and lived to tell the tale.
Posted 29 Oct 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Is it possible to use Gregg Toland's deep focus cinematography technique evocatively in wedding filmmaking in the heyday of DSLRs, an era defined by shallow depth of field, focus pulls, close-ups, cuts, and multi-angle coverage? Or does our era really have to be defined so sharply, or so narrowly? Here's hoping someone among us does try the Toland route sometime soon, and that the effort doesn't get blurred out in the shallow-focus collective memory that ultimately packages our time for future generations.
Posted 03 Sep 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | EventDV's official recap of WEVA's historic 20th annual Wedding & Event Video Expo
Posted 03 Sep 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | If you're in this business for real, working full time and supporting a family with it, there's something to be said for having the flexibility to make some compromises here and there to support the work you really want to do. But if your business leaves no room for work that represents the things you believe your films should represent and all you're doing is pandering to the perceived demands of your market, there are much easier ways to make a living, and ones that wouldn't so much contradict your vision or beliefs as simply sidestep them. As Rick Nelson said, "If memories were all I sang, I'd rather drive a truck."
Posted 04 Jul 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A few scattered thoughts on the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters show
Posted 02 Jun 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | How Life Stage Films' Matt Davis, in 5 short years, went from humble missionary to EventDV 25 honoree, sought-after speaker, Head Coach of Wedding Videography ... and humble missionary
Posted 28 May 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Welcome to the event filmmaking industry's first all-women event, POSH: a retreat and educational experience for women event filmmakers and photographers interested in event film
Posted 26 Apr 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | After realizing that the recession-era summer of 2009 was the rare wedding season when business was slow enough to allow him the flexibility to do pro bono work—Fowler took the job as behind-the-scenes videographer for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when it came to his hometown. And he was glad he did because, for all its TV trappings, this was a great project—and a great community project at that.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | So what is City of Lakes, and why all the hype and excitement surrounding a wedding film that no one had even seen when this article went live? To find out, read the article and check out the WORLD PREMIERE, Wednesday, April 14, Brenden Theater, Palms, Las Vegas. (Details in the article.)
Posted 06 Apr 2010 By
As a coda to the 2009 EventDV 25 awards presentation, here are the 25 finalists who round out the rest of the "Top 50"—some familiar names, and a number of up-and-comers about whom we're sure to hear much more, along with some choice clips for our finalists' many fans.
Posted 04 Mar 2010 By
Welcome to the 2009 EventDV 25 Awards Show, presenting the 25 hottest and most influential event filmmaking studios in the world as elected by the readers of EventDV Magazine and EventDV.net. Your new all-star team will be presented over the course of 4 days--February 22-25, 2010--on EventDV-TV. Click here to see editor Steve Nathans-Kelly reveal the all-stars announced so far and show some of their signature work.
Posted 22 Feb 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The inaugural In[Focus] event was as inspiring, engaging, and focused an educational event as our industry has seen.
Posted 25 Jan 2010 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Putting a year of "game-changers" in perspective
Posted 20 Dec 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | How wedding and sports event videographer Danny Sayson developed, shot, and produced a full season of West Coast Adventures entirely on spec, pitched and sold it to PBS-TV, and became a full-time TV producer with one season under his belt and a second in production.
Posted 09 Dec 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Wedding-day interviews are the sort of thing that used to give videography a bad name, but done right, and in the right setting, interviews can help elevate wedding and event filmmaking into the realm of powerful, character-driven storytelling. Here we learn from four leading wedding and event filmmakers renowned for the compelling, revealing, funny, and moving stories they collect in their interviews with the key players in their events, and the seamless and powerful ways they incorporate these interviews into the films they produce.
Posted 13 Nov 2009 By
Posted 09 Nov 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | WEVA Expo 2009 delivered a bold mix of new speakers, live streaming experiments, discussions of fusion trends present and future, and a rollicking networking experience in a crackerjack new venue that seemed almost tailor-made for the wedding and event video industry's largest convention and tradeshow.
