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Articles By Laura Moses
Laura Moses | Sound design is the process of planning and creating a sound treatment that will enhance the storytelling of a film. Effective sound design improves a film without being overbearing or calling attention to itself. By incorporating simple aspects of the craft into our films, we can enhance our productions to better connect with consumers, which will result in more bookings and will increase the value of our product.
Posted 27 Dec 2009 By
Laura Moses | Real sound + real time = real life. It's the new math of event filmmaking. Though not a practical means of business for all event filmmakers, the new documentary style holds within its confines lessons to be learned by all.
Posted 05 Oct 2009 By
Laura Moses | Not all brides can afford to have a production with their backstory researched, recorded, and then weaved with interviews and photographs into their wedding film. But there are always stories to tell, and we can find them if we are only willing to look.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 By
Laura Moses | As wedding videograpgers, we work with music, hearts, and dreams. We're the keepers of the flame for future generations. After we're gone there will be pieces of us—little bits of our hearts—scattered across the globe, telling stories about love.
Posted 30 Jan 2009 / February 2009 Issue By
December 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
The wedding industry—once thought to be immune to economic slumps—is finally starting to feel the pinch, and it stings. Numbers are down for just about all wedding vendors; from event planners to photographers, everyone is concerned. But take heart! This too shall pass.
Posted 17 Nov 2008 / December 2008 Issue By
Laura Moses | Truly great films don't just tell a story, they create a mood—not unlike a dream—that draws audience membersinto an experience they are able to feel with their entire being. Event filmmakers, though working within restricted parameters that don't allow directorial control, can nevertheless draw upon these elements of filmmaking to touch the soul of a viewer.
Posted 18 Aug 2008 / September 2008 Issue By
Laura Moses | Earlier this year, Vantage Point Productions survived a nightmare of purchasing decisions and implementation because of one thing: our connections with other videographers. We network religiously in a number of ways. Consequently, we knew where to go for advice, and who we could depend on for reliable services.
Posted 01 Jun 2008 / June 2008 Issue By
Laura Moses | There are a few potentially lethal shots to avoid in order to keep your brides looking beautiful. Here are some to look out for.
Posted 08 Mar 2008 By
Laura Moses | I've been hearing a lot of talk about high-end brides and the high-end market lately and I'd like to argue in favor of the great, overlooked, silent majority: the middle-class bride.
Posted 26 Oct 2007 By
Laura Moses | As a wedding videographer, your company image should be a well-designed face that brides will remember. Decide on the image you want for your company and then advertise that image on your website, blog, and all printed materials. The ultimate goal is to have an image that takes on a life of its own that goes beyond the owner of the company.
Posted 27 Jul 2007 By
Laura Moses | The wedding videography suffers from two main problems: we have a poor image and our work is undervalued. Many factors have contributed to this problem, one of which is the under-pricing of our services.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 By