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Articles By Tasra Dawson
Travis Cossel | If you're used to doing same-day edits--or editing with any kind of time pressure--using USB 2.0 drives, then CalDigit's new AV Drive, a new portable hard drive featuring USB 3.0 support, is going to impress you in a number of areas. Transfer of clips from CF cards alone can save you quite a bit of time with the USB 3.0 technology.
Posted 03 Apr 2011 By
Ron & Tasra Dawson | Blogs are here to stay. Every day, they become more popular and more embedded in our society. Particularly if you're in a socially oriented business like wedding and event videography, blogs will be both an invaluable and, dare we say, mandatory addition to your marketing repertoire.
Posted 28 Mar 2007 By ,