Posted 28 Sep 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Snö, the latest mini-epic concept film from Kevin Shahinian's Pacific Pictures, is a watershed moment for our industry.
Posted 04 Sep 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Steve Zugelter of Cincinnati-based Studio+Z Films pushes the limits of surprise wedding concept films, and ratches up the theatricality of the couple's entire event.
Posted 30 Aug 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A conversation with Zacuto's Steve Weiss about his groundbreaking webisodic TV series, FilmFellas, which, beginning this week, will air a series of programs starring five legends of the wedding and event filmmaking world: John Goolsby, Kristen*, Joe Simon, Patrick Moreau, Kevin Shahinian, and Ron Dawson
Posted 03 Aug 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Brian Press of L.A.-based wedding cinematography studio Impressive Creations discusses his driving passion, stormchasing, and the perfect storm it creates when combined with his other talents, videography and photography
Posted 22 Jun 2009 By
With the launch of the new Re:Frame website morning, the Re:Frame Collective revealed dates, location, a (nearly) complete speaker roster, and some tantalizing details about what RF:SF 09 attendees can expect for the three-and-a-half day event, which will take place at San Francisco's toney CLIFT Hotel in the heart of Union Square, October 19-22, 2009
Posted 08 Jun 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Illinois Videographers Association event draws internationally recognized presenters Patrick Moreau and Michael Wong of StillMotion and marks the speaking debut of concept film phenom Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures
Posted 27 May 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | What is In[Focus] 2010 and what's with all those viral videos?
Posted 17 May 2009 By
A few thoughts on the 2008 EventDV 25
Posted 04 May 2009 By
A few thoughts on the 2008 EventDV 25
Posted 04 May 2009 / May 2009 Issue By
Can Austin keep Re:Frame weird, and vice versa?
Posted 27 Apr 2009 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Like a rescued and refurb'd Super8, a 5D Mark II is an amazing tool for capturing what you see. But the cameras and the vision have to work hand in hand, much like style and story.
Posted 09 Apr 2009 / April 2009 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Commit to your business, your professional development, and your magazine as we've committed to this industry, and we'll weather this recession together.
Posted 06 Mar 2009 / March 2009 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Introducing EventDV-TV, EventDV's forthcoming video channel, which will debut in February on www.eventdv-tv.com.
Posted 26 Jan 2009 / February 2009 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The same mindset that makes a commissioned architect an artist—approaching the job as an opportunity to explore ideas and realize a vision—also makes an event videographer a filmmaker.
Posted 31 Dec 2008 / January 2009 Issue By
Introduced several years ago as a 2-DVD set called Business Everlasting and later expanded into The Complete Course with a 3-ring binder chock full of useful content, Alan Naumann's definitive memorial videography training kit has been recently updated with a variety of helpful materials.
Posted 31 Dec 2008 / January 2009 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | 2008 in review
Posted 01 Dec 2008 / December 2008 Issue By
We consulted our crack team of contributing editors and columnists on what they saw as the game-changing products and trends in the event video industry in 2008. The envelope please...
December 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
November 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Second day of seminars, second-line parade, and everything you always wanted to know about Super 8 wedding filmmaking but were afraid to ask.
Posted 09 Oct 2008 By
Reporting from New Orleans' French Quarter on the opening sessions of the long-anticipated boutique seminar experience for event videographers
Posted 07 Oct 2008 / November 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly
Posted 01 Oct 2008 / October 2008 Issue By
August 2008 EventDV
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | A discussion of the use of inanimate objects in art film to convey shades of meaning and character development in Paul Auster's new book sent me in search of examples of this same technique used powerfully in wedding video. Here's what I found, and why it works.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Pixelpops' fast & Fabulous Volume 1—a rapid-fire assortment of great graphics tips—is that it not only transcends the limitations of many of the tutorial DVDs we see, but as a download-only Flash-based title, it also sidesteps one of the primary shortcomings of DVD as an instructional medium.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | The latest installments in Mark & Trisha Von Lanken's definitive series on motion techniques for wedding and event video shooters picks up right where MCT I left off and adds tips for handheld cameras, and provides fascinating behind-the-scenes looks at first-dance shooting and how the Von Lankens cover bride and groom prep. Essential stuff.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Re:Frame re:loads and announces its first 2009 event: Re:Frame Austin, set for April 27-29 in a hotbed of indie filmmaking innovation and featuring StillMotion's Patrick Moreau and world-famous British DOP, editor, and cinematographer Philip Bloom
Posted 16 Jun 2008 / September 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Where does the skilled and diligent professional shooter and editor fit in the emergent "publish, then filter" world of the Web 2.0 era?
