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Articles By Russ Jolly
Russ Jolly | Making the transition from producing in SD to producing in HD can certainly be filled with challenges from camera to workflow issues, and I’m preparing to tackle those challenges full force. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2007 is to begin producing in HD. I call it my “HD Resolution.”
Posted 03 Jan 2007 By
Russ Jolly | As a corporate media producer, my previsualization (aka, "previz") process includes preproduction techniques ranging from storyboardsing to shooting test footage.
Posted 27 Oct 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Corporate media jobs aren’t always driven by a firm deadline, and potential clients have a tendency to let media projects get pushed around by other priorities within the company. It requires a healthy portion of Persistence, Patience, and Perseverance to stick with a client during this process. But the reward can be a long-term relationship of repeat business.
Posted 26 Sep 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Ensure that every piece of communication you have with prospective clients conveys this message: “I am not a camera. I am a storyteller who will help you get results.”
Posted 05 Sep 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Great footage cuts together easily and makes for strong b-roll segments. Conversely, poor footage is a challenge to cut no matter how large a quantity of video is supplied. If you are hired as a freelancer to shoot b-roll, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.
Posted 05 Jul 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Are there media professionals whom you admire for the work they do or for the way they run their businesses or for the reputations they have within the industry? Choose the ones that inspire you and follow their example to success in your own work.
Posted 27 Jun 2006 By
Russ Jolly | The tango, foxtrot, and cha cha are no match for the extraordinary maneuvers a corporate video producer and potential client often display during "The Budget Dance." Here are some tips for keeping on your feet throughout.
Posted 30 May 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Video is everywhere these days. What makes it so ubiquitous? Effectiveness. Humans love the combination of audio and visual. We crave AV.
Posted 31 Mar 2006 By
Posted 28 Feb 2006 By
Russ Jolly | I've done some of my best proactive planning as a corporate video producer for the price of a cup of coffee. Here are some examples of production professionals on my proactive contact list.
Posted 23 Jan 2006 By
Russ Jolly | Proactive vs. Reactive. Sounds simple enough. But for those of us switching often between corporate video production and event videography, adopting the right mindset at the appropriate time can require a conscious effort.
Posted 04 Jan 2006 By