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Articles By Hal Slifer
Hal Slifer | As filmmakers, we all produce our stories in different ways, yet the constant thread of our work is that we are telling a basic story—a biography of a family, a wedding couple, or a person's legacy; the story of an organization; or the story of a corporation. Here's a look at five leading filmmakers and the approach they take to 21st-century biography filmmaking for individuals, corporations, and nonprofits.
Posted 05 May 2011 By
Hal Slifer | When was the last time a wedding guest came up to you and told you she loved your work? If you only shoot the event, you will most likely never hear those words. It's time for you to be acknowledged and be loved for your talent and work by showing it in front of hundreds of guests at your next event.
Posted 14 Jul 2009 By
Posted 06 Apr 2009 By
Hal Slifer's 3 Questions
Posted 25 Mar 2009 By
Hal Slifer | To be successful today, wedding and event videographers must have a Cash Cow: a product that supplements their mottom line by delivering regular (and often quick) revenue and makes them stand out from the competition. Here's what several top videographers told us about their Cash Cows and how they've kept their businesses profitable in the current economic downturn.
Posted 02 Sep 2008 / September 2008 Issue By
Hal Slifer | Is the photomontage dead as a commercial product for videographers?
Posted 29 Mar 2008 By
Hal Slifer | My name is Hal. I'm a same-day edit addict. I need to do one at every video job I am hired for, whether the clients want one or not.
Posted 03 Feb 2008 By
Hal Slifer | If you can produce a video that tells the history of the honoree and can allow the audience to laugh with, and not at, the subject's story, you will become more successful as the go-to video biographer in your market.
Posted 09 Nov 2007 By
Hal Slifer | Not everyone is comfortable sharing their disappointments, but as video historians, it’s our job to try to draw out the entire story—not just the high points. By not shying away from these low moments, you will find that your clients may open up and speak from their hearts, and share with you their true histories and the essence of their lives.
Posted 04 Sep 2007 By
Hal Slifer | Same-day edit, instant edit, onsite edit--what you call the hottest trend in wedding video is not important; but how you produce it, how you promote it, and how you use it to promote your services can put you at the forefront of your market and the vanguard of our industry.
Posted 30 Jul 2007 By
Hal Slifer | What if each of us did a few projects like that each year, for free? This way we are applying our craft and talents to produce a project for the community. This gift of our time becomes very meaningful, especially since we are applying our professional skills to help a family grieve during a time of personal tragedy. We would be helping people and at the same time promoting our video businesses—and improving the public perception of our industry as a whole—by showing the community what we do best.
Posted 30 Mar 2007 By
Hal Slifer | As a video illusionist, the guests who witness your same-day edit magic will surround you much as they would circle a magician after his performance and ask you how you pulled off that remarkable feat. When you tell them that a magician never reveals his secrets, they’ll ask if you can do the same trick for them at their next event.
Posted 31 Jan 2007 By
Hal Slifer | You don't have to be Jewish to produce great videos of Jewish weddings, but it sure helps to know the various traditions that highlight the wedding day. Here we'll explore the key elements of Jewish weddings, from Orthodox to Reform, so you'll understand what you're seeing as you shoot and won't miss all the ceremonial events that make Jewish weddings--and Jewish wedding videos--unique and unforgettable.
Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
Hal Slifer | I am in the business of making history—or at least a compelling record of history—via video, and in a small way, I am running my business much like Fox, MGM, and Paramount did in the old days of the Hollywood studio system.
Posted 26 Sep 2006 By
Hal Slifer | My company produces about 80 videos a year that are shown in front of large audiences. These videos range from simple photo montages to complex Legacy Videos with same-day edits. Have we ever had equipment problems? Yes! Has the client ever noticed? Luckily, no!
Posted 28 Jul 2006 By
Hal Slifer | If you think the nostalgic shots of the bride and groom growing up went over well at a wedding reception, imagine how powerfully they will affect your audience when you present those growing-up shots at events that celebrate the passage into adulthood.
Posted 02 Jun 2006 By
Posted 28 Mar 2006 By
Hal Slifer | Producing family histories and biographies can make personal event video a much more rewarding endeavor—for both your client and your own bottom line. But the clients we encounter today are well-schooled in the rich and dramatic documentary styles of the Biography Channel, VH1’s Behind the Music, and the E! True Hollywood Story, and expect nothing less from the work we produce for them. Here’s a look at what’s involved in meeting—and exceeding—those expectations.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 By