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Articles By Tim Kennelly
Tim Kennelly | The MacroSystem HDV Recorder ($1,999) is capable of recording, archiving, exporting, and displaying HDV footage. Key features such as real-time, de-interlaced, full-resolution HDV display on small, inexpensive monitors; removable/exchangeable hard drives; simultaneous export of lossless HDV footage from both FireWire jacks; and pass-through capability when configured between HDV cams, decks, and NLE systems underscore the potential of this unit.
Posted 24 Apr 2007 By
Tim Kennelly | SmartSound Sonicfire Pro (SFP) has been an excellent tool in the videographer's aresenal for years, supplying royalty-free, customizable soundtracks. Now SmartSound has upped the ante, introducing SFP 4 with Mood Mapping and the new Strata Series libraries. Adding the ability to adjust the mood and up to eight individual musical instrument tracks with both present choices and full manual control allows editors of all skill levels to use the software with effectiveness and precision.
Posted 28 Jul 2006 By