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Articles By Douglas Spotted Eagle
Douglas Spotted Eagle | The Sony HVR-V1U isn't going to replace anyone's CineAlta camcorder any time soon, but regardless of the level of video production, this camcorder fits into the kit nicely. It's the first HDV camcorder to deliver 1920x1080 video in a true progressive mode, and will benefit any budget professional or high-end shooter looking for a second camcorder for those tight shots or shots that are simply not practical for a higher-end camcorder.
Posted 27 Oct 2006 By
Douglas Spotted Eagle | My experience with the UX1 was not only pleasant, but fun. The first Sony camcorder to support the new H.264-based AVC-HD acquisition format, it fits the hand, feels solid, and has several features I was surprised to find on a low-cost camcorder. The controls are well placed, and the menu contexts are intelligent and user-friendly. While the camcorder is marginally heavier than other palmcorders, it has a balanced, comfortable heft that most users will appreciate.
Posted 27 Oct 2006 By