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Articles By Steve Yankee
Steve Yankee | By shooting creative and interesting "Day-in-the-Life" and "Settlement" videos, you can expand your business in the legal field beyond shooting depositions. These videos can have a huge impact on legal cases, even though most are never seen in court. It's a way for experienced video producers, such as yourself, to add powerful attorneys as clients. Hal's how-to guide explains a bit about each type of video, how it's used, and what you need to know to add both to your repertoire.
Posted 18 Jun 2010 By
Steve Yankee | Write down your mission statement, post it, and live it. Start living it the moment it's posted. And make the switch from a typical video business to a remarkable one.
Posted 07 May 2010 By
Steve Yankee | Can you believe that it's already December? This makes it as good a time as any to ask, "What are your New Year's resolutions for your business in 2010?"
Posted 08 Dec 2009 By
Steve Yankee | If you're one of the many people swept away by the social networking media craze, welcome to the frenzied world of pointless babble and mindless chatter, where our narcissistic natures can have a field day. This is all well and good—except when you're using social media as a business tool!
Posted 13 Nov 2009 / November 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Knowing where a prospect comes from can provide you just the information you need to turn that prospect into a client. Following through on what you've promised and building on that relationship can help guarantee you a client for life—one that will be more than willing to recommend you and your business to others.
Posted 06 Oct 2009 / October 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Remember that as videographers, you're able to visualize a story from its beginning to its end, capture that story, and deliver it in a moving picture. That's the magic that sets you apart from the technology you use.
Posted 05 Jun 2009 / June 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | I know it sounds counterintuitive to slow down just as your season starts, but none of us—not even the video business advisor himself—is Superman or Superwoman. Remember that your mind, your body, and your nerves need a rest.
Posted 06 May 2009 / May 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Persistence really does pay off. When the time comes for someone to buy what you're selling, and you're the one they know and the one who's been in front of them on a consistent basis, what are the odds they'll buy from you?
Posted 09 Apr 2009 / April 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | One big advantage we have as videographers is that we're visual artists. In the social networking world, visuals rock!
Posted 05 Mar 2009 / March 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Using social networking sites isn't so much about soliciting business as it is about establishing yourself as a real, live person with whom others may wish to do business
Posted 20 Jan 2009 / February 2009 Issue By
Steve Yankee | We all know there are no magic formulas for wealth and success. The good news is that there really are some fundamental actions you can take which will greatly increase the odds of your success this coming year.
Posted 01 Dec 2008 / December 2008 Issue By
December 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Webinar With Author and Financial Guru Philip Campbell
Posted 11 Nov 2008 By
Steve Yankee | In order to make your business successful you need to get the word out. There are many ways to do this—some costly, some not—but it's essential that you find a way that works for you. Do nothing and not only do you not move forward, you can lose all you've gained.
Posted 01 Nov 2008 / November 2008 Issue By
November 2008 EventDV Table of Contents
Steve Yankee | It takes self-discipline and time management skills to balance that desire with doing what it takes to become successful in business. The next time you find yourself caught up in a chat, or lost inside your inbox, remember that your time is the only irreplaceable trade commodity you possess, and that's why it's such an expensive thing to waste.
Posted 01 Oct 2008 / October 2008 Issue By
August 2008 EventDV
Steve Yankee | If you aren't willing to go the extra mile for your customers, then you can expect to be just another commodity rather than an indispensable resource.
Posted 14 Jul 2008 / August 2008 Issue By
Steve Yankee | If you give your customers a little extra, you'll get an extra measure of appreciation in return—and good customer relations is all about having your clients appreciate you more than they do your competition.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 / July 2008 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Although not all awards and certifications are created equal, each one can be used as yet another tool with which to promote and market your business.
Posted 01 Jun 2008 / June 2008 Issue By
Steve Yankee | Positioning is the essence of your business. It's everything your business stands for—its purpose—and why it exists. That's why finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is all the rage.
Posted 01 May 2008 / May 2008 Issue By
Steve Yankee | To make your video business grow, you need to discover the Unique Selling Position (USP) that will help you better serve your market. Here are 8 questions that will help you do so. Take time to answer them thoughtfully.
Posted 29 Mar 2008 By
Steve Yankee | Videographers often get caught off guard by the type of questions they encounter during prospect meetings. But what if there was a way to prepare yourself—a way to have an answer all set to go when a question arises?
Posted 04 Feb 2008 By
Steve Yankee | What are consumers (meaning your clients and prospects) really looking for? Here's a hint, ladies and gentlemen: It's not about the picture and sound quality. Not by a long shot.
Posted 04 Jan 2008 By
Steve Yankee | If you're not out selling your business, who will be selling it for you?
Posted 09 Nov 2007 By
Steve Yankee | Blogs are the hot thing right now, but how can you make your blog work effectively as a valid addition to your marketing toolbox?
Posted 13 Jun 2007 By
Steve Yankee | The health of any business—large or small—depends on its ability to attract new clients while retaining the present ones. If your sales figures look pretty ill, maybe you need to examine your marketing plan.
Posted 02 Apr 2007 By
Steve Yankee | No matter what services you provide, or how big (or small) your sales volume, your continued success depends on your customers and prospects feeling good and wise about purchasing your video services. And that’s where your very own fan club comes into play—because the strongest asset you have in marketing your business is yourself!
Posted 01 Feb 2007 By
Steve Yankee | Small, fast, and cheap—the postcard may be the most efficient marketing tool you’ll ever use.
Posted 08 Dec 2006 By
Steve Yankee | If you give your customers a little extra when you hand over your work, you’ll get an extra measure of appreciation in return—and good customer relations is all about having your clients appreciate you more than the next guy.
Posted 30 May 2006 By
Steve Yankee | The time you spend trying to make something absolutely, positively perfect is time that you're not spending on some other project. Which means, of course, you're wasting your time—and your money.
Posted 31 Mar 2006 By
Steve Yankee | In order to maximize your marketing opportunity on the Internet, your Web site has educate your prospects, present the benefits of doing business with your company, reassure prospects that you're the right person to handle their video project, and let them know how to get in touch with you—quickly and succinctly.
Posted 23 Jan 2006 By
Steve Yankee | While other less-foresighted people are entertaining thoughts of holiday parties, Christmas trees, what to get for their kids and significant others, smart videographers are turning their thoughts to … their 2006 Marketing Plans.
Posted 11 Nov 2005 By
Steve Yankee | Whether you're a one-person band operating out of your spare bedroom, or you're a Big Dog with your own building and staff, establishing and maintaining your "corporate look" is of critical importance in your marketplace.
Posted 06 Oct 2005 By
Posted 01 Aug 2005 By
The Yellow Pages are an excellent advertising medium for wedding and event videographers for one simple reason: people using the Yellow Pages are looking for vendors who do exactly what you do.
Posted 07 Jun 2005 / Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By