Posted 01 Jun 2008 / June 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Now that HD DVD is gone, will Blu-ray succeed DVD as the video delivery king? Or will it be streaming? Syncable set-tops? Holographic storage? The answer...
Posted 01 May 2008 / May 2008 Issue By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | What happens when nine leading wedding filmmakers who met online get together in New Orleans to discuss the future of wedding videography? In a word, Re:Frame. But what exactly is Re:Frame, who's behind it, and how do they plan to reframe the image of the wedding video industry, beginning with the self-image of wedding videographers themselves?
Posted 25 Feb 2008 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | There are as many ways to see and cultivate the event video industry as there are ways to frame a shot, and more potential all-stars than you could possibly fit on a conference speaker roster or a 25-member all-star team. What does the 2007 EventDV 25 teach us about the current state of this industry?
Posted 03 Feb 2008 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Great seminars; awards, awards, and more awards; legends built and and stars born at the 4EVER Group's Video 08
Posted 28 Jan 2008 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Since we published our November 2007 cover story on the emerging "Trash the Dress" trend, the trashing-bashing missives have come fast and furious. The problem here is that symbols like wedding dresses mean different things to different people.
Posted 08 Jan 2008 By
What products ruled the roost in event videography in 2007? And what were the biggest trends in the industry? The envelope, please...
Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | One of the few constants in the video industry is the endless barrage of new products and technologies that—if you let them dictate your equipment choices—will put you out of business faster than yelling "Free Bird" all through the first dance.
Posted 29 Nov 2007 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | In the three years we've been doing EventDV, relationships between event videographers and photographers have ranged all over the map. Open hostility is less prevalent than it used to be, cordiality makes good business, and cooperation makes for reliable references. But given the commonality of the two crafts, what about stepping beyond cooperation to collaboration?
Posted 08 Nov 2007 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | Most videographers who are familiar with Joel Peregrine and his reputation for producing world-class cinematic wedding video from five-camera one-man-band wedding shoots have two questions: Is it true, and how does he do it? Here we find out, following Peregrine through a typical wedding, culminating in a wedding-day edit.
Posted 02 Nov 2007 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | With its auspicious blue glow, the Bravo XR Disc Publisher ($3,295) is everything you'd expect from a stackable, rackmountable counterpart to Primera's popular Bravo II: it's a fast, efficient, rock-solid automated DVD/CD publishing system that delivers great print quality and a refreshing runs-right-out-of-the-box experience. But the real joy in testing this unit came in discovering the wonders of WaterShield water-resistant inkjet media, which add a glossy and eminently professional sheen to photo-quality inkjet-printed discs.
Posted 02 Nov 2007 By
Stephen Nathans-Kelly | "Trash the Dress" has become one of the hottest trends in wedding photography today, and it's beginning to find its way into the wedding videography world as well. Here's a look behind the scenes at what may have been the first-ever videographer-driven Trash the Dress shoot, documenting the travails of a jilted bride on a bone-dry August day in the Nevada desert.
Posted 15 Oct 2007 By
Stephen F. Nathans | Rebecca Mead's One Perfect Day takes on the modern wedding industry and the crass commercialism she claims has overrun it. Because this book has been widely publicized and will be widely read, regardless of its merits, we all need to know what's in it.
Posted 12 Jun 2007 By