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Articles By Joe McManus
Joe McManus | This month we'll look at the AVCHD format and how it fits into your Final Cut Pro workflow.
Posted 31 Jan 2009 / February 2009 Issue By
We consulted our crack team of contributing editors and columnists on what they saw as the game-changing products and trends in the event video industry in 2008. The envelope please...
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August 2008 EventDV
Joe McManus | How to you make text interesting? Here are a few tips to help you use text to greater effect in your videos.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 / August 2008 Issue By
Joe McManus | The man behind the #1 YouTube video, "Unicycling in the Streets of Manhattan," talks to EventDV contributing editor Joe McManus about the joys of Glidecam shooting and extreme unicycling, as well as the challenges and advantages of producing Glidecam-enhanced documentaries, weddings, and more while riding a unicycle.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Joe McManus | Apple entered the battle for the living room entertainment market in 2007 with the release of the Apple TV device. It's begun to claim a modest amount of market share in the world of consumer set-top boxes lately, but it has professional applications too. Inside that unimposing plastic shell is a powerful multimedia device that can be invaluable in your studio.
Posted 01 May 2008 / May 2008 Issue By
The latest LED lights are taking the video world by storm, and promises of bright lights with very low battery drain have many of us excited. I've spent some time on recent shoots with two of the most popular choices, the Sony HVL-LBP and the Zylight Z90. The Zylight light costs $375 more than the Sony light, but the truly innovative features in the Zylight make it well worth the extra cost.
Posted 01 May 2008 / May 2008 Issue By
Joe McManus | Since a bride and groom so much time planning the exact look and feel of their wedding, your video will fit more into their vision if you bring some of the design elements from the wedding into the production. Using Final Cut Studio, you can incorporate those elements to be subtle or very obvious, depending on your editing style.
Posted 04 Feb 2008 By
Joe McManus | If you've used iChat or seen the screenshots on Apple's website, you may have seen a neat reflection effect used for the live video feeds. Here's how you achieve that effect in Final Cut Pro, using a wedding video bridal-prep clip as an example.
Posted 27 Oct 2006 By