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Articles By John Goolsby
John Goolsby | If you've heard about the Sony NEX-FS100, you've probably heard it described as one of two things: a game changer or an expensive DSLR. Which is it? Neither. Sony calls this new model a "motion picture camcorder." I'll bet the company spent a lot of time trying to decide how to name this new piece of equipment, and I think it made a good call. The FS100 does not take stills, and it is not really designed for event filmmakers, but with a few minor modifications, it does a fabulous job.
Posted 26 Aug 2011 By
By following six basic steps, you can gain a clear picture of where your business is coming from and start cultivating those sources to make your business grow.
Posted 04 Aug 2005 / Chrystal Corporate Profile [January 1999] Issue By
John Goolsby | Here are three marketing methods that have worked for us at Cannon Video: location, signage, and the Internet.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 / Eastman Software Positioning Paper [Sep 1999] Issue By
John Goolsby | Here are the ins and outs of turning your videography studio into a full-time retail outfit as I experienced them.
Posted 11 Mar 2005 / KMWorld Buyer's Guide [September 1999] Issue By